08. Cooking with Fern

Grinding Flax & Other Bread Making Lore

Frank’s Cinnamon Toast

Simple Meals

Got Wheat? Fern’s Sourdough Bread

Fern’s Farmhouse Special

Goat Stock Garden Soup

Making Simple Jerky

Low Carb Pizza

Fern’s Low Carb Meat Pie

No Shampoo & Sauerkraut; An Update

Adjusting to Fermented Vegetables

Low Carb Fried Chicken

Homemade Sauerkraut 

Frozen Tomato Salsa Experiment

Foraging in the Garden for Vegetable Soup

Growing Sprouts On the Kitchen Sink

My First Coleslaw

Whole Wheat Sourdough Rolls

The Nutrition of Turnips & Turnip Greens

Making Graham Crackers & Pie

Yellow Squash Bread

A Simple Apple Cake

Reconditioning Sourdough Starter

A Meal With No Name

A Fresh Country Omelet

A Healing Soup

Cabbage Soup

Taco Salad

Feeding Kefir & Sourdough

What’s For Dinner? Cabbage and……

Chicken Pie

Chicken Chow Mien, Kind of…..

Flour Tortillas

A Simple Layered Salad

Adding Sourdough To The Menu

Squash Patties

Creative Cabbage Buns

Potato Salad

Giving Banana Bread

Corn Pancakes, Mmm-Mmm Good!
Final Harvest Meal

Soup When You’re Sick

Do We Like Lima Beans?

We Have Sweet Potatoes

Green Eggs and Ham……Radio?

100% Fresh Whole Wheat Bread

Great Homegrown Nachos

Winter Squash Pie

Lacto Fermented Oatmeal

Production Pizza

Squash and Meat Casserole

Frank’s Enchiladas

Frank’s Green Bean Casserole

Making Chevre Cheesecake

An Extra Rooster? Sounds Like Lunch to Me

Fern’s Fried Chicken

All That Cheese? Let’s Make Lasagna

Making Pizza

Making Whole Wheat Bread

Fern’s Fast Food

Making Biscuits – A Saturday Tradition

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