Open Thread, October 3, 2020

Well, folks. The world still turns and gets stranger every single day. There are many people that daily outline the events taking place around us – political, criminal, availability of everything from food to ammo to canning supplies to baby chicks to anything, you name it. 

Right now, and all day everyday, we request your prayers beseeching the Almighty for the quick, total recovery of our President and his beloved First Lady, President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump.

The turmoil, unrest, and uncertainty of the future of our country appears to grow everyday. Every single day. There is something that happens, information that comes to light, or the placement of one more piece of a puzzle that is so deep and wide that it truly seems beyond the human mind to fathom.

So we step back, take a breath and attempt to decipher what is real, what is conjecture, opinion or outright lies and fabrications. Then we go outside and enjoy what we have been blessed with. A beautiful place to live. Flowers. Hummingbirds. The final harvesting of the garden. 

The sweet potatoes are dug and curing in the greenhouse. We grew three varieties to compare productivity and flavor. We will use those potatoes and plants for next year’s crop.

The only other things left in the garden are okra and peppers, which are declining since we are already having lows in the 40’s and 50’s. The turnip greens are growing well, they like the cool weather. The spinach is trying to grow, something killed all of the lettuce and it needs to be replanted. Yes, we are still growing some food stuffs. But it’s going to be an early winter this year, or so I have been feeling for about a month now. I would recommend you stock as deep as you can and prepare for a long, cold winter. Just a feeling.

We are canning chicken today. Baking the last dozen we had in the freezer and getting them all on the shelf. Next week we will start butchering our older laying hens to can as well. The young hens are laying well and we are over run with eggs. We also have another batch of young chicks that will start laying in January. So we have meat and eggs on the menu for part of a future food supply.

The goats are drying up. Three does are due in January. One more doesn’t seem to be bred or show any indication of doing so. We don’t know what is going on with her. Braum’s (an ice cream store in our area) has started selling A2 milk which is a very pleasant surprise. Our vet is drinking it with great success. He hasn’t been able to drink milk in years due to a gut issue. That proves to me that there really is something to the A1/A2 issue. We are buying milk from Braum’s to get us to January and our own fresh supply again.

Just walking into a store now days is a strange, eerie experience. Half of the people look at each other like they are scared to be around anyone, another half is wearing masks and doesn’t like the ones that aren’t, the other half just tries to act normal, but hardly anyone talks. It’s quiet and suspicious. I know that’s three halves, but you’ll just half to deal with it.  Just like living in this dystopian virus controlled world.

My mom is now on hospice and continues her slow steady decline. I haven’t been able to go into the nursing home to see her since March 12th. It kills me to go see her through the window and not be able to touch her and hug her. Knowing there are hundreds or thousands of others in the same predicament doesn’t make it any easier, but I am very empathetic to the pain it causes so many of us in these days and times. A person we know just lost a healthy, active parent with underlying conditions to this virus. It hits close to home since they were younger than Frank. 

Pray for our President and First Lady for there are those that take joy in their sickness. These people that wish our President and First Lady harm are part of the deep, entrenched, putrid, decay of our country. If they win the election, if they take over, we are doomed. If you are not prepared for either outcome, I fear for you. 

Please share what is going on in your neck of the woods. We are all in this together and we all need help from each other. Please share. Be safe. Stay healthy. Be extremely vigilant. Use discernment in all you read, watch and believe. Pray for guidance always.

Until next time – Fern

Consider what you would do……

Hello Everybody, Frank here.

I found this quote on Western Rifle Shooters recently, and it started an interesting conversation in our house.

“Consider what you would do if you knew [we inserted if you actually BELIEVED] your country had already moved beyond the point of no return.”

So, let’s take a look at this. Let’s break down the terminology. How do you know something has happened? A while back the news media would tell you, well that’s not going to happen anymore. 

Now what if you believe something has happened? Folks in the scientific world need absolute proof, unless of course, the scientists contradict each other, like global warming. Do we have to have incontrovertible facts that we know something has happened? Isn’t this part of the problem that has gotten us to where we are today? Did a plane actually hit the Pentagon on 9/11? Many folks believe not, few actually know. There is a fine line between believing and knowing. Some used to know that their country was good, but a lot believe different now. 

Did this Epstein pervert actually commit suicide? Many people believe not, only a few probably know. All these investigations

involving the FBI, the DOJ and other related scams, will anything ever come of these investigations? Who knows? It is starting to look like that believe not thing again. This list of ‘know’ and ‘believe’ could go on until the end of time. Or some believe it could anyway. The internet is one of the greatest tools ever invented. I don’t believe Al Gore invented the internet. And I don’t believe that cow farts contribute to global warming. There are a whole lot of things that I used to ‘know’, but now I don’t believe.

So, what does the word Country mean? Is this the place with the amber waves of grain and the purple mountains majesty? Or is this a group of people that came together with different ideas and philosophies? I used to know, but I don’t anymore.

What would we do if we knew our country was beyond the point of no return? Well, we are doing it. We’ve gone grey and turned grey in the process. We have a respectable stockpile, food, shelter, protection, you know the drill. I don’t believe we are past the point of no return, I KNOW we are past the point of no return. How do I know? Look at every discipline in our country. Here is a partial list. Medical industry, educational system – all levels, gender identity, race relations, there are lots of confused people. And geez, I almost forgot, our colossal government that is involved in everyone’s life. 

So, I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing. I would recommend that you do what is best for you and yours, and you might want to do it soon. I unequivocally know that we have moved beyond the point of no return. I know unequivocally that our country has moved beyond the point of no return. 


We have been lied to, cheated and screwed. We have just started to see the tip of this colossal iceberg. 

We’ll talk more later,  Frank

My Salute

Hello Everybody, Frank here.

This is my salute to all the fine men and women that have served their country in the Armed Forces.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Without your time, effort and sacrifice, we would not enjoy the riches that we have in this beautiful country.

You come from the finest stock, with a history and legacy that goes back to the beginning of mankind. Being an individual that will fight, and if necessary die, for what one believes in, is difficult to express with simple words. But you know that feeling. 

Mankind will continue to fight for what they believe in, and you never know when that fight is going to come to your door. Be prepared.

My earnest thanks from one veteran to another.

May God bless you and yours,

E-5 Frank

In Memory

On this day, we remember our fallen heroes, those who gave all that we might be free from tyranny. We pray for their families and loved ones, that they might be comforted.

May God and Peace be with you.
Frank & Fern

Musings About Things on Frank’s Birthday

Happy Birthday to Frank! Happy Birthday to Frank!

I have the honor of being married to a man that has a 30 year old mind encased in a 65 year old body. His mind is sharp and more active than ever, his learning curve continues to go through the ceiling, his dreams and aspirations are never ending, there are just

days he wishes his body would keep up. In our discussions recently we have pondered how others meet up with an aging body. We really don’t ‘see’ ourselves as aging or even getting older. There are still so many things we want to do and learn, the list only grows longer instead of shorter. But time marches on and our bodies are aging. Some things we didn’t used to give much thought to, now present more of a challenge, some of them much more of a challenge. We still set goals of what we want to get accomplished in a day, but the amounts we are able to complete just aren’t as much as they used to be. Sometimes that’s frustrating, sometimes is surprising, and sometimes it’s just downright disgusting. The aches and pains tend to interrupt things when we keep pushing and pushing to get something finished, even when we know it is past time to stop for the day. Such is this thing we call life. We’ve heard about it for many years now, and it would seem it is now our turn to experience it for ourselves.

We got an interesting envelop in the mail today. We have been waiting for the inevitable W4’s and 1099’s to arrive so that we can see how much we have to pay the piper this year. In years past we had our withholding set up at the highest rate so that we would get a tax refund. For the past five or six years we have changed our withholding to the lowest rate. We would rather owe at the end of the year instead of face the possibility of the feds deciding it would be a good year to start keeping, instead of disbursing, 

the refunds to help feed their ever insatiable appetite for spending The People’s money. Well, the envelope we received today was from the Oklahoma Tax Commission which informed us we will have to pay federal taxes on last year’s state refund. What?? Enough is enough, folks. When are they going to start taxing how much we pay in taxes, how many breaths we take, and how often we go to the bathroom? After all, we are using up oxygen when we breathe, not to mention how much each exhalation we complete is adding to the devastating, Earth killing global warming! We probably shouldn’t even talk about how much water is used each time we go to the bathroom. But they have already regulated that by limiting the amount of water you are able to use with each and every flush.

It saddens us to see the state of families now days. So many people are caught up in the world. The shiny, dazzling, fast paced world has so much to offer in the way of activities and distractions. Over Christmas, a family we know had scheduled a vacation to Cancun, a once in a lifetime trip.

But they left their two year old daughter with grandma, for a week, at Christmas. I guess she would just be too much in the way. What will this girl think when she is older and the family is sitting around looking at the pictures from this ‘once in a lifetime vacation’ and reliving what a good time they had, and she realizes that she wasn’t there? That she wasn’t wanted there? That she would have been in the way? What does that say to a child? When I asked the grandmother how the girl was managing, being away from her parents and brothers, the answer astounded me again. The only person this girl ever cries for is her grandmother, not her parents. This grandmother takes care of the girl most weekdays while her mother attends nursing school, which is very admirable on both their parts. And it’s great this little girl is very comfortable and happy with her grandmother. But to think she has bonded more with her grandmother than with her parents bothers me. What does that say for this family? And so many other families in our society?

We saw a young man yesterday that Frank has known for a number of years. He has read some of this blog, and has shown an interest in radio communications, using GMRS and MURS. The last time Frank saw him they talked about the possibility of getting a ham license. But yesterday

when Frank saw him and asked about using radios, the young man just smiled and said he hadn’t been doing anything with them. When Frank reminded him that time may be short to get things set up, the young man laughed at him. Laughed at him like he was humoring someone that either wasn’t quite right in the head, or didn’t know what he was talking about. Laughed at the possibility that something devastating may come to pass in our country and world. There are many people out there that have this very same attitude. These same people that rush to the store in a panic right before the big storm comes through, only to find the shelves bare and people fighting over the last case of bottled water. The experience Frank had with this young man bothered him. It bothered him to think that this young man, his wife and young daughter may not make it when the time comes. He may think back and remember the warnings he received and did not heed, and because of that, unspeakable tragedy may be visited upon his family. 

It’s not like it’s the first time we have been laughed at and ridiculed for the way we live and the warnings we share with others. We had people thinking we were nuts way back before Y2K when we wanted to grow

our own food, live off the beaten path and be much more self-reliant. Then Y2K came along and we did the best we could to be ready for the long term. Our location wasn’t the best survival location, but we prepared the best we could. Most folks just couldn’t fathom the depth of our preparedness and why we would even consider going to such lengths. They laughed then, and we knew, should a devastating collapse come upon the world that we were much better prepared than they. Not only had we tried to gather ‘stuff’, we began very serious preparations of our minds, which is by far the most important aspect of preparation that you can undertake. 

Since Y2K, the experiences we have had and the learning we have pursued have changed our lives. Literally. It is with heavy hearts that we continue to see the vast majority of people ignoring the warning signs all about us, from the economy to the fascist government that is quickly

suffocating every form of freedom, independence and self-reliance that it can possibly rape, pillage and steal from The People. There have been so many instances of people going along with the actions of the government only to find out they are being lead like lambs to the slaughter. They stare around in wide eyed wonder, and their life is snuffed out in an instant. Is that what awaits the Sheeple? I really can’t say for sure, but it sure does appear that way. If we live to see the day, the great and dreadful day, of the collapse of our society, country and world, my heart will cry with anguish for those that are not ready. For those that will continue to refuse to look reality in the eye without blinking and turning away. For those that simply will not make it. I mourn for them already.

There are many things in this life that we give thanks for every single day. We give thanks for another day. We give thanks for our warm home and

a roof over our heads. We give thanks for the food on our table. We give thanks for God watching out for us and guiding us every day of our lives. We give thanks that we have been brought to this place at this time in the history of our world. And on this day, I give thanks to God for bringing me into the life of the man you know as Frank. He has blessed me for these many years with his knowledge, skill, generosity, integrity, honesty, willingness to serve others through his military service, law enforcement work, volunteer EMT and Firefighter work, dedication to family, his love for God, and his love for me.

Happy Birthday Frank!

Frank’s Thoughts on Veteran’s Day

At church last Sunday, all the Veteran’s were asked to stand or raise their hands to be recognized before we sang God Bless America. I was the youngest Veteran in the room, and I am 64 years old. Now, to be fair, there weren’t a lot of young men in the room. We obviously have a church going problem with younger men. We have a Veteran’s problem, those who serve their country, among younger men. Take a look at the divorce rate. So, let’s see, religion is collapsing, that’s called serving God. Being a Veteran is collapsing, that’s called serving Country. The family is collapsing. God, Country, and Family, not only are collapsing, but have collapsed. Remember that. We’ll come back to it.

Fern’s father, step-father, and all of her uncles are Veterans. None of her cousins or brothers are Veterans. Frank’s father and all of his uncles were Veterans. None of Frank’s brothers or cousins are Veterans. Notice a pattern here? 

I’m speaking primarily here of men. If a man will not defend his God, his Country or his Family…. If a man has no respect for God, Country or Family, do you really think that we’re going to have a rebirth of our society? I’ve said this before, and I will probably say it again. I don’t think our once Great Nation, and our once great society will ever return. We use terms like the American resolve, and that pioneer spirit. Well, those are catchy little terms, and they might help sell pickup trucks during a football game commercial, but that’s all it’s good for. Because, look around, the men are sissy cowards that won’t defend anything.

I would like to apologize to those that I have offended. If you have a negative comment, just keep it to yourself. I know everybody can’t serve and everybody shouldn’t serve, but we have more parents trying to get social security disability for their children in grade school than we have men standing in line to serve our former great country. We have more people that would rather sit at home and not work, and collect welfare, than they would to serve their country. See a few more trends here?

I understand what the III%ers are, and if you don’t know what the III%ers are, you should. Look at our Veteran’s Administration scandal. 34 years ago, when I first met Fern, I told her that if I am hurt, to NEVER take me to a Veteran’s hospital. That was 34 years ago. Then last year, we find that the Veteran’s Administration was spending more on new windows and desks, than they are on saving Veteran’s lives. Shame! Shame! on the Veteran’s Administration!!

For those of you that did not serve, and lap up the luxury of liberty, please scoot over today and let those that earned it, have a drink from the well of freedom. To those of you who served, and the families of those who served, Happy Veteran’s Day. And for those of you that chose not to serve, please continue to stand with the women and children and holler, “Look at me! Look at me!” because that freedom was given to you by a Veteran, past and present. The ladies in the group that serve, my hat is off, my compliments. It must be very difficult being a female veteran.

Again, for those of you I have offended, I am sorry. For those of you that serve, Thank You. Happy Veterans’ Day, all.