It Ain’t Over Yet

 Hello Everybody, Frank here.

Well, well, well. As stated in the title in this very short piece, It Ain’t Over Yet.

No official group has declared former Vice President Joe Biden as the next President of the United States of America. The media for the most part, has declared Joe Biden as the winner, but that’s not the case. World leaders have sent their congratulations to Mr. Biden. Some would say they are putting the cart before the horse. Of course, Senator Mitt Romney was one of the first to congratulate Mr. Biden.


I take it you are reading the news. You’ve seen the stories about computer glitches, fake mail in ballots, official observers being barred from polling places, not to mention dead people voting. That should tell you something. You don’t have to control the whole country. Here in Oklahoma, a small state, it doesn’t have to be controlled. The results of the election were well known ahead of time. States like California and New York, the results were known there also. There are about ten states where it was close. If you take a couple of big cities in those states and control a couple of precincts or districts, then you can control that city’s outcome, and that city will help contribute to the control of that state. 

Some look at this as a nationwide problem. It’s actually much smaller than we think. Take for example, the header and picture in this article. 


There is a link above going to the Wikipedia article, please read it. Did Dewey defeat Truman? No. Truman won by a landslide. Read the Wikipedia piece, it’s not long.


I don’t know who is going to win the election, but I do know that it ain’t over yet. What I do know is that our government is corrupt to the core. Does that mean every man and woman is corrupt? No. But it does mean that the system is corrupt to the core.

We as a country, WE the PEOPLE of this country, WE are in serious trouble.



We’ll talk more later,  Frank

13 thoughts on “It Ain’t Over Yet

  1. My greatest hope was the Texas lawsuit, joined by 18 other states, but when the Supremes abrogated their sworn oaths to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States I realized this country is more corrupt than I'd ever imagined.No standing? I guess the tens of millions of people who voted honestly, but had their votes nullified by open theft don't count?Barring an unannounced investigation by Homeland Security, not the FBI or DOJ please, I don't see a way to stop the socialist psychopaths from succeeding.Ozarks Tom

  2. Hi Frank,As we slog our way through this election fiasco I feel I am living in a third world country. As you say , we are in serious trouble as a country. Our government is rotten and corrupt from the bottom to the highest levels and I believe that making changes for the better is going to be a brutal challenge for everyone , if it happens at all.In the meantime I am thankful for each day I have . We are preparing for very strong and stormy weather ahead of us and praying for God's guidance as we go forward.Blessings and comfort to all.Bluesman

  3. What if we refused to pay any taxes, holding the monster of government to the fire until they do this? What if we took control from the pocketbook? If we loose, well, that would be spectacular in a very bad way for us. But America-between-the-coasts voted for Trump. Take back the money, take back the country. This fat, bloated, arrogant group of Dems & Repub's needs to be held accountable by we who give them their paychecks!

  4. I'm not sure a recount would help. There needs to be a re-vote. A Well supervised re-vote. There's talk of trashing Trump votes and manufacturing Biden votes. So to be honest there needs to be voters showing up at the poles and voting in person in those contested states.

  5. I now have a better understanding of the term 'by any means necessary.' And you are spot on, Frank – we are in very deep doo. But I am still holding out hope that there are enough honest men and women of integrity to keep this country that I love from absolute ruin. God help us all.

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