Symbiotic Relationships

Did you know fire ants raise aphids for food? Not the aphids themselves, but the ‘nectar’ they produce. I wrote about it here in 2014 – Fire Ants & Aphids.

Frank and I had an interesting conversation over breakfast one morning. We started off discussing something that could be symbiotic, I don’t remember the topic, which reminded me of ants and aphids. Then it lead to other ponderings. I thought I would share them with you.

If the company store initially begins providing supplies to the employees to increase their production and ability to live close to work, that relationship is beneficial to both parties. If the company then realizes it has created a dependence upon those supplies that allows them to control the employees to a greater extent, it can raise the prices thus increasing the profit they make from having the employees return more of the money it paid to them, and adding it back into the coffers of the company. A monopoly is born turning a positive symbiotic relationship into a negative one in the eyes of the employee, who now has less choice and less of an impact upon the relationship.

Now apply that to the current political situation our country finds itself experiencing. The relationship of government to the people [supposedly] began where the government servants were for the benefit of the people. Now that relationship has flipped. You had better do what you’re told or else. Or else what? We will raise the price of your medication, control the medical attention you can receive, force you to pay for our medical insurance, regulate your business [or shut it down all together, because, you know, COVID], take your guns, brainwash your children and tell you that you better be damn happy while we’re doing it. No, wait, they’re already doing that. Are you enjoying the symbiotic relationship you have with your government? Federal or local? Is it a give and take situation that benefits both parties or have you become a slave to ‘the man’?

Add to that mixture the current state of big tech and the media. Picture the type of relationship that the communist, fascist, Marxist, socialist [pick one] tyrannical government we currently have, has developed with the media and big tech, not to mention the military industrial complex that wants endless wars to line their pockets, private prisons for profit, and the medical/pharmaceutical industries. Yes, industries. An industry is a distinct group of productive or profit-making enterprises according to Merriam-Webster. Add the banking/financial industry to the mix and you can easily picture the monopoly the current government has upon all aspects of our lives. The banking industry controls the loans and money supply for the energy, agricultural and small business sectors. The government doesn’t want you to be a successful Mom & Pop store? Shut them down from a financial stand point. Or better yet, use a plandemic. Let the mega corporations that are intertwined into the mega-loppa-symbiotic-industrial complex control all facets of business, energy, food, health, education, media and income. That’s what you call TYRANNY.

Ladies and Gentlemen [the only two genders on the planet in the realm of reality], this is where we are. The symbiotic relationship of our country, our government and all of it’s interwoven companions in crime, have entered the stage of over extension in so many areas that an implosion of all systems is inevitable. This is not something new in the last few months, it has been developing for years, even decades. Remember the statement, “You’re either with us or you’re against us.”?

Think of an area that has a season of abundance that allows the rabbit population to increase dramatically. What happens? The predators, coyotes for example, also increase in abundance until one day, the situations changes. There is no longer enough for the rabbits to eat, they become sick and die. The coyotes don’t have enough to eat. What happens? The system collapses back into a more manageable condition.

It appears that some factions of our country have reached the tipping point where they will no longer sit quietly by. You know we have done that for decades now. Appeasement. Does it work? Never has. So this where we are. We have brought ourselves to the point of listening to the government tell us to sit down and shut up. Are we going to? A lot of us are. It’s scary not to. We don’t want to lose everything we have – home, job, retirement, family, societal recognition. But the situation with the election and impeachments, the current avalanche of executive orders appear to have created a backlash of sorts. Will the country remain united? That has yet to be seen. There are a lot of theories being postulated out here in internet world. Some seem more plausible than others.

This is where we are. If you aren’t in a situation, location, state of mind where you can provide for your NEEDS, not wants, when the system implodes or declines to the point of not supplying the basics for everyday life, then please work diligently with all of your might to get that way. Sometimes the decline of a system is rapid, sometimes it’s slow and you can see it coming more clearly and make the needed adjustments. Everyone we talk to, everyone, normal everyday people that up to now didn’t have a care in the world, shopped everyday for dinner and went about their lives, KNOWS something is very not right. It’s in the air, in our bones, invading our thoughts and feelings. The world is not right. Something is coming.

Be as ready as you can. It’s important. It’s beyond important. It’s beyond words important.

Until next time – Fern

27 thoughts on “Symbiotic Relationships

  1. Greetings from the Land of Enchantment. If there’s anyone here who has planned for self-sufficiency amidst the present engineered collapse and intentional destruction of western civilization they’d best keep it to themselves because when people are hungry they’ll do anything to find food.

    A Ted Turner or a Jeffrey Epstein can buy thousands of acres of woods and meadows with running streams where they’re free to hunt and fish all year round but the rest of us have been programmed to fish for trout as a sort of simulation where after catching one with a hook and handling it with bare hands and taking measurements and photos they’re always thrown back into the stream because a fish and game ranger could be watching with binoculars and give you a $500 fine if you do the natural thing.

    Ever since one of my cats who was wearing his GPS was murdered and had his belly removed with surgical precision, but his white fluffy fur was clean as driven snow without a trace of dirt or blood, I don’t go outside unless wearing a sidearm and would hope you take similar precautions.

    1. FYA, I never leave my property without a pistol. Lately I carry one anytime I am outside.

      You are correct about trying to persuade individuals into preparing, we quit trying to do that a few years back. Operational security, OPSEC, is critical. Remember what you said about hunger, and double that when a child walks up and says, “Daddy, I’m hungry.” You now have a very dangerous animal on your hands. This is going to sound cold, but mine come first.

      Take care. Frank

      1. The people running this psyop are the spiritual heirs to the Americans like Leon Trotsky nee Lev Bronstein who after fleeing Russia to Mexico to escape Stalin’s first purge told was dismissive about the Holodomor, the 1920-1921 famine in the Ukraine created by the Bolsheviks, saying something something like “this is nothing, when your women eat their children that would be hunger.” The Ukraine was the bread basket of central Europe and also the homeland of white Eastern Slavs ethnically distinct from the Russian Slavs.

        If I were in your shoes I’d get accustomed to carrying and shooting a shotgun, probably the Mossberg 590 for its short barrel and light weight, but the unusual design would take a lot of practice, which is no longer feasible for me so the best I can do is have a full-size pistol with some addons making it very visibly stand out and help in putting shots on target.

        If you’re interested in ants, and if maybe you don’t know about the work of Remy Chauvin, he focused on the ethology of social insects and came up with the idea that a hive of bees or a nest of ants wasn’t really a collection of individuals as we think of a society but the colonies can best be understood as being organisms comprised of insects as we animals are composed of cells.

        See his World of Ants; A Science-Fiction Universe, Animal Societies, and Behavioral Complexities.

        Unlike Konrad Lorenz who stayed pretty much with Darwinism though he was aware of how utterly and exceedingly unlikely it is that mutations can benefit survival, Chauvin came up with a theory of evolution guided by a Creator.

    2. Fishing in the San Juan aye…..saw a couple of park rangers at Ute lake state park last summer -, body armor, sidearms, rifles with full battle load. Amenities were closed cause they did not have the man power to intimidate and clean the restrooms or campsites at the same time. Out of staters are no longer allowed by decree of the queen governor I hear. Blue Mexico

      1. The fat slob moron tyrant queen governor of NM is using state police and any other state agency’s police as her private Stasi. The county sheriffs and city police don’t work for her and they’re by and large staying out of it.

  2. Thanks for continuing your blog. While many others are merely hucksters for political factions, you provide content that remains useful & inspirational.

    Are you able to grow black beans in your climate?

    1. What’s up, Doc? Sorry.

      Thank you for your kind words.

      We have never tried to grow black beans. No particular reason why. We do green beans, pinto beans and we’ve tried several varieties of limas and navy. Now we are focusing on things we know works here. We’re trying to focus on putting as much food away as we can. Experimental time has diminished sharply in our garden.

      But I’ll think about black beans. You know black beans matter. Frank

  3. As you so wisely point out, any natural ecosystem out of balance will eventually collapse. And any governmental system or economic system out of balance will eventually collapse as well (the rather long, painful slow collapse of the Soviet Union, for example). I suspect the nature of the collapse is due to fact that governments and economies can do things to extend their lives that rabbits and coyotes cannot. It does not change the end result, however.

    I am more and more coming to believe that much like a bankruptcy, any sort of collapse will go slowly – until it does not.

    1. TB, we’ve seen other empires collapse, but it’s really difficult to find an objective reason for why it did. What we read is what our betters choose for us to believe. It’s hard to find the truth. We are past the stage of slow. They now control all the cards. It will take a few days or weeks to get this transition organized.

      Thank you for your persuasive thought. Frank

  4. It appears to me that the government, whether Biden realizes it or not, is baiting the more extreme individuals on the right to give them a rationale for abrupt total controll. If that means martial law, or gun “control” confiscation I’m not sure.

    We’ve witnessed the incremental nudges toward socialism/communism for a century going all the way back to President Wilson. Those incremental steps have moved the leftists to the point we’re at now, legislative control of government with no likelihood of losing it. Incrementalism is over in my opinion, and full blown oppression in every form imaginable is on its way.

    May God bless those who resist, and keep safe those who can’t.

    1. Tom, I am sad to say that you are probably 100% correct. A very slow drift, compromise, compromise, compromise. We are in a sad state. We have not been vigilant. They have a better organized team. And They have made it impossible for us to organize, which means they have won. If there is another battle to come, our strategies need to change dramatically.


      1. I agree on battlefield strategies…tax season approaches….do we pay for our own oppression? Media is their most powerful weapon – propaganda and fear mongering. Do we allow our local news casters to continue to push lies and hatred. They live in our neighborhoods right? Start with a conversation. We could pick a day and just Stop – entire country on strike? Again the world would see…They have made it difficult to organize, not impossible. March 13, 2020 we donned the mask to flatten the curve, March 13, 2021 we could remove the mask to flatten tyranny. If a few people in the Divided States did it the world would follow suit. Several hundred million people do not want to submit to planetary slavery.

        1. Pete, I’ve seen a shut down technique work in the trucking industry and the educational industry. Good idea. How about March 13th? It’s a Saturday. Everybody calls in sick, stays home and takes off their masks. Good idea.


  5. Thank you…….

    And wondering, is there any way, any setting you can do, to make our e-mail, name, website info, _stay_ in your comment section? So we who are not on WordPress, can easily comment here, without having to put that info in, each and every time we want to comment? It would be wonderful…!

    I want to comment, on blogs, which are full of interest. But having to do the fill in the info, every time, makes it a bit hard.

    Just asking….

    Thank you for being here…

    1. Vera, these are the setting we have on comments. I don’t know of anything else I can do. Sorry for the inconvenience. Fern

      These parameters are turned off.
      Comment author must fill out name and e-mail
      Users must be registered and logged in to comment

  6. Fern you are indeed correct in your assessment of where we are. many folks myself included just wanted to be left alone so one small encroachment on our Liberty would be overlooked only to be followed by another and then another. Still with each incremental over reach folks would convince themselves that they could live with it and that the encroachments would soon stop and those in power always validated their actions with the fact that it was for the public good. But as Daniel Webster stated, “Good intentions will always be pleaded for every assumption of authority. It is hardly too strong to say that the Constitution was made to guard the people against the dangers of good intentions. There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters.”

    Where we go from here is anyone’s guess as in some ways we are in uncharted territory, but in other ways history is filled with similar cycles be it with empires, countries or city states. In my email burst today I linked to an article referenced by Vox Day titled “The Thirty Tyrants”. It is a long read but worth the time because as Ecclesiastes 1:9 states:

    9 What has been will be again,
    what has been done will be done again;
    there is nothing new under the sun.

    I can see no chance this turns out where “We’ll all be drinkin’ that free Bubble Up
    And eatin’ that rainbow stew”. It is definitely far too late to turn this ship around so there is little doubt that sooner or later we will be heading over the falls. Being as ready, as prepared, as disconnected from the need to rely on the system and current supply chain is imperative. It is never too late to start but the problem is if you didn’t start preparing years ago there may not be enough time left to get where you need to be. We have planned ahead on stocking extra to help others as we can. In the last two years we increased garden areas well beyond our immediate needs so they will be ready to help others as necessary. Well tilled and ready ground will be essential specially if and when there ar fuel shortages that mean your tractor doesn’t run. Most areas do not have ground that is easily turned over by hand to provide productive garden space.

    Keep doing what you and Frank do. It is a pleasure to read everything you post.

    1. Sawman, words of wisdom, thank you.

      Governments now validate themselves with MSM lockstep. Remember, Lincoln arrested and incarcerated several journalists that disagreed with his position. Also remember, the war of northern aggression was initially not fought over slavery.

      I enjoy reading your writings.

      I can’t believe what is happening, but it is. Looking back historically, the incremental steps you referenced have been going on for a long, long time.

      It’s sunny here today. We have a couple of days of above freezing temperatures and I think I will go outside and make mud angels.


  7. It is so frustrating to see how rapidly the good that was done in the last 4 years is being undone. For example, gas prices have gone up 30 cents per gallon in the last week. They’ve risen 55 cents since January 20. I’m trying very hard not to get angry at the current resident of the WH, but everything he and our so called representatives are doing demonstrates that they do not give a hoot about us. Apparently we have been relegated to serf status, and are to provide for them, whether or not we can provide for our families.

    1. Chipmunk, historically in several cultures when the serfs were not needed, they were eliminated. Not to mention anyone that questions the authority, they are swiftly eliminated and oftentimes used as a visual to persuade others. It’s difficult to conceive of this in our society, but what’s happening sure does have a familiar ring to it. It’s happened before and it’s happening now.

      I am a deplorable. This is where we are. Frank

  8. Our country has been in a slow planned decline for decades, one little change at a time. Most folks say we are suffering death by a 1000 cuts or mention boiling frogs or one thin slice of salami and pretty soon the salami is gone.
    We have become a very passive and content society, not wanting to move out of the comfort rut that we are bogged down in.
    A self reliant lifestyle will help ,to some degree, to insulate us a little from the insanity going on in our country.
    You mentioned that people feel something is not right in our world, I agree. I call it the F U D factor. Fear ,Uncertainty and Doubt . The FUD level is there just at different levels in different folks.
    It seems difficult, if not impossible ,to awaken family and friends to the storm that is upon us. One’s attitude ,mindset and courage will determine the course of ones journey. Prayers and wisdom to all.

  9. You’re so correct! I’ve not been on here much this last year but I’m still following you and Frank. I’ve been very busy. BUT I’m here, I’m reading and I’m preparing!! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Nina, for us preparation is a full time job and has been for years. What we do isn’t any different than what my grandparents did every year. My grandmother watched the government devalue precious metals, start several wars. It’s here again, except this time our government has manufactured extreme hatred.

      It’s coming. Frank

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