Welcome Home

Hello Everybody, Frank here.

Congratulations! You made it.

What you’re reading right now was created before this new site was ever published in internet world. So like you, we’re seeing this for the first time also. If something is really wrong, we will do our best to improve it.

This is going to be a very short article. We will try to get something else out to you in the next day or two. For now, this is purely experimental.

We are going to put a link to something to see if the link switch works.


Next we are going to put a link to a YouTube.

Warrior Poet Society

These two links were picked at random, but they are both very useful sites.

Next on the list, we’re going to see if a picture will work.

If the links work and the picture works, then we’re off to a pretty good start.

Now some business. Our comment policy has not changed. Polite, courteous, facts and opinions are all welcome. We’re all adults here, so we can talk about adult stuff, but not vulgar adult stuff. That should cover that.

We, you and I, should have more general liberties at this platform than the previous one. As a general rule we, you and I again, do not know what the future holds, but we do know we’re probably not going to enjoy the taste of it. Of course we’ll still have happy events, births, weddings, graduations, but there are going to be a plethora of sad events. Abortions, divorces and common everyday failure, these are coming, too.

We will still adhere to and support the concept of don’t get on the bus (or truck). UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

Previously, we discussed drawing a line in the sand. There will come a day when your line will be pushed. Most of us will relocate our line a little farther back. We can’t change the past, there is no point in complaining or griping about the election. It is what it is. STOLEN. Doing the same stuff we have been doing is not working. To segregate folks here, they won, we lost. They are going to continue winning unless something unforeseen comes upon the agenda.

So, now what? Are we just going to stay in the BMW group, you know, bitch, moan and whine? Yes, we turned out in HUGE numbers in the election, but they won. STOLE. Yes, we own millions of guns. What does that mean? We’re adults, we are not children. We need to quit whining, lick our wounds, dust ourselves off, pull ourselves up, put our faces to the sun and deal with what is here and coming, which in some circles is called reality. I do not see an immediate solution on the horizon and there may not be one.

Recommendations would be appreciated here. How are we going to fix this problem? I know some will say the barrel of a gun will fix it, and it may come to that, but I sure hope not. We need adult, rational solutions. That starts with us, the individual, our immediate community, family, church, local government, county government. We need ideas, adult ideas. Put your thinking hats on. We need to fix this shit. Looking to Washington D.C., it is finished. Think local.

On a lighter side. Please comment. This platform is new to us and there are probably going to be some kinks.

We are all in this together. Let’s fix this problem.

We’ll talk more later, Frank

P.S. Get your garden ready. There is probably going to be a seed shortage, order now. There are shortages of several items and it’s not going to get better. Grow what you eat. Prepare for the unthinkable to happen. Get right with your family, your neighbors, and get right with God.

Change is Here

 Hello Everybody, Frank here.

Fern and I ran across an article by Robert Gore, it involves two parts, ironically, Part 1 and Part 2. Robert included in Part 2 a link to an article from OHMama, I think. The link to this is also included.

Mr. Gore’s part 1 & 2 are a little lengthy. He does a very good job of explaining what’s going on right now. If you can, please read these. If not, skim both of them.

On a different topic. Congratulations to the folks that got their ham radio licenses last week. Hopefully in the near future, we will talk more radio, but in the meantime, please keep your heads down, pay attention, rely on facts and not hearsay, don’t do anything you will regret in the future.

It is Monday, high noon, here in Oklahoma which means we have 47 hours until the possible change with our administrations. Pay attention closely. Things are not always as they seem to be.

Please read the links. Know where everything valuable to you is located.

LINK: The Gray Curtain Descends Part 1 

LINK: The Gray Curtain Descends Part 2


Take care all. We’ll talk more later,  Frank

Times Are Changing

Hello Everybody, Frank here.

Let’s talk radio.

It would appear that in the very near future, radios might be a great way to communicate. Radio communication has taken a back seat to the internet and cell phones. It is easy to understand why. Internet is mighty convenient. Cell phone, I don’t even stop and think at this communication marvel.

Times are changing. Times are changing quickly. I’d like for you to think about radio as a backup system to cell phone and internet. Yes, radio will never replace internet or cell phones, but if you need to talk to someone in your area, or you just want to listen to that same group of people in your area, you can do this with radio. We’re going to talk about that.

A few years back I wrote a number of articles about various radio communications. Here is a link to a list of those articles. It’s also on the side bar under Frank’s Radio Communications.

LINK: Frank’s Radio Communications

Some of the information is dated. Some of the test manuals are out of date. Some of the links to various businesses may not work. But the information about the radios themselves, very little has changed here.

Look through some of these articles. Times are changing. If you have questions, put them in the comments. Boys and girls, we need to be able to communicate. Think about it. If you say to yourself, well I can’t do that. Then you can’t. If you see Bubba riding down the road in his old truck with his CB antenna on it – well he can do it. Fear of learning is common. Adults generally are not good students. Get over it. Learn.

Read some of the articles. If you don’t understand it, let it soak in. Most radio is push the button and talk. I live surrounded by Bubba, it’s a great place to be. Learn. Read. And do.

Always use caution when sharing information with folks you don’t truly know. One last thing. Anything you say on a radio can be heard by somebody else. Don’t give out phone numbers, addresses, it’s called operational security, OPSEC. Let’s do this.

Put questions in the comments. Local is where you live. Local is where you will survive. Bubba is your buddy. Remember, humor is the essence of survival.


We’ll TALK more later, Frank