Pray for America

Hello Everybody, Frank here.

Most of us are paying very close attention to what is happening in the political world. If you’re not, then I’m sure you have a good reason why. It can be overwhelming at times. Everyday there appears to be a new crisis. Sometimes real, sometimes not. Sometimes true, and often times not. So, if someone has shut down paying attention to this political circus, that is easy to understand.

I’m going to ask you, all of you, to watch a video. It’s a little shy of 30 minutes long. It is taken from the homily of a Roman Catholic priest. His subject matter deals with the upcoming election. Whether you’re Catholic, Christian, Agnostic, Atheist, or one of the many other world religions, please watch this video.

 Yes, it is from a Catholic perspective, because this man is a Catholic priest. If you are a Christian, as the vast majority of you reading this are, it applies to all of us. It applies to all of us, everybody. 

Here is the link to the video – 

We are in perilous times. There is a lot of mud slinging going on right now. Fern and I will take a political stand. We will be voting for President Donald Trump. Is he perfect? No. Please name me someone that is. If you are going to vote for President Donald Trump, then you need to pray that your candidate wins. Pray hard.

Evil has been around since the beginning, but I believe that evil has seized the opportunity to overtake good. It has happened many times before. So is that a self righteous call? To consider myself good? Well, maybe. But if good does not win this election, then evil will be dancing in the streets. 

A slightly different topic.

Several of the people that we read have had their sites taken down. This is a form of censorship, and it’s been happening in the news media for a long time. We here at Frank and Fern are small fish in a small pond. Could we be taken down? Sure. In our personal data on this site, is an email address. It’s always been there, but here it is for your convenience.

If for some reason this blog is gone tomorrow, you can try that email address. 

Back to the topic at hand. The video. Please watch it. If  you choose, share it. We have less than three weeks to the election. If your vote has ever counted, it will certainly count this time. A little humor here. If you live in one of the states that allow you to vote multiple times, well, a little humor there.

If former Vice President Joe Biden wins this election, then boys and girls, good is doomed and evil will prevail. 


We’ll talk more later,  Frank

13 thoughts on “Pray for America

  1. He speaks the truth. DH and I keep wishing our pastor would address the evil going on in our nation, and give us some Biblical direction, but he is not inclined to do so.

  2. Me, too. My FIL sent it to me via email, and it came through my social media a couple of times.I am working on staying focused. Not easy… Seeking out the company of others (we are blessed with good neighbors) and walking help a bit. Praying for our nation with all of you. God, forgive us for our sins; protect our country from the insidious evil that has infected her. Let our restoration bring glory to your name. Remember your remnant, Lord, and show us how to follow you.

  3. Vickie, Early this morning I was praying, and heard God's voice. Think I'm crazy, if you wish, but this happens for me every once in a while. My prayer concerned, among other things, the overwhelming nature of these times. I asked \”Where is the line; the line at which I should stop trying to \”do it myself,\” and hand things over to God? This is particularly troublesome for preppers! God told me that the line is at the very start; to put my trust in Him BEFORE I do ANYTHING. If you belong to Christ, then you'll persevere, no matter how much or how little you have. David faced Goliath with nothing but a SLINGSHOT! David trusted in God, and not in himself! God will give you what you need, as it's needed. Trust in God… Rest in God…That being said, I will pray for you and your family!

  4. Thanks for the link to the video Frank. Excellent! I wish all preachers and pastors were that brave to speak the truth.

  5. Funny thing, I keep reading/hearing Fr. Meeks' message, or variations of that message, in very different situations. I've been alternating between feeling calm about the election and feeling really nervous. I know there's no way out but through. We are praying for our nation!

  6. So sorry for your fire and loss of property and possessions. A wildfire nearly burned out some friends' of ours this summer, too. I will be praying for your family as well as our great nation. Your family is the stuff that MADE this country great!

  7. Frank, Thankyou for posting the video. It was very informative and definetly should be seen by all people who call them selves Christians .It definitely seems that evil is making an all out effort to control the United States. This pivotal election on November 3 certainly has us staring into the abyss.We intend to stay at home for 3-4 weeks and let any dust settle that needs to. We are braced for a storm but continue to pray for the grace of God to forgive our sins as a nation.Bluesman

  8. Dear Frank. I am so scared. I have been feeling for several years now that our country is headed into very hard times. My husband and I have been building our off-grid home and have honed our skills in off-grid living sufficiency. I had enough food canned and dehydrated to last us for a very long time. My garden was full of heirloom vegetables and I had quite an assortment of seeds. Our orchard was finally mature and we got a great crop of cherries, apricots, peaches and apples this year. Our three almond trees were near full maturity. We were set. Then on September 8th, a wildfire took everything away from us. Everything. Now, I feel so vulnerable! As we sit in a hotel room waiting for our insurance to get off their butts and pay up, we are trying to figure out what to do next! So, you betcha we are praying! We aren't really praying for ourselves as much for our country, because if our country is right, we will be okay. Thanks for the video, I will share it.

  9. Thank you, Frank, for posting the video. This is not just a Catholic message, but a universal message to all believers. If we allow evil to win this round, it is all over except for the crying. We have a little over two weeks to 'pray without ceasing.' We had better get busy and do what we are commanded to do as quoted by the priest at the end of the video.

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