I have IPS

What is IPS? It’s a whole new syndrome, but it’s not recognized by the medical industrial complex or the psycho-babble psychology industrial complex. There are no medications from the pharmeceutical industrial complex for it, thank goodness. The only treatment or cure is dirt and green things.

How do I know? Because I just made it up!

IPS stands for Impatient Planter Syndrome

The only known treatment at this time is to live in a warm climate where you can start planting things, anything. If not, find a container – of any kind – and some dirt to go in it. Then find a few seeds, put them in the dirt and wait impatiently until a tiny little green thing appears. Fuss over it constantly until it gets bigger and bigger. Don’t water it too much or do anything else that may cause it’s untimely demise or you just might go into

Impatient Planter Depression Syndrome


Impatient Planter Compulsive Syndrome

in which you plant seeds over and over, or in so many different containers you lose track of what it is until the plants are big enough to identify, root bound and stunted. Even so, you plant them anyway and hope they produce. But just in case, you plant more seeds. You know, just in case.

Yep, I am impatient to plant the garden. Can you tell? I have my bucket of seeds awaiting mid-April [if I can wait that long] to direct seed into the garden. So far I have talked myself into only planting things that can take a light frost. We have brussel sprouts, cabbage, carrots, turnips, collards, kohlrabi, onions and strawberries planted, along with some flowers here and there.

The empty trellises call out for bean seeds, tomato and sweet potato seedlings, and all that empty space keeps calling for okra, cowpeas, squash and corn. Can you hear it? Probably not since you are not suffering from IPS.

I have found the Farmer’s Almanac site to be an interesting morning read each day. I signed up for their daily/weekly emails, but there were too many ads for ‘buy this’ in them for my taste, so now I just go to the site each morning. Here are a couple of links from them.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac

How to Plant a Victory Garden

Companion Planting Guide for Vegetables

We continue to feel the need to produce all we can in the way of food. We can’t help but wonder how the food supply, along with our supply of freedoms, what there is left, will survive the coming months, let alone the coming year. There appear to be plenty of seeds and seedlings at Wal-Mart locally and many more people surrounding those shelves than I remember seeing in the past. But that may just be my projection of what I see coming onto normal everyday activities of folks, not an actual increase in people wanting to grow food. I can only hope it is.

If you are suffering from IPS or any of the other new maladies that are plaguing our country and the world, please find methods of treatment that don’t involve recirculation of carbon dioxide by wearing of diapers on the wrong part of your body, or shooting up unproven chemicals that may impact your very genetic structures in unknown, irreversible ways. Yes, I have some strong opinions about what has been forced upon us in the last year. In some places there is still the option to choose what we do with our bodies and I respect the choices others have made.

I can only hope and pray we are not forced to choose between the ability to actively, freely participate in society. We have had passports in the past that allowed us to travel between Alaska, Canada and the lower 48. I cannot see where we will ever be carrying around the new passport that is being discussed, that some companies have already begun to require. There is already talk about a booming black market for the new passport if it becomes mandatory. Don’t forget 1A & 2A are under attack and 2A protects 1A.

I never dreamed in a million years that our country would be in the current condition it is in. We read things everyday that are just totally unbelievable. It takes more and more effort everyday to keep a positive outlook on our future and the future of our country. So if you are suffering from IPS, enjoy it. It is a wholesome, productive disease as opposed to a physically debilitating condition.

Until next time – Fern

31 thoughts on “I have IPS

  1. I’m hoping you’ll see this post. Puppygirl and I are heading to our new home in rural California. Near family and friends and an amazing rural Christ centered church. God has been so good in His blessings to make this happen.
    SJ from Vancouver BC

  2. It saddens me to say it appears Frank & Fern have for one reason or another discontinued their blog. I doubt we’ll ever find out why, it’s been nearly a year since we’ve heard from them. I’m sincerely wishing and praying they’re in good health and just keeping their heads down in this tumultuous time.

    My reason for posting is this: I’m the admin at a site somewhat along the same lines as this one, but more conversational – https://countryconservatives.proboards.com/ and would like to invite those who might be amenable to visiting with other country folk of a conservative bent to check us out.

    That’s not to say we can’t abide liberals, but let’s just say they might not enjoy themselves there. Our site rules are pretty straightforward: No cussing, No trolling, No personal insults, and no baby animals posts without pictures.

    Hoping to see y’all there.


  3. I miss you two and your writing. Thought I’d let you know that all is well in my world. At 65, I welcomed a new puppy into my life. this week turning 18 weeks old — oh my, I’m keeping busy. Just ordered my seeds and am planning for even more gardening this year. I’ll continue to focus on succession planting for a continual harvest all summer. Sending prayers your way. SJ in Vancouver BC Canada

  4. Hope everything is going well for you
    Frank and Fern.
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Sure miss reading new blog posts.
    God Bless!

  5. Hope yall are doing ok. Miss seeing an occasional post. Praying that all is well an you’re just busy living and providing for your needs.
    That is happening here.
    So far, so good.
    As the country unravels all around.

  6. I’m wanting some advice from you or your readers. I have a small greenhouse (about 10’x12’) that I want to dedicate at least partially to medicinal plants. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to grow?

  7. How are you two doing? Would love to see a post just to know that your health is okay…if you know what I mean.

  8. Frank – used your suggestion about spreading a little urine around the perimeter of my herb garden and cannot thank you enough. My herb garden is more beautiful this year than it has been in ages!! All due to your suggestion.

    Hubby and I are keeping busy but watching, listening and continuing to prepare for whatever might come our way. Don’t mind saying we’ve been praying a lot too! You and Fern take care.

  9. Hope all is well down your way. I understand and agree with keeping a lower profile considering all the turmoil going on around us. We are in a n unprecedented heat wave ,our high was 117 with a light breeze. We lost the remainder of our peas and some corn stalks as well.Frustrating but not devastating because we did overplant some this year for obvious reasons. Stay healthy, safe and well as life goes on. Blessings to you both and all who read the blog.

    1. Grammy, the goats are doing fine. We are milking four and topping off our cheese making for the year.

      The garden has been very slow to begin producing and some crops are very questionable. It appears this will be the second year in a row that the garden has not been a dependable food storage source which is very bothersome.

      Hope all is well with you and yours, Fern

  10. Glad you are doing well, was concerned when you hadn’t posted. My garden is in and growing, we are in a severe drought here in Utah, so everything is mulched heavily and we are just keeping trees and shrubs alive. The lawn will probably be totally brown by August. But it will come back in the fall.
    Happy gardening.

  11. I figured you’d gone to ground-not a bad move, all things considered. I’m glad you’re well.

    1. Thank you for asking, we are fine. There is a lot of turmoil in the world. We’re keeping our heads down.

      We’re still doing all the household things, gardens, goats, making cheese. Our health is good.

      We’re just watching things play out in our government.

      Whoever you are, thanks for asking.

      May God & Peace be with you,

      Frank & Fern

      1. May God and peace be with you both as well. I was thinking of purchasing the electric tiller you mentioned last year I think. Do you still recommend it.

  12. “I never dreamed in a million years that our country would be in the current condition it is in. We read things everyday that are just totally unbelievable. It takes more and more effort everyday to keep a positive outlook on our future and the future of our country.”

    Well said. And it’s not that something happening was unexpected, it’s that, who could imagine it would have been this? And at such an insane pace?

    Our last frost date is finally behind us (barring something else weird happening) so it’s full speed ahead in my garden!

    1. Two things I noticed in the linked article might present a problem for us. One, not using garden soil in the containers, which we did in our 25 gallon fabric buckets. The garden soil is full of compost from many years of adding it, so hopefully it won’t present the problem mentioned. Also, the fabric buckets are black, which the article says heat too much. I’m hoping the buckets are large enough to minimize the heat, and evaporation will prevent overheating.

      There’s no way we could fill 64 25 gallon buckets with commercial potting soil, so I guess we’ll just have to go with what we’ve got.

  13. Oh yes, we deal with the IPS here also. Got my onions and potatoes planted, but the rest is in the greenhouse. Just turned the heater on again, as the weatherman says high 20s again tonight. Hope the fruit trees make it. Glad to see you posting again. Take care,

  14. We also have the onset of IPS, mostly high levels of impatience.Today is sunny skies and 70 degrees outside. However the soil temp is about 42 degrees and we may probably have another frost or two before Mother’s Day which is usually the time for putting things in the ground.
    We still have fencing work to do as well as some weeding so at least we can play in the soli a bit to help relieve the stress level of impatience.
    We think it prudent to plant more this year. We still buy a few canning lids and jars when the opportunity comes along. We also were gifted some firewood logs so we will be turning those into stove wood.
    Blessings to you.

  15. Out here in the Wild, Wild West it’s exactly opposite. We keep saying “Nahh. It’s to early to plant” early in the year, only to get caught flatfooted when the temps begin to go through the roof. It’s a crapshoot here. If you plant too early, the plants will get frosted. If you plant too late, your plants get BAKED. We put up a 25’x16′ hoop house to give us an edge against both the frost and the heat. We can start the plants early, and they won’t get frosted. Then, when we’re sure the frost is over with, in the ground they go. By the time the heat hits, the plants are established enough to withstand it. And the hoop house in the summertime? If I ever feel the need to sauna in the summertime, well, there it is…

    Funny; TPTB want us to carry around “vaccination passports.” Meanwhile, on our southern border…

    What’s been going on for the last year has illustrated very well for my just how the Nazis got as far as they did… Unfortunately for the modern-day Gestapo, I won’t be “getting on the train…”

  16. IPS? And here I thought we were “normal”. Having unwittingly been infected with IPS for many years, we finally have taken the advice of a farmer/rancher neighbor who doesn’t put anything in his garden that’s not cold hardy until May 9th. He’s held to that date, just like his father on the same ground for nearly 60 years, so who am I to argue with success?

    About five years ago we planted our tomatoes and peppers three times, the first planting died from a frost, while lo and behold our second planting three weeks later defied the weatherguessers and frosted out too. It was mid-May when our last planting flourished. Sure could have saved a lot of work and aggravation if we’d just asked a lifelong local first.

    Last Saturday my wife and I got our second Moderna vaccine shots. No noticeable problems with the exception of sudden craving for bat soup, and what appears to be a third eye sprouting above my nose. We weighed the options and since it’s inevitable that we’d eventually come into contact with an infected person, and our ages/comorbidities decided the vaccine was the lesser of the two evils. Especially with our refusal to wear face diapers. We will not, however, be getting any “passports”. We were born free, and will die that way.

  17. I get that look in my eyes, and my husband knows what I’m thinking. He looks at me and says, “Don’t even think about it because you’ll be wasting your time. It’s too early to plant the garden.”

  18. Hello, my name is Swordsmyth, and I have IPS 🙂

    Glad to have found you at your new blog site. For some reason I could never get my posts to work at the old one, so relegated myself to reading and being a lurker. Have enjoyed both you and your husbands words of wisdom over the years.

    It warms my heart to find like minded folk doing what I am doing. It seems those with eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart filled with the spirit of God know something wicked this way comes. They prepare on whatever level they are able and that gives me hope.

    I find my peace in working in the garden and on the homestead. I have unplugged from reading about all the evil that happens everyday around the globe. After 30 years of being knee deep in that it wears on ones soul. You don’t have to read about all the evil everyday to know that if you left and came back 20 years later the evil elite would still be doing what they do. Satan’s time is almost up!

    Find joy where you can. These insane days will soon pass and we will be living in a beautiful world once again as God intends. Put your trust in the Lord that your days may be long upon this earth!

    We will never be given more than we can overcome, that is the guarantee.

    Everything God says is evil is being promoted as normal by this morally bankrupt global system. It is up to us to be men and women of substance, to be a light in the darkness, to help others find the path when it is needed most.

    Peace and blessings to you all….

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