Control – The Noose is Getting Tighter

Folks, the world is getting stranger every day. There is just too much going on to even begin to talk coherently about it.

Here are two videos we saw today that really gave us the chills. The choices we will be making in the days to come may drastically alter our personal lives. In my view, we will have no choice because I am not getting on the bus, being taken from my home to a quarantine center, or eating bug meat for dinner.

Please watch these and share any new information that you have that can help all of us make wise choices about our immediate and not so distant futures.

It would appear that we are being driven or forced to accept a particular mindset. We’re being told it’s for our good. Maybe it is, maybe it’s not. These things are moving too fast.

We’ve talked for years that all of our normal disciplines are under attack – religions, schools, commerce, customs – just to mention a few. Our freedoms are being eroded, not just a little bit everyday, but a whole lot everyday. We don’t know where this thing is going, but have the distinct, gut feeling that it’s not going to a place where most of us want to go. I’m sure there are some good people in government. We have to believe that. But our government is lying to us and we’re not sure why.

There is so much more going on in the country and world that will play out in the midst of these two scenarios that it is impossible to see clearly the big picture. The only advice we have is hold on tight. It’s going to get very dicey.

Be well, stay safe.

Frank & Fern

12 thoughts on “Control – The Noose is Getting Tighter

  1. Hey Frank and Fern,Comment not related to the post, but not sure where else to ask – what happened to the \”Western Rifle Shooters\” blog? Looks like it was shut down or not working? Wondered if you noticed this as well.Best Regards,Tim(fromOhio)

  2. I have family in the Goldendale area of WA. and they have not seen or heard of any camps. my family has lived there for over 150 yrs

  3. Hello Frank & Fern,In 2012 I read the Joel Salatin book: \”Folks, This Ain't Normal' book on food, and learned a lot. We bumped up our farm, growing our own food, preserving our own food, and trying to buy less and less from the store. I highly recommend the book, I am sure it is on ebay or used book stores for a few bucks now. As far as contact tracing, don't think that is happening with my flip phone! We have found less and less that we need from the govmet.

  4. Frank and FernI hope this day finds both of you well and safe.I've seen evil before, but this is a new deliberate form of Enslavement for Our Own Good. I'm sure all of the peoples who endured persecution through the ages were told it was for their own good.In God's Safekeeping~ Red

  5. Yes , the shackles of slavery are slowly being brought out and the noose appears to be tightening around our necks. In Washington State, one of our state representatives released news about an internment camp being put up in the Goldendale area consisting of camp trailers. The place is designed for citizens who must be put in isolation because of the flu. The state will graciously take your children and look after them if that is an issue.There is a story and photo at .The FDA's laxness in food labeling is atrocious to say the least. This drives home the point of growing your own food or at least know what it is and where it comes from.I agree with Michael's comment above about that line in the sand. We are certainly getting closer to a YOYO situation ( Your'e On Your Own).Blessings and health to all,Bluesman

  6. Hi Frank and Fern, As far as the contact tracing is concerned…I will not comply.Regarding the \”bug diet\”…I will raise my own source of protein, thank you.Many in the government are \”off their meds\” crazy. What they don't realize is that many of us are wise to their methods and prepared for more than fireworks for Independence Day…Thanks for sharing. Stay well and stay strong, CWfromIowa

  7. I believe we are at a point where we must as individuals determine our personal line in the sand.And also prepare to be on your ownMichael

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