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Hello Everybody, Frank here.

Recently, Fern published an article that received a number of comments – Government’s Uncivil War. Yes, the article was picked up by Western Rifle Shooters Association and the Woodpile Report. This certainly increased our readership with some extra comments. We didn’t see anything special about the article, but there were some great comments, thoughtful, sincere and genuine. 

We’re going to share a few of those comments with you. These are readers that share often. Fern and I benefit from, and respect these folks ideas and contributions. Hopefully, you will also enjoy their insight. These are in the order that we received them.

Please share any thoughts that you have. We’re all in this arena together and when it rains, it rains on all of us. We are approaching a dicey period in our civilization. Things may stay the same, but there is the opportunity for significant change. Pay attention. It’s changing very quickly.

You know the rules. Food, water, fuel, protection, shelter. Pay attention. Stay away from crowds and don’t get on the bus.

Hope you enjoy these comments. Enjoy may not be the right word, but I still hope you enjoy these comments.

We’ll talk more later,  Frank



Personally, I now believe that we are passengers on a runaway train, the brakes don’t work and the bridge is out a mile ahead.

Greed and corruption and lies have nearly always existed in politics. But never in my lifetime have I seen those things displayed so openly. Candidates for the office of the leader of the free world are openly celebrating the murder of babies, every perversion known to man and the changing of our system of government that takes away the freedoms our forefathers fought and died for. And a fair share of our population are in the front row, standing and applauding.

We have ourselves to blame. When TSA agents at the airports began digging into granny’s Depends looking for bombs and began touching our children in places they had been taught were private, we wrote letters and signed petitions and wrote blog posts condemning those actions, but we did nothing that might make a difference and we soon accepted those behaviors as normal.

When hairy men in dresses and heels and lipstick were allowed in the same restrooms as our daughters and granddaughters, we raised a ruckus and vowed to boycott the businesses that allowed this practice. But we did nothing that would actually put a stop to it. By this time we feared being labeled racist or homophobic or some other ‘phobic.’ We soon accepted this practice as normal.

When we were told that to openly express our opinions about things like Sharia Law or that All Lives Matter or our dismay at the unstoppable tide of ‘refugees’ illegally crossing our southern border, we were told to just shut up or be accused of ‘hate speech.’ College students were told they could speak freely only in designated ‘free spaces.’ School kids were told they could not wear t-shirts that had anything to do with our flag or with guns or with Christianity because others found those things offensive. We fussed about it. We wrote op-ed pieces about it. A few PTA members objected, but nothing happened to change it.

I, like so many, have no answers because I believe we are now so very close to the end of what was once the most wonderful place on the planet to live and there is no turning back. We have become afraid and understandably so. Twenty years ago I had little if any fear of going anywhere alone other than the obvious ‘skid row’ areas of cities. Now I wouldn’t even consider walking around my block in daylight or after dark without protection. Those I know living in small towns or rural areas are equally cautious these days.

I do not know what is coming. I just feel in my bones that it is bad. This seems to be the prevailing thinking of those who pay attention. I know there is nothing I can do to change things. Those we hire to see to our well-being in government are far more interested in power and lining their own pockets than they are in doing their jobs. So I continue to get ready. I fill my deep pantry and stockpile everything I can think of to make life bearable for me and my family when the world comes crashing down around us. And it will – sooner than later.



I’ve been watching this and have come to the same conclusion that you have; there’s no path to victory here. America has become the world’s largest dysfunctional family. Hell; families can’t even sit down at a Thanksgiving dinner without ending up in a raucous, family-dividing political argument! Abortions are not only legal, but encouraged. Life is cheap; ‘don’t like your classmates? MOW ‘EM DOWN! ‘Don’t like the fact that some stranger is wearing a “MAGA” hat? BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF HIM! You’ll be CELEBRATED on THE VIEW! You cannot turn on the TV or go to the movies without the homosexual agenda being rammed down your throat. Even preschool kids’ shows are showcasing homosexual marriage and portraying it as “normal!” The toddlers watching things like this will grow up knowing nothing else. To them homosexuality WILL be normal! Our government “representatives” don’t even TRY to hide the fact that they’re lying to us. Neither does the MSM. The sacrifices of our forefathers are trivialized and even DEMONIZED! Their living memorial, the American flag, is trampled and burned as a matter of free speech, even though doing the same thing to a Mexican flag flying in in the neighborhood is considered a hate crime. It goes on and on.

Kids reaching voting age this year weren’t even alive when 9/11 happened. In fact, they’ve known NO disruptions to their sensitive little lives. Their freedom has never been threatened. Their idea of a crisis is when the internet goes down for a couple of hours. They walk out of class to protest “climate change” after being ferried to the school… in their parents’ cars… from their houses a few blocks away! Unfortunately for America, this batch of weebles is larger than both the Millennials and the Baby Boomers, and is being solicited by “folk heroes” like AOC and, for some reason, Bernie Sanders. In short, they’re too dumbed down to know any better. They’re so stupid that they don’t recognize the Trojan horses being wheeled through the wide-open gates, even though they’re made of clear plastic, plainly revealing the soldiers inside.

I could go on all day…

No, I don’t see a path to victory. If America is to return to its roots, it won’t happen until things get WAY worse; kinda like what happened in Old Testament Israel…

…Stand by for heavy rolls as the ship comes about…



Hi Fern,
The world about us is certainly in very chaotic times. It is sad to see the erosion of this once great country. I believe it will take something very unpleasant to happen before things will get better, if they ever will improve from today’s craziness.
The destruction of our country has taken a long time to occur. I believe bad things got a strong foothold here during Wilson’s presidency. The Communists infiltrated F.D.R.’s administration at high levels in the 1930’s. Senator McCarthy was right, but the press did a job on him.
The takeover of our country’s educational system was a major step for changing the way people think.
If only we could learn from history, but we refuse. Things are going to be different this time, right. I think not. People should get familiar with United Nations, Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 to see the direction of things that are planned for us.
We prepare for bad things as best we can. We don’t know what event will “trip the switch” to liven things up, but something has to give, these situations cannot continue forever. Turbulent times are here. We pray for guidance and direction on a daily basis, may the Lord have mercy on our country.


The people of this country who know the true and indepth history of our nation did not learn it in a public school setting. Most educated people gain their knowledge through study they do on their own. They are also aware of revisionist history, and they attempt to find older more reliable sources. The same holds true for current events. They do not accept the garbage that comes from the media. It takes a little extra effort to look for the truth and very few are willing to do it. It makes me so sad to see what we have become and how the majority of Americans will celebrate this Memorial Day…completely unaware of how fragile our nation is today.

Thank you, Fern. You and Frank know, so much better than most, the real and nasty struggle ahead of us. Too many people are uninformed, brainwashed, or are in denial. We will all suffer the consequences. There will be no hiding from what is coming.


Hi Folks, Frank and Fern here.

We have had some great comments recently and some people have mentioned how tired our work is making them. Not only is that humbling, it is motivating. You see the STARK REALITY of the situation is that the projects we are completing are not only exciting, but the impetus behind what we are doing, and the pace with which we are doing it, is because of the condition of our country. Our projects are aimed at living in a collapse situation. End of story. Could they be fun and give us something to do in case things don’t collapse? Sure. We have long lived a homestead life style and wouldn’t have it any other way. What is happening in our country that brings us to the conclusion that a collapse is not only probable, but inevitable? Frank has a short list that name just a few of the things that surround us everyday.

Our economy, which is interconnected with every other economy on the planet, is in a shambles. Terms like ‘kick the can down the road’ have now become common place when describing the lengths to which the Federal Reserve continues to go to prop up the giant bubble the economy and markets have become. The wild fluctuations of the stock market, which can cause it to sky rocket or nose dive, with a spoken sentence by select individuals, or the wisp of a rumor about a pending report, can be seen almost daily.

The infrastructure in most municipalities are old and deteriorating. They were never meant to support the number of people now placing demands upon them, and there is no way they can be replaced. There just isn’t the money to do so. Take our rural water lines, for example. They have been in the ground for decades and all need to be replaced. There is no way that will happen, it just isn’t economically feasible. All they can afford to do is patch holes when they occur. 

Take a look at our electrical grid. It is aging, inadequate and vulnerable to hackers and espionage. Electricity as a supply line is crucial to the functioning of every modern convenience and luxury we enjoy everyday. Like this computer and the internet, your cell phone, refrigeration, air conditioning, manufacturing, the list could go on almost indefinitely. Read about long distance electricity transportation, what it takes, how it is accomplished and how fragile the system is, not to mention how much is lost in the process of transmission. Our local electric cooperative seems to be in pretty good shape, but it depends on the larger grid for it’s supply of power.

Let’s take another facet of society. Welfare. This is one of the most insidious means our government has used to enslave millions of people. If women enter the welfare system, they are paid to remain out of the workforce, stay home and have babies. They can’t get married and have a husband, or they lose their benefits. So they have more babies to get more benefits, the only way they can get a raise. This thing is never going to stop, it can’t. How can a woman get married and lose benefits when they can’t afford to live? 

Then there are people that refuse to work, have never worked and never intend to work. These are some of the folks that I have heard described as the ones that breed like rabbits. They don’t work, they don’t learn, they don’t provide any type of intellectual stimulation for their children, and don’t appear to have any motivation to do any better in life. Stupid breeds stupid, and there are too many of them that sit on their butts, stare at the television or their cell phones, and demand others provide everything they ever wanted, even though the people paying the bills can’t live anywhere near the life style these folks can, because they can’t afford it.

Another result of the welfare system and the intellectual impact of children raised in that environment for the last few decades, is the dramatic reduction in the standard of education. One hand is lowering the standard, the other hand is raising it, like in Common Core and No Cow Left Behind or NCLB. They are both huge frauds conducted with the knowledge of state and federal government and a horrendous joke. They both amount to the mind control of our young people, a movement which TV and our government has embraced. Thanks to the current government indoctrination system we now have kids that are pro sexual perversion and liberal environmentalists that respond subliminally like robots to government controls via society and television. The worldwide global warming fascists have also been indoctrinating our children to march lock step to the requirements of their agenda for decades. Now these children are 30 years old and have become puppets of an indoctrinating government.

What ever happened to the Constitution, the1st Amendment, freedom of speech, the 2nd Amendment and the right to keep and bear arms? Life in our country has become THE GOVERNMENT VS. WE THE PEOPLE. Why is that okay? Why aren’t the politicians up in arms refusing to implement unlawful regulations against WE THE PEOPLE? What happened to serving the people instead of enslaving them? The 1st Amendment is all but gone in this country. There are so many regulations now that freedom of speech is being suppressed in an unprecedented way, and it’s against the law to disagree with the Nazi control agenda. 

Let’s talk about a few examples. I have the freedom to say that I don’t mind being around people of color, but I can no longer say I don’t like being around radical people of color. I can no longer use the words that use to be common to describe radical people of color because now it is a hate crime. Why is it that if a white person threatens a person of color, they go to jail, but if a person of color threatens a white person it’s their right? And what is a hate crime? You can’t say mean words? Not too many years ago little boys were taught, if somebody called their mommy a bad name, it was okay to hit the other kid. Now kids are taught to go tell the teacher, just like FEMA, if you see something, say something. Back to that little boy. What happened to defending your mother, or your wife, or your country, or the person that called your mommy a bad name? It’s a hate crime, and the school calls the sheriff and has that child arrested for a hate crime. If your child hits the hate crime perpetrator, he will be arrested for assault and battery. We’re even talking about first graders here, and it’s probably the same first grader that can’t tell the teacher she’s pretty because that’s a sex crime. He can’t pray before he eats because that is a religious crime. Look at where we are. Look at what we have allowed to happen to the institution of the family.

I have another question. Why aren’t the churches talking about all of these problems? Why aren’t they more vocal and active, fighting for the souls of those they serve? Unfortunately, I think it is because they don’t want to jeopardize their tax free status. Isn’t that like the pot calling the kettle black? Worshiping the Almighty Dollar instead of our Almighty God?

Then here comes Johnson & Johnson, who became a world medical supplier in WWII, not to mention all of the mega, mega, mega pharmaceutical companies. And speaking of them, why do pharmaceuticals cost sharply less in Mexico? Those people are making a profit too, and yet they sell their products for pennies on the dollar compared to our country. Why? Medical insurance and Obama Care is causing huge problems and sky rocketing the cost of medicine and insurance premiums. That really helps achieve the goal of universal health care, don’t you think?

Viral infections are being manipulated and experimented with around the globe. Can anyone tell us why flu vaccines are pushed so strongly? Why are they free to the children? What is it that the government wants to control now? We really don’t believe that the government wants to increase the health and well being of the American public, because if they did, they would make health care actually affordable, like the act says, instead of continuing to fleece the people and line the pockets of the mega giants in the health care industry. Sometimes it seems like we live in a big cesspool of experimentation. It’s like, “Wow! Did you see how many people that virus made really sick? Some of them even died! What should we release next?” Folks, things like flu vaccines and childhood immunizations are part of the government control, socialist agenda. Just one more thing they can force you to do, and to the children, no less.

One of the great benefits of Obamanation Care is that now they are able to track all of your health care data, free of charge. They will be able to tell you when to eat, when to sleep, what drugs they insist you take to ‘improve your health’ so you will continue to line the pockets of those health care mega giants. And when all that wonderful care they provide you with causes your bodily systems to begin crashing, one right after the next, they will tell you when it’s time to die. If you survive all of the viral experimentation, that is.

I don’t even know if we can stand to talk about what Planned Parenthood has been doing, selling off body parts of the babies they just murdered. You know, it must take a special kind of person to be able to perform that ‘job’ day after day, and still be able to live with themselves. That is something we totally cannot fathom. We now live in a day and age where it is okay to kill babies and sell their body parts. When I was young we used to read Bible stories about these horrible people that sacrificed their children on an alter during worship. Are our times any different than theirs? We hear about partial birth abortions on a regular basis and nobody bats an eye. What does that say about the times we live in?

This is only a partial list of what is happening all around us everyday. We have GPS tracking everywhere, in your car, phone, credit card chips, computers, you name it, it’s there. The NSA is having a hey day with it’s data collections systems. There is no telling how many lists you are on. We know there is some kind of computer monitoring going on all the time. My computer can be off,  and the internet server off, and yet I get reminders that updates are ready before I turn on the computer. How does it know there are updates available if everything is off and it’s not connected? I can’t get a signal through but they can.

GMO food is poisoning the people with every bite they take. TV is sucking the minds of the people dry, leaving barely anything recognizable as human in it’s place. Pornography is so rampant and common place, even on regular television programming, that people look at you funny if you even mention it. Don’t you dare speak about how women are dressing now days. Most of them look like hookers, flashing their cleavage and trying to keep their too tight pants hiked up so their other cleavage isn’t hanging out.

Then there are the illegal immigrants, or we could just call them criminals because that’s what each and everyone of them are, that arrive demanding food, water, shelter, medical and educational benefits that most Americans only dream of. Many, many of them end up with a higher standard of living than the average working family. Tell me that’s going to end well. These immigrants can end up better off than the countries they are trying to invade. It is not desperate refugees searching for a better life, it is an invasion, here, Europe, everywhere. Would we sit back and allow an army to invade our country? Apparently so.

And then there are the Nazi’s running the climate control scam. Bilking the ‘richer’ countries out of more money for the ‘poorer’ countries, when in reality it’s just a bunch of greedy bazillionaires scarfing up as much money as they can while it’s still worth something. Add the UN to the mix, with their insatiable appetite for world control, and we will all live long, happy lives together, if you like slavery, that is.

Each one of these topics could be an article all by itself, but we include all of these facets of our STARK REALITY for a reason. What is to come of this? What is the STARK REALITY of our situation? What will be the tipping point for the slide into the abyss of anarchy and chaos? Will it be the fight Obama is putting up for gun control? Will there be eruptions along racial, ethnic or religious lines? TPTB have been using their community organizers to foment war for years now, but it just hasn’t quite taken off the way they hoped and planned. Make no mistake about it, there will be confrontation, there will be war. How widespread and of what venue we do not know, but it will come to your neighborhood and ours, and you can bet the government will have a hand in it. It’s not going to be one confrontation, there are multiple wars going on in Europe all the time. Military against military, military against organized resistance, government against the people. Those who control,with their robots following blindly behind them, will seek to destroy or overrun those that resist.

What kind of wars may be in our future? We don’t know, but it is easy to read the writing on the wall. It’s there is BIG BOLD letters for all to see. The possibilities are numerous. Racial wars; black and white; black and brown; brown and white. Hetrosexual vs. homosexual. Urban vs. rural. Immigrants vs. Americans. Americans vs. immigrants. Anyone that speaks a different language or has an accent vs. ‘normal’ Americans. Federal government vs. State government. Local government vs. local people. 

In any of these scenarios there will be tyrants that surface when there are temporary power vacuums. You can’t support this John Wayne mentality that people are going to stand up and suddenly start supporting each other. It’s not going to happen. Turn on the TV and look at the American spirit, look at what’s its actually turned into. A bunch of rude, vulgar, whining, sissies that want every problem of the world to be solved in 30 minutes so everyone can go home happy and eat their TV dinners.

The haves vs. have nots, even if it’s only a perception and not reality. Rich vs. poor. Welfare & disability recipients vs. those that work and pay for their lazy butts. This is one area where resentment gets stronger every day. Immigrants demanding entry, food, water, medical, housing vs. those with that have little and cannot support them. Border wars or invasions of many countries vs. citizens of those countries. Why is it that a country can no longer decide who they allow to immigrate? Why is it that immigrants can now demand to be let in and totally supported just because they want to? How is that possible?

There will be, and already are, religious wars. Muslim vs. Christian. Protestant/Catholic/Mormon/Jehovah’s Witness, they all persecute each other and non religious people. Some of them teach hatred against everyone that is not one of ‘them’, not all but way too many. Then there are people that persecute everyone with any religious beliefs, except the Satanists, of course.

How come an isolated, black, religious leader can stand in a religious forum, advocate shooting and killing white people, and absolutely nothing is done? It has somehow become okay. If a white preacher were to do that, he would be in jail, for, guess what? A hate crime. That is an issue. This folks, is a major problem which could lead to war, easily. We are already hearing about it on the news, people that murder and call it a race war.

Our government has betrayed the people. The government has abandoned the Constitution, infringes on our legal rights more and more everyday, and this could lead to a conflict. They are already prepared for it, are you? We have been lied to, we have been cheated, and it continues to get worse everyday. Look at the way the shootings in Oregon are being skewed and used for political means. One day it will not go any farther because it can’t. That will be the day the shackles will be tightened around your leg to the point there is no escape. They are already there, all the have to do is tighten the noose around your neck. You think Jade helm was just a military exercise? It was. It was a data gathering exercise. Peaceful? Yes. Our military has been purged. Our military will fire on and disarm the American people. Don’t kid yourself to think otherwise. WE THE PEOPLE, who stand up for our rights have now become the enemy of the state. Don’t get on the bus.

Yes, we have a war coming. It’s black and white obvious. Look at some of the simple, simple data. Just look at it. The conditions are right. One small trigger will set this thing to rolling. There will be numerous coordinated attacks. They’re already happening. Look at Ferguson, Missouri. Look at LA and the homeless problems. Look at towns all over this country with immigrant issues. Look at the EBT card issues. These people are not going to be happy when their cards are empty. Look at the banking problems. Look at schools, churches and our military. Look at the new openly gay secretary of the Army. Does that send you a message?

So, how is it going to happen? No telling. It could be a power grid failure. It could be a semi-truck accident carrying biologicals in a major town. It could be a freight train derailment carrying any number of assorted gases. It could be riots in a handful of major towns. It could be a viral pandemic. It could be a bank holiday. Many things could cause it to spiral out of control. But the government has their cards in place. They could start a riot at any time, they have been practicing all around the country. They’re called community organizers. They are ready, they are organized, they are structured, disciplined and eager. WE THE PEOPLE have allowed THEM to control our lives through various forms of indoctrination and propaganda. We have few precious days left. We need to be mentally prepared for the horrors that are about to come upon us. We need to come together in neighborhoods, communities and towns across the country.

So, are we working hard? Yes. As long as we can, we are going to continue working hard. We want to do all we can to be prepared for the STARK REALITY that is about to come upon us all. Are you working hard? There are only so many days left, and if you know it’s coming, then do something to prepare. Make a list, accomplish one of the tasks, and check it off. Or you can wait for the government to do it for you, and they will check you off of their list. Don’t ever get on the bus.

Frank & Fern

Divide & Conquer

Hi Everybody, Frank here.

Well folks, we have had a busy period for the last few days, but the main thing that has kept us busy has been the weather. All across north Texas, southern and central Oklahoma, we have had one severe weather system coming right behind the one that just left. As of this writing, about 9:00pm,

we’re having another one. There is also one forecast for tomorrow and tomorrow night. But this is what we do here, we listen to the National Weather Service, watch the radar, check on the elderly and know where the kids are. After the storms pass, we check and make sure everybody is okay. Besides things that come out of the sky, we have to pay attention to creeks and low areas. I saw on the news where the Oklahoma Highway Patrol had shut down a section of I-44 running through Tulsa. Here we teach kids, turn around, don’t drown. But the good news is, we are forecast to have a whole day and a half of no rain, then it’s forecast to rain for five or six days after that. We’re thankful for the rain, because in the past, there have been long stretches when we didn’t have enough. So, I am thankful to have what I have.

On a different note, I want to bring something to your attention. A couple of days ago, I ran across two separate articles I would like to share with you. The first article is: When The Elites Wage War On America, This Is How They Will Do It. It is an intellectual piece, done by a gentleman well known in the alternative news circles. Brandon Smith writes thought provoking material on a regular basis, and this one caught my eye a little more than most. In this piece, Mr. Smith brings to our attention how groups or governments can divide and conquer the population, at the same time convincing them it is for their own good. We’ve all seen the types of techniques that he writes about, but it’s even more interesting to read about them being used right now, on us, The People. I encourage you to read his article. I’m fairly sure that after reading it, you will have some questions to ask yourself and it might provoke a stimulating family discussion.

The second article I ran across was Starnes: School Teaches 5-Year-Olds About Transgenderism. You see, I am a retired educator, and I’m also a retired principal. I have had teachers that taught in a very progressive style, or you can call it liberal, or extremely left wing, and most of them had no desire to work for me any longer. This article just about scrapes the bottom of the barrel. It’s a short article with a short video. You see, for a teacher in a public school to teach little kids about transgenderism, that means that this curriculum had to be approved by a principal. That means it had to be approved by a superintendent, and it probably had to be approved by an elected board of education. That could be the end of people that needed to approve it, but, maybe not. This curriculum, or book, probably came from a national publisher. On the other hand, there is a possibility that the state department of education approved this curriculum. The state department of education also has a governing school board, and in most states an elected state superintendent of schools. Now, let’s take a look at the food chain here. Look at ALL of the people that had to give approval for this type of curriculum, so that it could show up in the hands of a teacher instructing those 5-YEAR-OLD KIDS. Does this give you a little bit different idea of the mindset of the people running our country? It’s okay to teach 5-year-old kids about transgenderism, without the parent’s knowledge or approval? Now, for those of you that are not actively involved in your child’s education, can you imagine what other things they are teaching the children? 

Wakey! Wakey! Folks! This kind of grossly permissive education has been going on for years. Right under our noses. It happens everyday. I just don’t know what else to say. The same thing is

happening to our military. The government is putting shackles on ministers and religion. Our financial system is a house of cards. And nobody does anything. Nobody cares. Our politicians, as I stated a few days ago, if they are talking they are lying. But it’s okay. I’ve got my burrito in one hand and a Coca Cola in the other. Life is good. If you can’t see that we have lost the battle, then I am sorry. All we can do now is plan for a recovery. The first article I asked you to look at is a little bit lengthy, but it is an eye opener. I would encourage you to read it. The second article is real short, but it should bring to your attention some of the filth and trash, lies and deception, that are happening everyday, everywhere in our society. 

I’m mad. And I don’t mean insane, like Edgar Allen Poe. I’m mad because I get lied to everyday. I’m mad because I’ve watched society give up on itself. You know how hard it is to find someone to do good, honest work? When is the last time you heard a young person say, “You’re welcome.” when you handed them money at a check out counter and said thank you. You know what you get now days instead of, “You’re welcome.”?

That young person more than likely is going to say to you, “No problem.” What do you mean no problem? I just gave you my money and said, “Thank you.”, and you respond to me with, “No problem.”? I’ve watched our educational system over the years skew data, falsify data, so that it could justify some new testing technique. We have destroyed the minds of our children. I’m sorry that some groups can’t perform as well as other groups, but the way to make them equal is not to lower the bar of those that can achieve. Excuse me for being mad, but I have watched our government systematically and intentionally destroy our society. And now we’re teaching 5-year-olds about transgenderism? It makes me want to puke, and it should make you want to puke, too.

We need to find a way, somehow or another, to stop this scourge. I don’t know what to recommend or how to do it. I’m going to go get ready for the next round of bad weather. We gotta stop this stuff. Now.

We’ll talk more later, Frank

Am I Right or Wrong?

Hello, Frank here.

A while back we switched from paper milk filters to cloth milk filters. This was an excellent move for many reasons. A couple of reasons, not in any particular order, are that cloth filters are reusable and that the milk filters faster, therefore allowing us to chill the milk quicker. There are many other

positive benefits as well. We had been using paper filters for a number of years, and for the most part, they work fine. But the purpose of this post is not pro or con, cloth or paper milk filters, the purpose for this post is, “Why didn’t we see this a long time ago?” We’ve read about it for years, on other folks blogs. Why didn’t it sink in? Why didn’t we see it? We’ve read for years that the first stage of filtering raw water is to use a t-shirt. Years ago, we used to filter old house paint through discarded panty hose. But again, how come we didn’t see the benefits of filtering milk through cloth?

Then the question comes up, which is the real question here, “What else is right in front of us, that we can’t see?” Why at this time, were we allowed to see the cloth filters? I know it seems trivial and insignificant, but are there other small issues that we just can’t see? What about large, much larger issues, that we think we do see? So, does that mean many things that we currently see, like the paper filters, are like other issues directly in front of us? An example: The perceived collapse that appears to be coming. Am I wrong about these issues also? I ask myself again, “What am I not seeing?”

This morning I did a simple move on my computer while Fern was watching. She said, “Gee, I didn’t know you could do that so easily!

I go through this step and this step and this step.” Fern is much more advanced in technology than I am. No one wants to believe that what they think or see may be wrong. I have believed for years that our school systems have been doing an injustice to our students. And having been a school administrator, my complaints were written off as foolish or out of touch. And now that I’m retired, it just continues to get worse. So my question is, “Am I seeing this right? Or are the schools actually improving our society?” So, am I wrong in the way I see things? 

Speaking of society. As I continue to get older, I choose to live farther and farther away from mainstream society. So, is my belief that society as a

whole is going downhill or backwards wrong? When I see lying, cheating and stealing as part of everyday life, is it because I want to see this to confirm my beliefs about society? Or am I wrong? Is society getting better and I can’t see it? Some believe that society should listen to classical music, but it sure seems that rap is a lot more popular. Personally, I don’t care for either one. But the issue is, am I wrong? Am I wrong in how I see things? Are schools getting better? Is society collectively progressing?

Another issue is government. Most days I believe that government is unrepairable. That our political leaders are not out for the good of the people, but instead they’re out for self interest. So for me to believe that

the vast majority of our elected politicians are actually just white collar criminals, is this view wrong? Have the books that I’ve read influenced me to think this way? Or am I right? How can I live in a world where the world tells me everyday that I am wrong? And I have to ask myself, “Am I wrong?” Am I wrong to believe that our government is going to turn on the people? Or should I say, has turned on the people? It seriously saddens me to have these types of thoughts. And is the way I see all of these issues tainted? Do I need to adjust the way I see things? That’s a good question, isn’t it?

The questions I’ve just asked affect millions of people everyday. Some going left, some going right. Everybody thinks that the other person sees things wrong. I don’t think I’m wrong. I know I’m not wrong. Our schools are going downhill at a phenomenal rate. This Common Core project, may be the last nail in the education coffin. Just walk into any Wal-Mart and tell yourself that society is improving. No doubt, our society is also going 

downhill at a phenomenal rate. And our politicians? Please don’t make me laugh. Some of these people will look you right straight in the eye, or the camera, and tell you a blatant, bold-faced lie, and in their world, that is perfectly okay. And in my world, it is not. There are many, many other things that I see that I can’t mention here. What I do see is that every discipline is being attacked, and there is little or no resistance. Just pick any one, whether it’s health care, religion, education, society, gun control, or pro-life. 

Our monetary system. Ladies and gentlemen. Our monetary system cannot recover. I know it looks like right now we are walking through high cotton, but it’s all an illusion. I wish I could explain here what is happening with our world economics, but this little spot is not big enough to discuss our world economic problems. It is just one more reason to pay attention. 

Folks we are in very serious trouble. If you can’t see it, then you are not paying attention. Am I wrong in the way I see these things? No. I am not wrong. It is too late to save this ship. It’s going to get real, real messy, and no one knows what the next ship will look like. Prepare now.

We’ll talk more later. Frank