Symbiotic Relationships

Did you know fire ants raise aphids for food? Not the aphids themselves, but the ‘nectar’ they produce. I wrote about it here in 2014 – Fire Ants & Aphids.

Frank and I had an interesting conversation over breakfast one morning. We started off discussing something that could be symbiotic, I don’t remember the topic, which reminded me of ants and aphids. Then it lead to other ponderings. I thought I would share them with you.

If the company store initially begins providing supplies to the employees to increase their production and ability to live close to work, that relationship is beneficial to both parties. If the company then realizes it has created a dependence upon those supplies that allows them to control the employees to a greater extent, it can raise the prices thus increasing the profit they make from having the employees return more of the money it paid to them, and adding it back into the coffers of the company. A monopoly is born turning a positive symbiotic relationship into a negative one in the eyes of the employee, who now has less choice and less of an impact upon the relationship.

Now apply that to the current political situation our country finds itself experiencing. The relationship of government to the people [supposedly] began where the government servants were for the benefit of the people. Now that relationship has flipped. You had better do what you’re told or else. Or else what? We will raise the price of your medication, control the medical attention you can receive, force you to pay for our medical insurance, regulate your business [or shut it down all together, because, you know, COVID], take your guns, brainwash your children and tell you that you better be damn happy while we’re doing it. No, wait, they’re already doing that. Are you enjoying the symbiotic relationship you have with your government? Federal or local? Is it a give and take situation that benefits both parties or have you become a slave to ‘the man’?

Add to that mixture the current state of big tech and the media. Picture the type of relationship that the communist, fascist, Marxist, socialist [pick one] tyrannical government we currently have, has developed with the media and big tech, not to mention the military industrial complex that wants endless wars to line their pockets, private prisons for profit, and the medical/pharmaceutical industries. Yes, industries. An industry is a distinct group of productive or profit-making enterprises according to Merriam-Webster. Add the banking/financial industry to the mix and you can easily picture the monopoly the current government has upon all aspects of our lives. The banking industry controls the loans and money supply for the energy, agricultural and small business sectors. The government doesn’t want you to be a successful Mom & Pop store? Shut them down from a financial stand point. Or better yet, use a plandemic. Let the mega corporations that are intertwined into the mega-loppa-symbiotic-industrial complex control all facets of business, energy, food, health, education, media and income. That’s what you call TYRANNY.

Ladies and Gentlemen [the only two genders on the planet in the realm of reality], this is where we are. The symbiotic relationship of our country, our government and all of it’s interwoven companions in crime, have entered the stage of over extension in so many areas that an implosion of all systems is inevitable. This is not something new in the last few months, it has been developing for years, even decades. Remember the statement, “You’re either with us or you’re against us.”?

Think of an area that has a season of abundance that allows the rabbit population to increase dramatically. What happens? The predators, coyotes for example, also increase in abundance until one day, the situations changes. There is no longer enough for the rabbits to eat, they become sick and die. The coyotes don’t have enough to eat. What happens? The system collapses back into a more manageable condition.

It appears that some factions of our country have reached the tipping point where they will no longer sit quietly by. You know we have done that for decades now. Appeasement. Does it work? Never has. So this where we are. We have brought ourselves to the point of listening to the government tell us to sit down and shut up. Are we going to? A lot of us are. It’s scary not to. We don’t want to lose everything we have – home, job, retirement, family, societal recognition. But the situation with the election and impeachments, the current avalanche of executive orders appear to have created a backlash of sorts. Will the country remain united? That has yet to be seen. There are a lot of theories being postulated out here in internet world. Some seem more plausible than others.

This is where we are. If you aren’t in a situation, location, state of mind where you can provide for your NEEDS, not wants, when the system implodes or declines to the point of not supplying the basics for everyday life, then please work diligently with all of your might to get that way. Sometimes the decline of a system is rapid, sometimes it’s slow and you can see it coming more clearly and make the needed adjustments. Everyone we talk to, everyone, normal everyday people that up to now didn’t have a care in the world, shopped everyday for dinner and went about their lives, KNOWS something is very not right. It’s in the air, in our bones, invading our thoughts and feelings. The world is not right. Something is coming.

Be as ready as you can. It’s important. It’s beyond important. It’s beyond words important.

Until next time – Fern

Welcome Home

Hello Everybody, Frank here.

Congratulations! You made it.

What you’re reading right now was created before this new site was ever published in internet world. So like you, we’re seeing this for the first time also. If something is really wrong, we will do our best to improve it.

This is going to be a very short article. We will try to get something else out to you in the next day or two. For now, this is purely experimental.

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Now some business. Our comment policy has not changed. Polite, courteous, facts and opinions are all welcome. We’re all adults here, so we can talk about adult stuff, but not vulgar adult stuff. That should cover that.

We, you and I, should have more general liberties at this platform than the previous one. As a general rule we, you and I again, do not know what the future holds, but we do know we’re probably not going to enjoy the taste of it. Of course we’ll still have happy events, births, weddings, graduations, but there are going to be a plethora of sad events. Abortions, divorces and common everyday failure, these are coming, too.

We will still adhere to and support the concept of don’t get on the bus (or truck). UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

Previously, we discussed drawing a line in the sand. There will come a day when your line will be pushed. Most of us will relocate our line a little farther back. We can’t change the past, there is no point in complaining or griping about the election. It is what it is. STOLEN. Doing the same stuff we have been doing is not working. To segregate folks here, they won, we lost. They are going to continue winning unless something unforeseen comes upon the agenda.

So, now what? Are we just going to stay in the BMW group, you know, bitch, moan and whine? Yes, we turned out in HUGE numbers in the election, but they won. STOLE. Yes, we own millions of guns. What does that mean? We’re adults, we are not children. We need to quit whining, lick our wounds, dust ourselves off, pull ourselves up, put our faces to the sun and deal with what is here and coming, which in some circles is called reality. I do not see an immediate solution on the horizon and there may not be one.

Recommendations would be appreciated here. How are we going to fix this problem? I know some will say the barrel of a gun will fix it, and it may come to that, but I sure hope not. We need adult, rational solutions. That starts with us, the individual, our immediate community, family, church, local government, county government. We need ideas, adult ideas. Put your thinking hats on. We need to fix this shit. Looking to Washington D.C., it is finished. Think local.

On a lighter side. Please comment. This platform is new to us and there are probably going to be some kinks.

We are all in this together. Let’s fix this problem.

We’ll talk more later, Frank

P.S. Get your garden ready. There is probably going to be a seed shortage, order now. There are shortages of several items and it’s not going to get better. Grow what you eat. Prepare for the unthinkable to happen. Get right with your family, your neighbors, and get right with God.

Control – The Noose is Getting Tighter

Folks, the world is getting stranger every day. There is just too much going on to even begin to talk coherently about it.

Here are two videos we saw today that really gave us the chills. The choices we will be making in the days to come may drastically alter our personal lives. In my view, we will have no choice because I am not getting on the bus, being taken from my home to a quarantine center, or eating bug meat for dinner.

Please watch these and share any new information that you have that can help all of us make wise choices about our immediate and not so distant futures.

It would appear that we are being driven or forced to accept a particular mindset. We’re being told it’s for our good. Maybe it is, maybe it’s not. These things are moving too fast.

We’ve talked for years that all of our normal disciplines are under attack – religions, schools, commerce, customs – just to mention a few. Our freedoms are being eroded, not just a little bit everyday, but a whole lot everyday. We don’t know where this thing is going, but have the distinct, gut feeling that it’s not going to a place where most of us want to go. I’m sure there are some good people in government. We have to believe that. But our government is lying to us and we’re not sure why.

There is so much more going on in the country and world that will play out in the midst of these two scenarios that it is impossible to see clearly the big picture. The only advice we have is hold on tight. It’s going to get very dicey.

Be well, stay safe.

Frank & Fern

Open Thread

We found an open thread format over on Western Rifle Shooters Association that generates some interesting conversations and thought we would give it a try here.

Topics of discussion are yours to determine. Remember, keep it respectable. Avoid personal data, location, etc. All comments will be moderated before publishing. After all these years, we have only blocked two or three comments.

Disagreements are fine as long as they create a constructive dialogue and free sharing of thoughts. It’s something that appears to be repressed more and more these days – free sharing of thoughts. Let’s see what we can do to encourage instead of suppress them.

What’s on your mind?
What are you working on?
What’s sticking in your craw about the doings in our country, locally and nationally? You know, like these people.

Topics might include different garden varieties, cooking techniques, recipes, your favorite radio – any type, guns of all makes, how is your health, surviving the collapse, politics, the economy, employment or unemployment, weather, climate, race relations, being politically correct (maybe I should stop here), or anything else that comes to mind.

We look forward to hearing from you and entertaining some lively conversations.

Frank & Fern

Name One Good Leader

Hello Everybody, Frank here.

A friend of mine recently sent me an article about how we as Americans will stand up to the left wanting to take our guns. This was my response to him. 

This may not set well with a lot of people, but here is what I think. Most Americans will not fight. They have become too fat, lazy and stupid. A small example. TSA gropes our wives and children everyday. What do we do? Nothing. Imagine, a government agent, while smiling at you, has his hands all over your teenage girl. When I was a teenager I would have died for that opportunity. Now, some sleaze ball government employee is paid to do it and look at you while he is fondling our daughters and wives. We as a nation are fat, lazy and stupid. We will never fight. Something has got to change, otherwise we are destined for failure.

In the following article, Fern and I were trying to find one good leader, anywhere, and this was three and a half years ago. Have things improved? No. Not even close. I hope you enjoy the article, it is from our past, but it is still extremely relevant today.

Originally posted November 28, 2015

Frank and I were having a discussion over lunch today involving the immigrant invasion in Europe. Frank asked me how the leaders of these countries could continue to make such poor decisions. Decisions that will ultimately lead to the demise of their countries and populations. My response? Name one good leader of one country in the world. We couldn’t think of any.

Name one leader that is making sound financial decisions.

Name one leader that is protecting the rights and freedoms of the citizens.

Name one country that is making decisions that are boosting free enterprise and the independent businessman.

Name one country that is providing healthy food that is not laced with pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers and GMO poison producing seeds.

Name one country that has enough jobs.

Name one country that has maintained it’s infrastructure so that it can withstand the onslaught of population growth.

Name one country that can produce enough food to feed it’s people.

Name one country that can withstand a major cyber attack of it’s electrical grid, financial institutions or military infrastructure.

Name one country that gets along with all the other countries.

Name one leader that is not a power hungry, control freak.

Name one country where the freedom of the people has increased instead of decreased over the last decade.

Name one country where bigotry and hatred has not increased over the last few years.

Name one country where privacy has not been given away in the name of protection and security.

Name one country where the leaders have not done all in their power to disarm the populace.

Name one country where the government doesn’t have an us against them (the people) attitude.

Name one………..

I wish we could.

Where does this leave us? We have yet to find out, but it won’t be long. It really doesn’t matter who the leaders are anymore. They all belong to the same club, drive the same cars, eat the same food and spout the same mantra. Some of them try to put their own special, personal twist on the message, but it’s all the same. Everything else is a distraction. You have to dig down really deep to get beyond all of the everyday lies and deception to see what is happening to the world. What you uncover is unbelievable, gets worse every minute of every day, and unfortunately, there is nothing we can do but watch it unfold and try to prepare for a survival scenario of unknown origin. Don’t be fooled by the stupidity and distractions placed before you. Keep your wits about you or this thing that is coming will devour you. Don’t get on the truck.

Until next time – Fern

The Deep State Government is the Enemy

The conservatives of our country cannot foment the ‘resistance’ that the left is currently doing, and most don’t understand the ramifications of how their actions are decimating our country. The left is following their Gramcian plans and it is coming to a head. This is not new, this has been going on since before the Civil Rights amendment ruined many lives by enslaving people to the government trough, and taking away independent ways of life. Question: Why can’t the conservatives ‘resist’ the left?

This article is very good. Read it. Ponder it. Then come back here.

What do we do? Somebody smarter than us has to come up with a solution. We need leadership.The Tea Party? The left demonized them as being teabaggers and they quietly faded away. We can’t say anything about people of color, that is hate speech. The left can do it because they are the government, so it is legal for them. Read the article again, then come back. Pay attention to the professional, purposeful organizers it speaks of and this quote “You can’t defeat an implacable enemy you refuse to name or willfully underestimate.”

Ladies and Gentlemen. The government is the enemy. You know what we’re taught? Vote. Look at some of those white shirted women that were elected by the people. Did the voters just stay home that day? Partake a bit too much of the ‘medicinal’ cocktails that numb the mind and blind the ability to see the end results? What happened to that powerful, career democratic politician in New York? How was he replaced by someone without any realistic connections to this planet? But that’s okay, the world will end in 12 years anyway if you listen to her, so don’t sweat it.

This next statement should discredit everything we say and will ever say. But here goes. If you believe the official government narrative of the following events, then you are naive and might as well quit reading anything we ever write. Here’s the list.

If you believe:

  • The Civil War was fought over slavery instead of economics.
  • The Gulf of Tonkin event actually occurred.
  • The Waco Massacre that incinerated women and children when David Koresh could have been arrested at a diner having a cup of coffee.
  • Ruby Ridge killed an innocent woman while standing in a doorway holding her baby because of trumped up charges on her husband.
  • Pearl Harbor could have been prevented. The government knew the Japanese were coming.
  • The 9/11 damage could never, ever have been caused by two planes. Impossible.
  • Oklahoma City Bombing didn’t affect some government workers, like the FBI. Somehow they were at a different location that day.
  • The Kennedy Assassination was from one magic bullet.
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq existed.
  • The Boston Tea Party was about taxes.

There are other events that just do not fit with reality either, it’s a long list. The official narrative on all of these stories comes from who? The government. Every telephone call, every email message, text message, social media contact, anything published on the internet – like this – all of your ‘private’ credit card transactions are monitored by the government 24/7. If you drive anywhere there is a government camera watching you – stop lights, banks, big box stores, Mom & Pop stores – government has access to all of these. 

There are exceptions to this, of course. Like when that big jet crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11 and then vaporized because the fire melted everything and there was not one camera view from anywhere, private, public or government that saw it. But, of course, we all know it happened, the government told us it did. Imagine the Pentagon did not have one camera view of that big jet hitting the building. Not one. But I’m sure they have a camera view of every person, every automobile, every movement anywhere in that area, except that big jet. Hogwash! But that’s the government’s story. A bunch of guys from Afghanistan and a few from Saudi Arabia put this whole project together.

We need a leader. Look at what happened in England. Tommy Robinson. He was warned not to say something, said it again, and went to jail. Look at Brexit. The people voted. It doesn’t matter what they voted, the government doesn’t want it.

Look at the problems with Italy and France. Italy is not responding to the bully, France. Europe has ruined their countries, ruined them by bringing in third world immigrants by the millions. And, guess what? We do it everyday. Everyday! Building a wall won’t stop it, but it will surely help. The left wants to flood us to the point that their control, through a dependent voting block, will be permanent. Can’t get enough red blooded American’s to vote for you? Import votes! Legal, illegal, immoral, unjust? Who cares, as long as power and control are maintained. The government is the enemy. All those people that come across the border? Send them back. But the government won’t do that. It’s illegal. See the connection here??? 

We need leadership. I said that earlier. WE need leadership. Conservatives don’t fight back, they just wait for things to ‘go back to normal’. Well, wake up folks, this is the new normal, or Realville, as the article calls it.We’re not going back to anything. The government will continue pounding on people’s doors at 5:00 in the morning with guns pointed at the heads of your wife and children. It’s too late to say, hold on there now, just wait a minute, my three year old Billy didn’t do anything wrong. Billy’s crime was being born into a family that believes in freedom, is the wrong color, whose parents don’t march lock step the way they’re told. You know, the ‘old’ freedom of anyone being able to say what they think, not just those of ‘the resistance’ on the left.

Until WE quit being afraid of saying what we think and standing up

for what we want in our country, the left will continue to pound us into submission which will grow and grow until there is nothing left but blank-eyed, moronic, submissive robotic, used-to-be humans. But this won’t happen, the sheeple won’t stand up for anything. Not as long people sit on their couch and stare at that box on the wall, nodding their heads in unison. You know. Robotic.

Folks, we have allowed ourselves to become enslaved, pacified and subdued through the many long years of attacks by the left, which means by our government. At first we believed it was reasonable to treat people with respect and accept others viewpoint and opinions, but it’s gotten to the point that if you don’t follow them, you are the enemy to be destroyed, outlawed and decimated by any means necessary. Legality, morality and fairness don’t play into the picture. The time is actually past, that action should have been taken and it’s probably too late. But if not now, then when? When will it be truly too late to prevent the total enslavement of us all? I know it’s unbelievable to many that other ‘Americans’ would enslave us for their own purposes, but it’s happening and has been happening for years. Remember! Don’t get on the bus! It’s just that now the curtain has been dropped and we can see what has been building for a long, long time.

Did you watch the State of the Union? Did you hear many people in our Congress stand and chant, “USA, USA, USA, USA!!” Did it tug at your heart strings? The USA they are chanting for is on life support in ICU. The heartbeat of the country is failing, and soon will be in arrest, and many of us under arrest, if there is not massive intervention. The heartbeat of our country is fading. Can you still hear it? We have allowed the government to become the enemy of the people. How do we crack open the chest of our country and repair that heart, bolster it’s ability to function again? CPR won’t do it anymore, we need a drastic, massive intervention.

What do we do? How do we resuscitate our lives, honor and sacred duty to our beloved USA? We need leadership and a plan. We can sit around and continue to type out complaints about what is happening, but that doesn’t change anything, it’s just whining on a computer while sitting in a comfortable, climate controlled building. Which is what we’re doing right now with this article. What good does that really do? 

It may possibly make a few more people aware. Okay, so then what? There are more people aware of what is happening. Many people believe it is too late, and we would probably agree. We always want to go back, we need to go back. To where? Why should we expect a different answer from the same problems that got us where we are right now. We don’t think socialism will work. Why would it? It never has. This country is somewhat of a socialist nation right now with many, many social programs, and that is not going to change. People are not going to turn off their TV and they are not going to get off their couch. Okay a couple might, but the vast majority are not.

WE, you and I, need to put our heads together and support each other’s efforts to impact the current events in our country. We, all of us, need to develop a plan. It has got to start now. Remember, all politics are local. We still need to vote, and we still need to be polite and courteous in our dealings, but we need to do what we can. We need a plan to defend ourselves, and we also need a plan to take back what we have lost. I believe that is the tough part. We need solid leadership. Where do we look for that? Not in the Swamp. Look at our founding Fathers. Yes, they had their motives, and not all of their motives were pure, but they were willing to sacrifice. How many of us are actually willing to sacrifice to change what we see is wrong in our country? Lives, fortunes and sacred honor. That’s what the Founders pledged. What about us?

Now is the time. How can we participate in impacting our local government? Yes, voting is one way. What kind of officials are in office in your area? School boards, county officials, city officials, all of them. Do they support your goals, dreams and wishes for the country? Are they working to reinvigorate the heart of our country or rubbing their hands together with glee at the prospect of the final, fatal hour? The current government structure that reigns in most communities is the enemy.

We live out in a rural, county area. We don’t have city officials, but we do have county. Each election we vote to remove everyone in office unless we have knowledge of an opposing candidate that doesn’t meet our goals. That isn’t much is it? Will it change the tenor of our country? No. What else can WE, all of us, do? If you are able, can you run for office? Can you be part of the PTA? Go to school board and city council meetings? Have your voice be heard?

Remember, the sheep don’t like the sheepdogs. They are afraid of them and therefore, despise and revile them because they don’t understand how someone could possibly be that way. Then at the first sign of danger, they run to the sheepdogs begging, and in some cases demanding, entry, protection, supplies and a way into the ‘safe’ areas, i.e. our country, neighborhood or property. The current cadre of sheeple hate us and want us dead. Period. At least until their theories, actions and ‘community organizers’ call for their demise because they no longer ‘fit’ into the latest, greatest call for uniformity, conformity and submission. 

This man took a stand along with the criticism and lost customers that it caused.

If you stand up and call for change, don’t conform to the Social Justice Warrior (SJW), cry baby, snowflake, pink hatted, white shirted sheeple agenda, you WILL be condemned, hated and in some cases outright attacked. You may be arrested for some trumped up charge of hate or abuse. That’s how they are winning, attack, attack, attack. Look at what they are doing to President Trump. Do you actually think it would be any different for you or I? We don’t have the position, power or protection the President has, so for us, it would probably be worse. The Trump phenomenon has taught us something. To affect a change you have to be willing to stick your neck out and take whatever comes your way. Then, when it comes, stand up for what is right. Don’t let others beat you down into submission.

We are much more comfortable staying in our nice safe cocoon, insulated from the world and all of it’s woes. Ol’ Remus’s advice to avoid crowds is still one of our mottos, and has been for years. So how do we blend these two perspectives or worlds together? So, the question remains. What do we do? What can each of us do? Will it make a difference in the end? We don’t know. The heart of our country still beats, faint at times though it seems. It’s audible, sometimes louder and stronger, sometimes almost so faint that we expect to hear of it’s failure, failure so drastic that it is fatal. Failure is unacceptable. Final. 

Frank & Fern

She’s a Grand Old Flag

We salute Old Glory. Long may she wave over America’s shores, a beacon of Liberty and Freedom to all of us. Listen, and she will tell you a story of the struggles and bloodshed that have kept this country free. She will tell you about the men and women that gave all in defense of the light of freedom found in her stars and stripes. She will tell you of sacrifice, deprivation and loneliness as soldiers, far from home, missed their families in only the way a soldier can. She truly is a Grand Old Flag and we are honored to find her in many places around our homestead. Like Frank said in a recent comment, Did I tell you I love my flag? It flies everyday, 365, 24/7. Rain or shine. It’s just like our soldiers, it’s there everyday. Rain or shine.” We thought we would share her with you so that she might inspire you as well.

Do you have a flag flying? What are you waiting for? Don’t wait until it is too late.

Until next time – Fern