The Line Has Been Drawn – A Repost

Hello Everybody, Frank here.
Well, today is Tuesday, December 29, 2020. We are about to embark on a new year.
I want to share an old article with you that we wrote five years ago. You might notice some similarities between this five year old article and the world around us today.
Here in about eight days, they will tabulate the electoral college votes. The outcome will be one of two ways. Either we will have a new president, which will be former Vice President Joe Biden, or President Donald Trump will remain in office for four more years. I’m not sure which man it’s going to be. I hope it will be President Trump, but at this stage right now, no one really knows. 
Either way that it goes, we are in trouble. Serious, serious trouble. I’m not going to go into details of what I think right here. You are capable of formulating your own thought. Most of you would probably agree, that either way, we are in trouble.

We are a large country with a very large economy and a huge amount of debt. There are lots of analogies we could use. The tip of the iceberg is one of them. I like the large ocean going vessel analogy. It takes a long time to turn one of these big vessels. Most of us think that when something turns, it turns for the better. But we know from historical events of the past that this is not always the case. It’s just hope.

If you’ve got a minute. Read the former article, sometimes called a repost and you will see that this thing has been coming for a long time. 

So what happens when this large ocean going vessel meets the tip of the iceberg?

Enjoy the read. Please share your comments. It comforts Fern and I to know there are others out there like us and like you.
We’ll talk more later,  Frank


Originally posted December 25, 2015

We are going to have a war. War is imminent in this country. How do I know? Because it has already started. This is not going to be your usual type of war. The following statements are not racist, sexist, religion based or based on anyone’s national origin. In past wars that our country was involved in, the enemy, as I will call them, either looked different or sounded different. Let me give you some examples of what I am talking about. This is in no particular order of precedence or suspected possibility.

Is the upcoming conflict going to be just between Americans and foreigners? No, it is not. Is the upcoming war going to be between primary religions in this country and religions of other countries? No, it is not. Is it going to be based on the color of one person’s skin as opposed to the color of another person’s skin? Again, the answer is no. Is it going to be between the rich, or the have’s, and the poor, or the have not’s? No. Will it be between the working class folks and the group of people that choose not to work? Again the answer is no. Are there other groups where there are going to be inherent conflicts and difficulties? Are these going to be the primary combatants? No.

All of the areas mentioned above are agendas that are ready to spark and explode at any time. Just pick any one. Our government over many years has fostered and encouraged hatred between all of these groups. This hasn’t just been going on for four or five years, it has systematically

been developed and created for just the right season, and that season is here. There is serious contention with all of these groups. So is this war going to be between just the north and the south, with a clearly defined line? Or between the color of one’s skin? The shape of one’s facial features? Religion or language? No. This war is going to be all of the above. The stage is set. All it will take is an ignition, or spark, and the fires will quickly grow out of control in every area mentioned above. We are just one spark away from national, world wide chaos. This will be a war of the likes that mankind has never seen before. This type of war will not be survivable for the masses.

What will our government do? Control. Control is what they specialize in. So, how will they control every facet of chaos known to man? Force. Force people to relocate. Force people into camps. This is not a new technique. If you relocate someone from their homeland, they lose all support. Sparks are already starting to flare. As we speak, the 1st and 2nd Amendments are under constant attack by the same government sworn to protect them. Our elected representatives are, for the most part, traitors. The major news medias are liars. Pretty picture here, isn’t it? 

Force will be the weapon of choice. We’ll have no choice, they will silence the majority of people. This war has already started. We see the sparks every day, and soon it will appear to be an inferno. Rational thought will be gone. Martial law will take effect. Communications will be controlled, and what’s not controlled will be outlawed. Guns will be confiscated. Food will be confiscated for the good of the order. People will be confiscated for their own good. This is what’s coming, Ladies and Gentlemen. Most of us are not going to make it through this transition.

We have many conversations here about the coming collapse and chaos, wondering how it will play out. Knowing that things will be drastically different, but not sure what that will bring to our lives, is a frequent topic here. There are many that have written about what to do in the case of an EMP, an economic collapse, rioting, looting, etc. There are many that have written volumes of useful information about supplies to keep on hand, locations to live, how to garden, etc. But we haven’t read very many articles that talk about what happens when a group of men, whether government or freelance, come knocking at your door, kicking in your door, or heading down the road to your place. 

We’ve heard folks that express concern about being able to defend themselves, their families and their property, including the food that will keep them alive. There are those that have made plans to bug out to a safer, more survivable location when the time comes. There are some of us that have concerns about certain groups of people being rounded up and taken to location ‘X’ for their well-being and safety. Hence, Frank’s motto, “Don’t get on the bus.”

We were discussing some of these very topics yet again this morning. We are fully aware that most people will not survive the coming collapse, and since that is the case, we could very well be among the people that

do not survive. We have no illusions about somehow being able to beat the odds. Our plan and hope, regardless of how things come down, is to live to survive as long as we can. Circumstances may be such that we could live a long time or only a short time. Either way, we won’t have the struggles of this life any longer and will be in a much better place, so it won’t matter to us anymore. What does matter is our desire to do all we can, for as long as we can, and be able to ‘die with our boots on’ so to speak.

I’m sure this message is difficult for some people to read, comprehend, or ponder, but one thing is certain in this life, we will all die. We do believe our lives are inspired by God, if we but listen. We have no doubt that we are here for a reason, so don’t think this message is some fatalist, death wish, it’s not. What we’re trying to do is be realistic, and sometimes that involves some very difficult conversations, like this morning.

When the collapse does happen, and we’re all living in survival mode, there are no guarantees about tomorrow. One morning I may open the door to go out and do the chores and get shot by someone wanting what we have. It’s that simple. But there is a scenario that, as a women, Fern has given long thought and prayer to, and has drawn a line. Some of you may not agree with her conclusion, but we have all been given the freedom to choose, and she has made her choice.

If the day comes that a group of men come to our house and expect us to get on the truck, or have the intent of taking all we have, we don’t expect to survive the day. If we have enough warning to flee by whatever means, we will, but if we cannot, we WILL fight. If we are outnumbered, the end of this scenario is obvious.

Ladies, as a woman, Fern refuses to be taken alive and used by a group of men. She would rather be dead and meet her Creator. We have discussed this more than once, and she refuses to submit. She

has drawn a line and will not accept what is on the other side of that line. She has pondered, prayed, and we have talked, and then she pondered and prayed some more. She is at peace with her decision and with God, and is grateful for that. As difficult as it is to even think about, she challenges you to do the same. Talk to your family. It’s a very difficult thing to even contemplate, but we all know what will happen if you, as a woman, are taken by a group of men. It’s just the way of this world. There may be something else that is your proverbial ‘line in the sand’, like the lives of your children. Think about it. Talk about it. Mentally prepare for it, whatever it is.

We have made time for Frank to be as involved as he can with setting up our Survival Radio Relay Net. We truly believe this may save our lives, and the lives of others one day, by providing us with information about what may be coming down the road. Advanced warning may make all the difference. If you have been inspired to do something that may seem a little unusual in your preparations, do it now. We’ve all been given certain tasks to do that may not make sense right now, but later on, we’ll know why. 

Remember, your mental preparation is more important than all of the ‘things’ you can acquire. If you are not able to cope with what arrives at your door, all the ‘things’ in the world will be for naught. If you can’t see what is coming, I’m sorry. If you can see, and you choose to close your eyes, then God have mercy on your soul. It is here, it is at the door. It is going to erupt sooner than any of us choose. The sun is still shining, please take advantage of it. Prepare, and prepare now. Don’t get on the bus.

God bless you all,

Frank & Fern


12 thoughts on “The Line Has Been Drawn – A Repost

  1. I’m in a rural area in a very lightly populated county, and not near any big cities. There are people here with HAM radios, but only one that I know personally. (He’s an elderly man that we went to church with.) I told the LEO that we wanted training as part of the disaster relief work we did through our church. This was partially true, but I wasn’t about to tip my hat as to what I feel is coming. He would quickly know where to go for whatever he wanted. His reputation is someone who enjoys the finer things of life, so I’m guessing he’s not as prepared as we are. But who knows.

  2. Hi Grammy.It's prudent to be cautious. There are control people in any group. You can try another meeting. I will write an article soon concerning your topics.Recent events, the way they are, would appear that censorship of some type or nature is on the horizon.CB works, as does GMRS. Both have pros and cons. HAM radio also works. A combination of the three works even better. I'll explain more in the article.If we all still have the ability to communicate…….What is your setting? Is it rural? Urban? Some communities use digital and others use analog. You need to know what is used in your area. Try the radio group again. Avoid control people. There will be people there that understand what you're looking to do. Your security comes first.Frank

  3. I remember reading this when you first published it. My husband and I have done many things to prepare, including going to a meeting of our local HAM club. We both left with an uneasy feeling. The leader of the group was a State LEO. He had WAY too many questions as to our motives for being interested in HAM radios. We never went back. Here are my questions. Since I believe our communications will be limited very soon, is there a benefit to a CB radio with a good antenna? Do many HAM operators also have a CB with which we could communicate with them? Should we just get the books, do online studying, take the HAM exam, and get set up for that type of communication? After talking with a couple of like-minded friends this week, it seems they're looking into dusting off the old CB or getting a new one. This would make communication for us a definite possibility. I know you don't have a crystal ball, but I value your input.

  4. I talked with my relative the other day who expressed this too me. Her life at this time, elderly life, was not quality whatsoever! She says Mary if I can get that back I will take that Vaccine! My heart sank…There are so many out there that have been bamboozled by these baffoons! It pisses me off to no end! This \”War\” that is going on presently, fighting for the truth, light, transparency and return to God is not for everybody! Even the bible expresses that in scripture. Your words from the past are definitely applicable for today!May God protect you bothBless You in your missionAnd may we all come out on the other side AWAKE and ready to serve our Heavenly Father with Vigor!

  5. Like Pete, I agree with your sentiments. Five years later, it's clear that Trump gave us four more years of relative calm to position ourselves wherever we want to be when things go bad (materially, mentally,spiritually, and every other way). I haven't made the 100% best use of the time, but I'm in a much better place now than when you originally wrote this. And now we go forward.

  6. Wise words, Geoffrey. God is in control and scripture is being fulfilled. Life might not be comfortable but we are still in God's hands. Heaven is our real home.Donna

  7. I think we have to be very careful with what is about to happen so that we find ourselves within the center of the Father's will. So sometimes the right thing is to fight and sometimes the right thing is not to fight. God told Jeremiah to tell the Israelites to actually surrender in order to save their lives. We know the first Messianic Jews were told by Jesus to flee Jerusalem when they saw it surrounded and history records many of them did and so they survived the terrible destruction of that city. At other times in history, God told his people to fight and to attack because He would give them the victory. Fight, flee or surrender – the most important choice is to be in the center of God's will.

  8. Some readers of this post may say \”This was written five years ago, and it still hasn't happened; DOOMSDAY POSTER!\” Not me; when Trump was elected, I didn't see him as someone who could change the direction our country was headed in, but merely to delay the inevitable. …And here we are… Those of us with eyes, ears,… and brains… can see that, with Trump out of office, the agenda of the Left will continue on its merry way. Many say there will be a revolution or a civil war. The fact that business owners who are losing everything will not defy even local \”authorities\” to KEEP from losing everything is very telling. It says that this country is no longer the home of the free or the brave. Too many have walked away from God. To them, life in bondage is better than death. Some, like us, will fight back. We'll most likely be referred to as \”outlaws,\” \”resistance,\” \”illegal militia,\” or the like. Maybe it'll lead to something more substantial. I can only hope and pray it will. War is not something I want. It may, however, be necessary. I owe it to my children to give them a future America. We ALL owe this to those who come after us…

  9. Frank and Fern,Thank you for the very timely reprint of a previous article. It meshes with todays events very well. It does seem we are down to a few days until we have a better idea on the direction of this mess we are in is going.We have our \”line in the sand\” discussions often, it is important to do so to help us make better decisions in times of stress. You are right , no matter who wins this election we are in trouble.The way that 2021 is shaping up it will be a very interesting year. Blessings and safety to all.Bluesman

  10. This article could have been written this morning. Now there are those on the side of evil who are diligently working to control us through fear of a virus. I fully expect that the vaccine with unknown long term effects will be the next means to control. And toss in control of the food supply, and there we are.My job is to feed and protect my family as long as possible. After that, given the set of circumstances you described, I am with Fern. God help us all.

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