Times Are Changing

Hello Everybody, Frank here.

Let’s talk radio.

It would appear that in the very near future, radios might be a great way to communicate. Radio communication has taken a back seat to the internet and cell phones. It is easy to understand why. Internet is mighty convenient. Cell phone, I don’t even stop and think at this communication marvel.

Times are changing. Times are changing quickly. I’d like for you to think about radio as a backup system to cell phone and internet. Yes, radio will never replace internet or cell phones, but if you need to talk to someone in your area, or you just want to listen to that same group of people in your area, you can do this with radio. We’re going to talk about that.

A few years back I wrote a number of articles about various radio communications. Here is a link to a list of those articles. It’s also on the side bar under Frank’s Radio Communications.

LINK: Frank’s Radio Communications

Some of the information is dated. Some of the test manuals are out of date. Some of the links to various businesses may not work. But the information about the radios themselves, very little has changed here.

Look through some of these articles. Times are changing. If you have questions, put them in the comments. Boys and girls, we need to be able to communicate. Think about it. If you say to yourself, well I can’t do that. Then you can’t. If you see Bubba riding down the road in his old truck with his CB antenna on it – well he can do it. Fear of learning is common. Adults generally are not good students. Get over it. Learn.

Read some of the articles. If you don’t understand it, let it soak in. Most radio is push the button and talk. I live surrounded by Bubba, it’s a great place to be. Learn. Read. And do.

Always use caution when sharing information with folks you don’t truly know. One last thing. Anything you say on a radio can be heard by somebody else. Don’t give out phone numbers, addresses, it’s called operational security, OPSEC. Let’s do this.

Put questions in the comments. Local is where you live. Local is where you will survive. Bubba is your buddy. Remember, humor is the essence of survival.


We’ll TALK more later, Frank

7 thoughts on “Times Are Changing

  1. Always to the point Frank, well done. I very much agree and have been getting geared up and more knowledgeable the past few years. And while purchasing the less expensive radios before, this reminder drove me to Order a true quality handheld Yaesu UHF/VHF radio. Love my Boaofeng, but ready to step up in quality.God speed to you and Fern in these challenging times. God Bless our Republic.

  2. I did it! I started studying on Monday to take my technician test. I took the test today and passed! It took two tries, (This information was all completely foreign to me.) but I passed! Now I need to decide what equipment I need. I can't wait to get my license!

  3. I was just relating how I feel ham radio, CB, and pirate radio stations will be making a comeback, as TPTB throttle the internet and cell systems \”for our own good…\”Great minds think alike…

  4. Thanks to your articles I've gotten my technician and GMRS licenses. Picked up a couple of handhelds, extra batteries, a dual band Kenwood and a CB for vehicle. All of this was done very reasonably. Slow to learn (old) but I'm getting there. I've learned a lot from you and Fern. May God bless you both. And truer than ever don't get on the bus. Thanks again,Al

  5. A couple years ago when Rawles at Survivalblog.com mentioned them at a very good price, we bought 8 Baofeng UV-5R units. I didn't realize it at the time, but these are compatible with the MURS frequencies of our Dakota Alert system. A big savings over the handhelds Dakota Alert offers. What a great bonus! We've stored them up until now in a Faraday box, but this seems like a good time to un-box them.Of the folks who we'd help in times of trouble, nearly all are within five miles, and most are on hilltops. I'll be passing out our spares in the near future and we'll be doing some practice until everyone is comfortable with their use.My history includes being a RTT operator in VN, with a few stints carrying a PRC-25 with the infantry. I'm well aware of a radio's usefulness in stressful times.Ozarks Tom

  6. We live very rural, Very small population in our county and 80 miles from a large town. So thankful for this area. Have been pondering radios. Will be reading about them for sure. Be blessed.

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