Some Things I’ve Been Reading

There is so much information out here on the internet that I could just about read for the rest of my life. The more I read and learn, though, the more I want to do and try for myself. Some of my reading teaches me how to do or understand new things. Some of it motivates me to learn, and grow more of our own food, or make more of our own hygiene products, to avoid what is out there on the market. Either way, what I am learning can be put to use. Knowledge. One of our most precious commodities. Here are some things I have read over the past month or so. I hope you learn something, too.


Here are some things I have learned that I don’t like. Some of them make me mad. How can the dollar be more important than healthy, productive people? I don’t get it, and I’m glad I don’t get it. That means I don’t think like that.


GM Wheat Discovered Contaminating Wheat Fields in Montana

U.S.D.A. Approves Modified Potato

Study Links GMOs to Over 22 Different Diseases

Gene-Altered Apples Get U.S. Approval

Fluoride in Drinking Water May Trigger Depression and Weight Gain, Warns Scientists

Monsanto’s New ‘Herbicide-Resistant’ GMO Crop Slammed by Food Experts

Scientific Team Sounds the Alarm on Sugar as a Source of Disease


And then there are those articles that give me more insight into how to improve our health with food and diet.


Scientists Prove Organic Food More Nutritionally Rich Than Conventional, GMO Crops

Olive Oil May Prevent Cancer, Study Finds

Heart Disease and Diabetes Risks Tied to Carbs Not Fat, Study Finds

Sourdough Bread and Health

Benefits of Kefir

Low Carb Fermented Foods


And then there are some articles that are just unbelievable.


Officials Declare ‘Eating Healthy’ a Mental Disorder


Thanks to M.E. Masterson over at Adventures of My Life! who put a link to this article, G.H.A. (Goat Haters Anonymous) from Krazo Acres yesterday, we had some very good laughs. I guess you might have to have personal experience like the folks from Krazo to truly enjoy the humor in this article. We thought it was hilarious.

There is not much going on here on the homestead. We have had steady snow all afternoon. The garden is white. The pastures are white. The roads are white. And I am rather bored. Reading is a good past time on days like this, so I hope you learn something from these links. I can’t say I hope you enjoy them all, because I find some of them down right disgusting. But like any good leader, it pays to know your enemies and their tactics. Learn all you can so you can equip your mind for this battle called life.

Until next time – Fern

Gravity Flow Water Filter

Hi Everybody, Frank here.

Hope everybody is having a wonderful day. Here in southeastern Oklahoma the weather is in the middle 80’s – middle 60’s. If you use your imagination, you can forget that just a few days ago it was 98 degrees with a corresponding humidity. Okay, so much for the weather.

Today we’re going to talk about water filtration. Like guns, radios and cars, there is no perfect water filter, but I’d like to share with you the type of system that we have used for about 20 years. We use a gravity flow filtration device. There are a few different models to choose from, some are plastic, some are stainless steel, and you can also make your own out of a couple of five gallon buckets. Probably the most popular brand is Berkey. They make numerous models and sizes, and they appear to make a quality product. But, Fern and I years ago, went with the Katdyn line of gravity flow filters. At the time, I really can’t tell you why we chose plastic over metal. I know the plastic has worked well for us, and when we lived in Alaska, it worked particularly well when moving from one location to another. You can pack all the parts together inside of itself. I love our United States Postal System, and I really do, but sometimes things can get banged around in the mail. So, we just stayed with the Katadyn Gravidyn, which is plastic.

Okay, the pieces. You have an upper chamber and a lower chamber. The lower chamber has one part, the spigot. The upper chamber is where you pour the water initially, it flows through the filters into the lower chamber, thus completing the gravity flow cycle.

Some of these type filters have holes pre-drilled for two, three or four candle type filters. We use one filter and we fill our top container once every two or three days. It’s about 2 gallons. That would take care of most families of four to six people, if you filled it more often.

But, if you want, you can add two of the candle type filters, or three, but you would need to have a very large family to justify this. The more candles, the more water it will filter, and if you’re the immediate gratification type, then you can have your filtered water much faster.

Like I said, we use one filter, and we fill it every two to three days. It takes eight to ten hours for the water to filter from the top to the bottom, so you could theoretically fill it up two to three times a day. But, in doing so, you have to make sure you drain the filtered water out of the bottom. Otherwise you will have an unscheduled mopping. So, if we get enough water for two people filling it every two days with one filter, then if you filled it twice a day, everyday, you would have enough water for about eight people with one filter. Not to mention if you filled it three times a day. So, if you use two or three filters, you can have a lot of filtered water for a lot of people if you work it.

The cleaner the water you put in to be filtered, the longer your filters will last. I guess you could go out and scoop up muddy water and pour into your nice, pretty, clean top reservoir, but in a short period of time, you’re

going to ruin your filter and clog it up. If you’re in this type of environment, there are ways to pre-filter water. There are lots of ways to do this. You can put water in a barrel and let it sit, and the heavy particulates will settle. Then you can either scoop or siphon it off of the top and have much cleaner water. If you choose, you can filter it through a t-shirt or a pair of pantyhose. You say, “Why would you do this? Isn’t this a gravity flow water filter?” Yes, it is, but it’s intended purpose is to filter microscopic type bacteria, so you need to have the water that you’re going to filter down to a very clean level. Okay, so don’t be pouring muddy water into your filter just to prove it will do it. Because if this is what you’re using to prevent intestinal parasites or diarrhea, then you might want to give thought to putting in pre-filtered water.

The manuals indicate replacing these filters every six months, and there are instructions for how to wash them if they get a little bit dirty. We take ours apart every month or two and give it a good scrubbing. All of the plastic parts you can wash with regular liquid soap and water. The filters themselves can only be washed in warm water, no soap. A word of caution. You should always follow the manufacturers advice, when to replace the filter. We do use ours significantly past the six month date. I can’t address the other manufacturers replacement recommendations, because I have never used their products. 

There are some companies that just sell a filter. You take a five gallon bucket; put it on top of another five gallon bucket with a lid in between the two; drill matching holes into the bottom of the top bucket and into the lid of the bottom one; install your filters between the bottom of the top reservoir and the top of the bottom reservoir; drill a hole near the bottom of the bottom reservoir; install a spigot; and you’re good to go. 

We have used this type of water filter for around 20 years now. We used it all over Alaska where the treated water is sometimes of a questionable nature. Now, we use it to filter our rural water, which is also of a questionable nature. There is some question as to whether or not it will filter fluoride. There is also some question whether it will filter chlorine.

But you don’t need to filter chlorine. Either before or after you filter your water, let it sit in an open pitcher on your counter top, and the vast majority of the chlorine will dissipate into the air. I don’t understand why we continue, or ever started, to put fluoride into our drinking water. If you need fluoride treatment for your teeth, the brush your teeth twice a year with a fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride is horrible for older people. You need to do your own research on fluoride. Good luck on finding a commercially made toothpaste that doesn’t have fluoride. It’s in your toothpaste and it’s in most, but not all, municipal water systems. I can find no good use for fluoride. It is terrible for babies to consume, and it does horrible things to the elderly folks bodies. So much for that.

If you would like to remove microscopic particles from your drinking water, then I can recommend the Katadyn Gravidyn gravity flow filter. Hope this helps.

We’ll talk more later. Frank

P.S. My father was the acting chemist for Dallas County Park Cities Water Control and Improvement District, No. 2 for about 20 years. He is my source of data for flouride. He was adamantly opposed to the introduction of fluoride to the water systems. Shortly thereafter, he left the water treatment business and opened a restaurant. Just thought you might want to know.

Why Food Is Killing Us

The more we read, the scarier it gets. And yet the yummy, enticing commercials and food packaging makes it so easy to pick up something ready made, convenient and easy to fix. It saves time, effort and, in some cases, money. But why aren’t they telling us the damage it can do to our bodies? The only basic answer I have is profit. As long as the populace is ignorant of the facts, they can be duped into anything, right? I would like to say the answer to that question is: Wrong! But, I really can’t at this point. The Economic Collapse Blog has an article out titled Big Corporations Have An OVERWHELMING Amount Of Power Over Our Food Supply that is a real eye opener. It’s a good one to start with here.

It appears to me that there are groups of people that are waking up to many things in our day and time. Food production practices and restrictions, the rape of our economy by the PTB (powers that be), the dwindling freedoms we once took for granted, and the labeling of those that don’t march lock step to the beat of the government drum as terrorist, such as Veterans (with a capital V), Christians, conservatives and good old independent ‘we don’t need anything from the government’ folks.

So, in light of that short rant, I want to share some more articles with you that continue to highlight the poison we are expected to consume as part of our daily bread. I can’t say I hope you enjoy the read, but I do hope it provides you with information that you can use to make wise decisions for you and the ones you love.

I’ll start off with an article from NaturalSociety titled: Why You Should Stop Counting Calories and Start Counting Chemicals. There is a piece of this article I have included. It is just amazing. The following is a quoted excerpt.

  • But here’s the kicker. Even if you eat an organic salad once in a blue moon, and don’t regularly and actively detox your body from all these environmental poisons, your body can’t absorb the nutrients from good foods. The scientific proof of this fact is overwhelming:

  • High fructose corn syrup consumption leads to an impairment of digestion and absorption of nutrients, leading to obesity.

  • Malabsorption of nutrients and important trace minerals happens when our guts are wracked with gluten, GMOs, glyphosate, pesticides, and other chemicals. Additionally, nutrients are likely not being absorbed in your stomach or GI tract due to flora imbalance.”

A good friend sent me this article. She and I compare notes and talk about ways to improve our health and the food we prepare for our families. It is great to have others you can turn to who are trying to live the same healthy life style. It’s always nice to know you aren’t the only one when most people find you to be a bit strange. This article is from Natural News and once again highlights the detrimental effects of the preservatives found in so many foods that we purchase from the store

We have written about fluoride before, and here is another article warning of this destructive poison.


This next article actually surprised me. I have long known that breakfast cereals, among many other things, are fortified with vitamins and minerals. I figured this was necessary since most food is grown in dead soil and solely supported by chemical nutrients. I had no idea that we were being overdosed with the types of synthetic additives used for this ‘fortification’ of our diets. The most scary thing here is the population that consumes the vast majority of breakfast cereal: children.

And speaking of children, here is another article outlining the importance of knowing what is in the food you feed them, especially babies.

The next article includes some of the previously mentioned chemicals, but provides information about the effects they have on our brains. Just one more piece of evidence showing the destructive properties of some of these additives to our food.

Some of the good news is the fight against the forced usage of GMO crops. There are some folks that do not want to grow food that makes people sick. The bad news is how hard Monsanto is willing to fight to keep people under their thumb and in their pocketbook. 

And here’s the kicker. Cloned meat. I don’t know about you, but the thought of eating cloned meat makes me sick just thinking about it. In my humble opinion, God created the beasts of the field, as well as mankind, to reproduce in a certain fashion, not in a petri dish. It is very scary to think that man considers his skills and knowledge anywhere near what creation wrought for us in the first place, that he could somehow improve upon what is already here. I know, I know. Seeds have been manipulated and reconstructed for years and years. Well, look where that has gotten us. The food is killing us. I can’t see where cloning will come anywhere close to improving the predicament we are already in.

Read. Learn. Study. Ponder. Discuss. Ponder. And learn some more. It is the only way we will be able to make intelligent, informed decisions about our health and well-being. It takes effort and hard work to produce those things we need to live. It takes time and dedication. It takes commitment. It takes love. It takes sacrifice. And it is worth it.

Until next time – Fern