We All Gotta Eat

Folks, I have a real concern for the food supply of the world, and especially our country and my specific neighborhood. Wherever you are, grow anything you can to decrease your dependency on others. Control of the food supply is one of the most powerful weapons known to man. There may not be enough bullets to kill a lot of people in a given area, but you take away or control their food supply and exponential population decline can happen at a rapid pace, or on a given time table.

Frank had a conversation with a young father recently and said to him, “There are some words you don’t want to hear. Like – Daddy I’m hungry – when you have nothing to feed your children.”

Take that statement and apply it to those you are responsible for, or those you love, or just those that live around you. Really think it over. We have all heard about the golden hordes coming from the cities to take what we have, knowing we would have to defend ourselves against them. Well, folks, if you don’t have anything to eat, you aren’t going to be defending anybody against anything, because you are already dead. I wrote about it a while back in this article – Without Food You Are Dead.

If you are in a situation where you can grow food to replace the supply you are eating, DO IT IN QUANTITIES YOU NEVER DREAMED YOU WOULD NEED. All caps? Yelling at you? Yes, I am. You see, I believe that the sexes have been created to fulfill certain roles in life. Frank’s job is to protect us and keep the homestead running. Today he ran the well pump with the solar panels for an hour on a sunny day, he charged our handheld radios, took care of our finances and made me laugh – all in a days work as a husband and leader of our household. Me? I have cooked two meals, milked the goats, fed the chickens, wormed the cats and dog, watered plants and seedlings in the greenhouse, took care of some communications and now I am writing to you. I have been lead to be the food producer of our family. My days revolve around planning for and preparing meals, tending the animals that all have a job geared towards increasing our food supply. I am the gardener and the milk maid. It’s a wonderful life. No, I am not suppressed, depressed, or less of a person, I am living the life I want to live. I love being a wife and trying to prepare nutritious meals for us.

All of this is leading me to a discussion of garden seeds and the lack thereof in the usual online stores I shop with. Many of them continue to have a number of varieties that are out of stock and have been out of stock since last spring. We shop at Shumway’s for most things. They have been out of some of our choices for almost a year. If you are going to plant a garden and plan to order seeds, I hope you have already received them. If not, I would highly recommend you do so immediately, or day before yesterday. It appears the stores have seeds on the shelf, but I really wonder how long they will last.

Some seeds companies like Johnny’s have shut down ordering. They don’t have the supplies to fill more orders and are way behind on the orders they do have.

This is no joke. How are you going to resupply your food stocks if there are no seeds??? Did you save some of your own seeds from last year? Are they viable? Do you know how to save seeds? I feel like I am still a novice seed saver, but we did save quite a few last year. Saving seeds from what you grow is a good way to reproduce what has grown well for you in the past. There have been many times I have studied a new variety that would appear to grow well here in our zone and climate only to do poorly. I would hate to have to depend on an unproven seed supply for my only source of food. What if it fails? Some years things fail, that’s a fact of life. We have had some things grow great for a year to two then not hardly produce at all.

The solar minimum we are in right now has had a grave impact upon growing seasons everywhere, all over the world. Our garden did very poorly overall last year compared to the past. I can only hope and pray it will produce in abundance this year so I can refill my pantry shelves. What if it doesn’t? Do I have enough on hand to go another year and provide for Frank and I? NO. NO I DON’T. Do you? We wouldn’t starve, but we wouldn’t have the wide variety of nutrients we need either. Our health would decline as a result and that is not a position I want us to be in if all hell breaks loose like it appears it will.

Canning supplies to preserve the crops you grow? Good luck. Most places we have looked recently still have back orders. If you determine you need 500 canning jars to feed your family for a year, double it. Really. Double it. You will need more than you think. That has been reality in our case.

There are countries around the world that have lost their collective minds and turned their productive farm land back to ‘nature’ because of ‘climate change’ caused by man. They think so much of themselves and mankind to think we determine the natural climate shifts of millennia along with the solar activity of the sun. In my humble opinion, they are either crazy or trying to accelerate the starvation of the population. Not to mention the release of bioweapons used to control the world through fear and communistic mandates. I guess you can see where I stand on a few world changing events we are in the midst of.

My message for today is simple. See to your food supply and your ability to resupply if we no longer have the luxury of stores lined with row after row of convenient food at our fingertips. I haven’t even mentioned the inflation in prices and shrinking sizes of packaging portions. This phenomena is and will impact our ability to fill our shelves.

Plan to feed you and yours, because WITHOUT FOOD, YOU ARE DEAD.

Until next time – Fern

17 thoughts on “We All Gotta Eat

  1. Andrews seed in Ontario, Oregon sells non-GMO seeds by the ounce, pound, whatever. The back wall is nothing but drawers and drawers of seed stock. I got a half ounce of scallion seed for $4. no tax in Oregon. And the drawer must have had a couple pounds. That’s a lot of little seeds. I do not know if they ship out of state, though, so we just do a day trip with lots of stops-Home Depot, D&B farm store, Tractor Supply, Grocery outlet, Wally world. No tax so worth it.

    1. No, we haven’t written about it, Lynn. At the time we started using the well to water the garden, we didn’t have the solar panels on the greenhouse yet. Maybe we will get one written about it before long. Thanks for the question.


  2. I have ordered my seeds. Luckily I could get what I needed/wanted. I ordered from SeedTreasurers.com. Will and Jackie Clay-Atkinson’s heirloom, non-gmo seeds. Interesting to note, that the problems obtaining seeds seems to be if you are a home gardener. The commercial farms get priority. The ones that can be taken over for the good of the country.

    Just think that this spring will not be a good time to find seeds or transplants unless grown locally and sold at Mom and Pop places.

    1. Hi, Kathy. We try to keep stocked on seeds about 2 years worth from commercial growers. So, that means every year, we order seeds.

      We also try to keep a good stock of homegrown seeds. We’ve been experimenting with 3 different varieties of tomatoes and letting them cross pollinate. So far, so good.

      We grow the vast majority of our own seedlings and we do lots of flowers.

      Might be an interesting year of gardening. We are focusing on the basics.

      Take care, Frank

  3. Congratulations on the new site! (Longtime reader, first time commenter here.)

    I value and agree with your points Fern, but was wondering if you had an opinion on situations like those described in “Wilding” by Isabella Tree, where UNproductive land is carefully engineered to restore habitat for endangered wildlife (largely due to overhunting, etc., not just climate change)? I’m hoping that that doesn’t fall under the scope of “There are countries around the world that have lost their collective minds and turned their productive farm land back to ‘nature’ because of ‘climate change’ caused by man” …?

    I’m a fan of silvopasture, myself, though I have no way of practicing it (yet).

    Thank you for your thoughts!

    1. Thank you for the information, WS. Most of what you speak we are not familiar with, but will take a look at the book and will let you know later what we think. Thank you again, Frank

  4. I just wanted to say thank you for your blog. I have been reading for the last year or so but haven’t ever commented.

    I too have been led to be the food producer of our family. I’ve been a stay at home mom for almost 20 years and my youngest will be an adult in 6. People keep asking me what I’m going to do when the kids are gone. Like there is something magical about this and that I can now move on and get a job like I should have in the first place. Umm no thank you, I’m going to continue to garden, can, preserve food, and work our homestead!

    We just moved from 5 acres in WA to 20 in Idaho and are starting over on our homestead. It’s exciting but I also know a year one garden is hard. I was sad to leave our established gardens but know that in a few years it will be back and even better. I’ve got my seeds and my greenhouse moved with us as well as all my canning supplies.

    Thanks for your thoughts!

    1. Allison, keep up the good work. As for your new garden, I have been tilling my garden place about 4 times a year for 12 years. I’m still finding new baseball sized rocks!

      Talk to the folks around you – what they grow. Some years we’ll have a great crop of something and the people just down the road have a poor one. Who knows why?


  5. Like the new site. We are shoring up food security on all fronts as rapidly as possible. In the last 7 days we had 2 new ribeye seeds hit the ground and there are 2 more due any day now… Bacon seeds (to support our fledgling micro food biz) are dues in a few weeks and we just finished a highwall greenhouse. Busier at 60 then I should be but ud old people gotta eat too!


    1. Bacon and ribeye seeds ! That ! made me laugh as well as think ! Have to remember that. I see it too …. having just received 16 inches of snow it is a ” harbinger ” of letting me know to N E V E R stop preparing the garden / orchard and myself.
      By the way, have you tried the new scrapple seeds ? They do well …

  6. Seeds can be hard to find so order in bulk when you can. Two large seed and garden sellers are Anderson Seed & Garden and Urban Farmer who had plenty of stock last year when others did not. Smaller family type businesses like Seeds for Generations and Chauly’s Favorite Seeds are also good options. We try to keep 2+ years worth of seeds on hand and keep our seeds vacuum sealed and in a constant cool and dry place. I would also suggest getting Susan Ashworth’s book Seed to Seed: Seed Saving and Growing Techniques for Vegetable Growers.

    Canning jars and lids especially lids as most are not reusable are a must. Lehman’s is currently out of stock of the sleeves of lids for regular and wide mouth jars. Be careful buying jars and lids online as several front companies in china have set up we sites that appear to be in the US but are located in china and ship direct from China often not shipping what was actually order or shipping one jar and not a case of a dozen jars. Know the company you are dealing with.

    We retired 5 years ago on 63 acres in the mountains of NC and have been adding multiple gardens each year. We have about 60 fruit trees planted, 125 strawberry plants, 50 high bush blueberry bushes and 72 different bramble berry bushes coming along as well as our herb and vegetable gardens. Of course we keep adding shade and sunny flower beds as well as pollinator gardens for our bees, butterflies and hummingbirds and many different flowering shrubs. As my father used to say “Vegetables and fruits will feed your body but never forget that flowers and flowering trees and shrubs feed the soul. Both the body and soul need to be well fed.”

    Being retired on a 63 acre homestead my wife of almost 45 years and I find our days are full as with all the gardens and the animals. Winter provides a little bit of down time but we also heat with wood and try to keep 2-3 years of wood ahead on hand and stacked in the wood sheds attached to the barn down by the pond.

    Glad you have found a new home for your web site and looking forward to the input from all who like myself visit on a regular basis.

    1. Sawman, thank you for all of the information. We have saved seeds for years and not always successfully. I wish more people were self reliant. I really wish things did not look so bad for the future, but they do, and I expect them to continue that way.

      Keep up the good work and prepare for the unthinkable. Thanks again, Frank

  7. Ol’ Remus put it well; “Hunger is the exit ramp of life.” trying to stay ahead of things like this can be overwhelming. I can say that from personal experience. Still, we must try. The Plandemic gave us a good idea of what to expect if the ship rolls over. Many of us considered ourselves prepared, but still found plenty of holes to fill. God showed us the “coming attractions” this last time out. Consider it a grace; a dress rehearsal. Don’t get caught flat-footed again. You may not get the chance to recover next time out.

    On a different tack, if you haven’t heard, the self-appointed “saints” in the “sacred” halls of the Capitol are mulling over something called HR 127. If you care about your right to bear arms, PLEASE, read this thing through, stand up, and make yourself heard. Even if you don’t own firearms and never intend to, please understand that this bill is an attempt to negate a RIGHT, GUARANTEED to us in the CONSTITUTION, reducing it to a PRIVILEGE, which can be revoked at any time. If these people can get away with doing this with the Second Amendment, they’ll surely do the same with the rest of our rights. Notice too, folks, that this isn’t being covered at all, even on “Conservative” news outlets ;not even on the “alternate” news sites. …It’s almost as if TPTB don’t want anyone to know about this until it’s too late to do anything about it. Hmmm… I checked out HR127. It’s for real. Look it up… PLEASE! Get the word out!

    1. Hi Tom,

      Read it earlier today. You’re right, it is for real and these people are dead serious. We’ll have to watch this one play out.

      Thanks for the update. Please help keep us informed.

      Yes, we are all in this together.


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