It Ain’t Over Yet

 Hello Everybody, Frank here.

Well, well, well. As stated in the title in this very short piece, It Ain’t Over Yet.

No official group has declared former Vice President Joe Biden as the next President of the United States of America. The media for the most part, has declared Joe Biden as the winner, but that’s not the case. World leaders have sent their congratulations to Mr. Biden. Some would say they are putting the cart before the horse. Of course, Senator Mitt Romney was one of the first to congratulate Mr. Biden.


I take it you are reading the news. You’ve seen the stories about computer glitches, fake mail in ballots, official observers being barred from polling places, not to mention dead people voting. That should tell you something. You don’t have to control the whole country. Here in Oklahoma, a small state, it doesn’t have to be controlled. The results of the election were well known ahead of time. States like California and New York, the results were known there also. There are about ten states where it was close. If you take a couple of big cities in those states and control a couple of precincts or districts, then you can control that city’s outcome, and that city will help contribute to the control of that state. 

Some look at this as a nationwide problem. It’s actually much smaller than we think. Take for example, the header and picture in this article. 


There is a link above going to the Wikipedia article, please read it. Did Dewey defeat Truman? No. Truman won by a landslide. Read the Wikipedia piece, it’s not long.


I don’t know who is going to win the election, but I do know that it ain’t over yet. What I do know is that our government is corrupt to the core. Does that mean every man and woman is corrupt? No. But it does mean that the system is corrupt to the core.

We as a country, WE the PEOPLE of this country, WE are in serious trouble.



We’ll talk more later,  Frank

Today and Tomorrow??

 Hello Everybody, Frank here.

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning here in southeastern Oklahoma. Sun shining, light breeze, nighttime temperatures were above freezing. We have clear skies forecast for a number of days. It’s just plain ol’ beautiful.

I wanted to drop you a short note today. It involves preparedness.

We all know there is an election coming up Tuesday. And we all know there is a chance of civil unrest.

Where I am today is beautiful and I expect it to stay that way here for a number of days. But that doesn’t mean it’s beautiful everywhere today and in a few days it may be quite ugly in some places.

This is just a reminder. If you’re going to use any item in the next month, let’s say. Go get it today or tomorrow, or maybe Monday and Tuesday. Go during the daytime if you can. If you pull up to a store, let’s say Wal-Mart, and there are people outside rioting, keep going. Go to another store and pay more.

I know that sounds unbelievably simple and insulting to anyone of average intelligence, but we read about people everyday that drive into situations like that. Teenagers and adolescents don’t always make the best decisions. Now may not be the time to experiment with an adolescent.

So what I’m saying here is, if you like ice cream, get a couple of extra tubs today. While you’re at the store think about things you’re going to buy either way for the next week or month. Stuff like toilet paper, batteries for your flashlights and anything else that uses batteries, general food items – canned, boxed, frozen. If you need fresh foods, buy them. Today or tomorrow. Get a few extra, things that will last.

Some people will find this next area to be a bit offensive. If you smoke or drink alcohol, you might want to get some extra because you may not be ready to quit just yet. Forgive me for saying what I’m about to say, but if you use illegal drugs you may not want to quit right now. 

There are items you may not think about, things you use everyday. Prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Feminine products. Anything you’re going to use in the next couple of weeks or month, get now.

Our goats are dried up right now and we are buying milk. It happens every year. Pasteurized milk will last for a long time in your frig. If it does go bad, your dog and chickens don’t care. Also get dog and cat food. I know some people believe Fido will turn back into a wolf if necessary, but I’m relatively sure that ain’t gonna happen.

I do believe it’s too late to buy items for protection. You might still find some places that have firearms. Good luck on procuring ammunition.

Something I rarely talk about. If you are trying to find home protection, you’re not going to find an AR type rifle and .223 or 5.56, you’re just not. You have missed that boat. But you might be able to find a shotgun and get whatever ammunition you can find for it. Don’t do something stupid with it. It may be too late to practice, but know the safety rules. Again – don’t do something stupid. If you have waited this long to get family protection, then you have already waited way too long.

Make sure all of your vehicles gas tanks are full. If you have a generator with extra gas cans, good for you. Make sure they are full. If you have camping gear, get some new mantles for your lanterns and a couple of cans of white gas. 

By all means, don’t forget water.

The next couple of days know where your loved ones are. As you well know, a short text message will get through much faster that a screaming, out of control, voice message will.

You need to talk to your neighbors. You don’t have to tell them everything about your life, just talk to them.

Just walk around your house. Look at what you may need for the next couple of weeks. Make a list. If you need entertainment items, especially if you have kids, give thought to coloring books, crayolas, puzzles. Adults like to color too, by the way. Kids will color a whole lot longer if an adult is coloring with them.

A little bit deeper philosophical thought here. There is a possibility our system is going to shut down. Everybody in your family does NOT have to be a trained ninja soldier and neither do you. But you need to have your head screwed on right. You need to be prepared to do the unthinkable if the time comes. You need to be right with God.

No joke about knowing where your family is. You do not want that stress in your life. Especially if there is no electricity or water.

I hope next week that we have a declared President and that you’re eating week old ice cream. But if by chance that’s not the case, you can drink that ice cream, too. Try it on a bowl of Cheerios or Captain Crunch. You’re going to need all the sugar, salt, starch, calories, protein that you can even imagine if this thing goes sour.

But I really do hope that when you get that ice cream out, that your spoon bends.

Before your spouse gets up, get all your kids around and have a bowl of ice cream for breakfast. Then you go play golf and let your wife deal with kids bouncing off the walls.

Have a good day. May God and Peace be with you.


We’ll talk more later,  Frank

Pray for America

Hello Everybody, Frank here.

Most of us are paying very close attention to what is happening in the political world. If you’re not, then I’m sure you have a good reason why. It can be overwhelming at times. Everyday there appears to be a new crisis. Sometimes real, sometimes not. Sometimes true, and often times not. So, if someone has shut down paying attention to this political circus, that is easy to understand.

I’m going to ask you, all of you, to watch a video. It’s a little shy of 30 minutes long. It is taken from the homily of a Roman Catholic priest. His subject matter deals with the upcoming election. Whether you’re Catholic, Christian, Agnostic, Atheist, or one of the many other world religions, please watch this video.

 Yes, it is from a Catholic perspective, because this man is a Catholic priest. If you are a Christian, as the vast majority of you reading this are, it applies to all of us. It applies to all of us, everybody. 

Here is the link to the video – 

We are in perilous times. There is a lot of mud slinging going on right now. Fern and I will take a political stand. We will be voting for President Donald Trump. Is he perfect? No. Please name me someone that is. If you are going to vote for President Donald Trump, then you need to pray that your candidate wins. Pray hard.

Evil has been around since the beginning, but I believe that evil has seized the opportunity to overtake good. It has happened many times before. So is that a self righteous call? To consider myself good? Well, maybe. But if good does not win this election, then evil will be dancing in the streets. 

A slightly different topic.

Several of the people that we read have had their sites taken down. This is a form of censorship, and it’s been happening in the news media for a long time. We here at Frank and Fern are small fish in a small pond. Could we be taken down? Sure. In our personal data on this site, is an email address. It’s always been there, but here it is for your convenience.

If for some reason this blog is gone tomorrow, you can try that email address. 

Back to the topic at hand. The video. Please watch it. If  you choose, share it. We have less than three weeks to the election. If your vote has ever counted, it will certainly count this time. A little humor here. If you live in one of the states that allow you to vote multiple times, well, a little humor there.

If former Vice President Joe Biden wins this election, then boys and girls, good is doomed and evil will prevail. 


We’ll talk more later,  Frank

Playground Politics

As retired educators, we have witnessed the behavior of children on the playground, in the hallways, and in classrooms for many years. The other day as we were talking about the latest he said, she said, who reported what on our current political process, I commented to Frank that it sounded just like the kids on the playground. “He touched me!” “She’s breathing my air!” “They won’t let me play with them!” “They’re hogging the ball and won’t throw it to me!” Waaa, waaa, waaa, whine, whine whine. That’s just about all I get out of any media report on the tit-for-tat behavior of the people that are currently running for political office, except for one individual that just won’t play by the ‘usual’ political playground rules. He really makes everyone mad, he just doesn’t play right.

Why is it that politicians now days run around trying to appease everyone? Aren’t they adult enough to know that is impossible? Can’t they look around at our country and our world and deduce the simple fact that we don’t need another leader that will try to run over and smooth all of the ruffled feelings of the latest group or country that gets upset by some trivial nonsense like the color of napkins at a social function? Don’t they realize that they are weakening our country at every turn?

Every day, usually more than once, or twice, or three times, there are headlines about the latest accusation, slight, slam or brouhaha between one or more politicians. Like this, Fellow Dem Blasts Clinton for Server ‘End-Run’. Or this, Carson, Trump Battle for Evangelicals. Or this, Bobby Jindal Slams Donald Trump as ‘Egomanical Madman’ and ‘Carnival Act’. Or this, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz Forge an Unlikely ‘Bromance’. And then there is this, Kerry Tells Putin to Back Off. Like our country has the right to tell other countries what to do?

Would we let them tell us what to do? Well, since the leadership of our country appears to have all turned into wimpy appeasers, maybe they would. What is the point in all of this bickering, fear mongering and one-upmanship? Distraction? Entertainment? Brainwashing? I think it wears people down until they don’t care who wins, just get them off of the television, internet and radio so they can watch Oprah reruns and enjoy their cheese doodles. I do find it interesting that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump make the news everyday. Everyday. The media is either using this coverage to elevate their stature in the eyes of the average citizen, or demonize them. I can’t decide which.

The behavior of the people that are running for the highest office of our land is truly disheartening. If any of them win the election, and we can only assume one of them will, I can’t see how it will bode well for our country, or for the world for that matter. If they conduct business here in this country and around the world the way they conduct their campaigns, we will continue down the same path to destruction we are currently traveling at break neck speed.

Can you picture any kind of foreign relations discussions being conducted in the same manner the candidates relate to each other and their constituents on a daily basis? Back biting, name calling, whining and sniveling about the latest snub, insult or disagreement. What a pathetic state human beings have fallen to in their incessant grab for the ‘big time’. Got to make that big money, so you can buy the big McMansion, fill the driveway with big SUVs, go on big vacations and do everything in their power to out-do the next guy down the street. Is that truly all that matters to the masses anymore? 

No wonder the politicians act the way they do. Now I get it. They act just like the vast majority of the people. They all act like the bimbos and idiots on television, they’re rude, uncaring, morons. When I see a slice of humanity at a store or at some public function, it pains me to see how robotic and unaware they have become. I think that is the reason we are plagued with playground politics. Too many people haven’t developed beyond the stage of maturity they reached when they were still on the playground. They have never had to be responsible for their actions or inaction. There is always someone else that will take care of things or take the blame if things don’t work out. 

There is that big safety net provided to everyone, even people that aren’t citizens of this country. You know. The government is here to help you with anything and everything under the sun. And who makes up the government? Those same people that continue to practice playground politics. Remember that anything they say during a campaign is a lie and means absolutely nothing. As soon as they take office, everything they said immediately becomes null and void. What is said on the playground, or on the campaign, stays on the playground, and if you were truly expecting them to fulfill the promises they made, you will be sadly mistaken. Remember the faces we made as kids when you put both hands to the sides of your face, waggled them around, stuck out your

tongue and did that nanny, nanny, boo boo thing? That’s what the politicians do once they take office. I just picture them standing around with their important friends having a great laugh at our expense. They take us for buffoons with no clue as to what is really going on. You know what? I resent that.

There are still many good people in this country that are truly sickened at what we have allowed our elected officials to become. People that are doing everything within their power to prepare for what

they know without a doubt is coming down the pike. Don’t be distracted by what is happening on the playground. We are living in serious times, times which are no laughing matter, times where if the government comes knocking, they won’t be playing. NDAA now allows the government to do anything they want, anytime they want, to whoever they want. Stay alert and aware of what is really happening around you and in the world. Don’t be distracted by what isn’t really happening, dig down and discover the real news, not the playground news. Don’t stoop to the level of playground interactions with others no matter how irritating and stupid they may act.

Those that choose to live their lives utilizing playground rules will be totally unprepared when civilization slides into anarchy and chaos. They will want to know where their welfare check is and who is going to bring them a drink of water and a pizza. Who is going to make sure they have their drugs, both legal and illegal? Who is going to make sure they have all of their psychotropic drugs so that they can cope with reality? Reality, that’s a

laugh. That’s what they find on those ‘reality’ TV shows, right? Yea, that’s really how people live, or will live once the SHTF, just like those people on the survivor program. Except when they are kicked off the island or whatever fantasy land they’ve been sent to, like the truly hospitable FEMA camps, there is no home to go back to. It’s all gone, burned to the ground by rioters that were ‘upset’ because someone told them they wouldn’t be able to watch those big screen

televisions they got when they looted their neighbor’s store. Why? Because the power grid went down, never to be heard of again. That’s the mature, adult way to handle serious, life threatening situations, right? Go loot big screen televisions that you will never be able to watch while you wait for someone to bring you some water and a pizza.

Folks, we live in perilous times. Perilous times indeed. If we do have an election next year, one of the Bozos we have running for office will be elected President. It’s another choice between evil, eviler or evilest, and none of them, not one, has your best interest at heart. The lure of power and greed has blinded our nation to the point that any means justify the end. And the prevailing attitude of the Washington establishment is this, “What difference does it make?”

The choice you make now to prepare, is what can make the difference for you. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by.

Until next time – Fern