Open Thread

We found an open thread format over on Western Rifle Shooters Association that generates some interesting conversations and thought we would give it a try here.

Topics of discussion are yours to determine. Remember, keep it respectable. Avoid personal data, location, etc. All comments will be moderated before publishing. After all these years, we have only blocked two or three comments.

Disagreements are fine as long as they create a constructive dialogue and free sharing of thoughts. It’s something that appears to be repressed more and more these days – free sharing of thoughts. Let’s see what we can do to encourage instead of suppress them.

What’s on your mind?
What are you working on?
What’s sticking in your craw about the doings in our country, locally and nationally? You know, like these people.

Topics might include different garden varieties, cooking techniques, recipes, your favorite radio – any type, guns of all makes, how is your health, surviving the collapse, politics, the economy, employment or unemployment, weather, climate, race relations, being politically correct (maybe I should stop here), or anything else that comes to mind.

We look forward to hearing from you and entertaining some lively conversations.

Frank & Fern

Changes in the Wind?

We have had some very interesting experiences lately that not only indicate we are on the right track in preparing, but feel as if we are being warned that the time is soon coming that life as we know it will no longer be the same. It is hard to put into words the feelings we have, but I will try.

We’ve had unusual conversations with people from many different walks of life – doctors, grandmothers, friends, neighbors, people we barely know

……conversations that we’ve never had with them before. Conversations that very plainly indicate that these people see extreme changes coming

to our country before the end of the year. In no way are we trying to predict anything – we just want to share what we have been hearing and feeling. Most people don’t have a specific catalyst or event in mind when they talk about what is coming. They just know something is very wrong – terminally wrong – and soon life will change. Not one person we have talked to feel this change will be for the better. The reactions to this coming change range from fear, to confusion, to dread, to anger, to an almost overwhelming urge to deny it is possible. Not here. Not to us. Everything will be alright.

We all live in the lap of luxury regardless of our actual financial circumstances. Do we have electricity? Refrigeration? Air conditioning? A vehicle to drive anywhere we want to go? Cell phones? Televisions (for most)? Computers? Internet? More clothes that we will ever wear? Food at our fingertips? And on, and on, and on. Can we afford to fail at gardening, raising livestock, making cheese, canning/freezing/dehydrating food? Can we always go to the store to get more? For now…..yes. For how much longer? Who knows?

We don’t write about the changes coming to our world and nation to point fingers and place blame. What good would it do? Would it change the fact that sooner rather than later our lives will all be very different? Would it change the fact that soon we will have to rely on ourselves in ways we never dreamed of just a few short years ago? Will it provide a loaf of bread for our family to eat? I feel our energies are better expended learning, practicing, doing and sharing – and working very hard at it.

Because of these conversations and feelings we’re trying to wrap up all loose ends. We want to make sure all of our bills are paid. When the time comes, we want to be even and square with man. If we owe anyone, we 

want them to get their money. We are trying to acquire what we feel we may need to complete some projects that are in progress or in the planning stages. We are trying to learn everything we can. And those things we want to know, but don’t have the time to learn? We are getting books and other resources so that we can learn them later as time allows. When we shop, we do so with a prayer and a desire to be open to inspiration in our purchases. More than once we have been in a store and Frank or I have picked up an item, pondered, then decided to buy it. Sometimes Frank asks me what I may use the item for and I can’t always tell him. I just know it will be useful to us or someone else at some point in time.

I feel our blogging career will be a short one because the internet will not always be, or at least not always be this way. I am grateful to have entered the circle of bloggers that share their skills, talents and perspectives in such a way that has enriched our knowledge and willingness to try to do more to be self-sustaining. For that I am truly grateful.

The reason we blog is to share this warning with everyone we can. We have prayed for guidance since the day we began writing 79 days ago. We bring you these messages with the hope and prayer that it will help you and your family to prepare in whatever way you can.

A man that has been warned is tasked with warning his neighbor. Share the blessing of what you know and what you can do with as many people as possible. You just never know the impact you can have.

Blessings to you all.