Real Men Do Cry

Hello Everybody, Frank here.

Do real men cry? Let’s address that issue.

Now, this is being addressed from a male’s perspective, so if you’re going to take issue with it because you’re coming from a female perspective, or a snowflake perspective, please continue reading, you might find something of moderate value.

Do men cry? Absolutely. Let’s say you have a good friend die, old, young, it doesn’t make any difference. Is it okay to cry? Sure it is. If it’s your little girl’s wedding day and you’re passing her hand from a loving, caring daddy to that brutal, barbarian about to receive it, of course it’s okay to cry, because you know your daughter is going to a safe home. If you’re giving her hand to a limp wrist snowflake, it’s still okay to cry, and you know why. When you drop off your child at school for the first day, it’s okay. When you listen to our National Anthem and your eyes get misty. There are lots of times it’s okay to cry.

So let’s go ahead and get this issue out of the way. Do real men cry? Absolutely. Real men are not ashamed or afraid to cry. Some people would say, hogwash, that real men don’t cry. The guys that say stupid crap like that watched too many John Wayne movies when they were little, or whatever the current equivalent is now. Don’t get me wrong, I love John Wayne movies, but John Wayne was an actor. He played roles that we as men associate with.

Something a little personal here. For years, when I was younger, I would cry on Veteran’s Day. Sometimes I would cry for a long time. Now I am 70 years old and bunch of men my age died in Vietnam. I used to cry that day. November 11th. It’s still a special day to me, but I haven’t cried in years. 

I wonder if I will cry in the future when I realize that my country is gone. Do you think there will be a holiday celebrating the defeat of America? Maybe there will. Maybe there won’t.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are losing our country. I didn’t cry on Veteran’s Day when I was a child. I didn’t cry on November 11th until after my first time serving my country, and I did not serve in Vietnam. I have never cried before a funeral or before a wedding. So, am I going to cry after we lose our country? Who knows.

Here at this site, Thoughts From Frank and Fern, we’ve talked about gardens, dogs, cats, radios – ham radios that is, and we’ve talked a lot about the collapse of our society. We’ve talked about dark clouds on the horizon, the wolf at the door, brace for impact. And yes, we, you and I, have talked about these things. We also talked a great deal about preparedness, things we’re going to need. So, we’ve talked about lots of things here.

If you are not prepared for the wolf at the door, you are not going to be prepared. Most supplies needed for preparedness are out of stock and have been for months. It is too late. Do I need to stay that again? No, just back up and reread the last couple of sentences. If you’re one of those type that’s going to go buy a gun and go steal from Grandma, good luck on finding a gun or ammunition, because Grandma has hers.

But as you probably know, you’re not going to be buying any bulk food either. You’re not going to be buying land either. The cost of land has skyrocketed. If you’re going to go live with your prepared cousin, you had better make sure you are welcome. What are you going to bring to the table?

I know there are people that can’t leave where they are. I know there are people that don’t have the means to buy extra food, they live paycheck to paycheck. I read an article a couple of weeks back about a guy that was going to install a solar system right before this thing goes down. Is this the same guy that’s going to buy wheat and bandaids and bullets?

Moving on. We have a virus shutting down our country. Is it real? Yes, the virus is real. So is the flu, the common cold, heart disease, diabetes, all of these things are real, but we have not shut our country down for all of them except one. Everyday a major agency somewhere issues a different story about effects, numbers and how to deal with this virus. Are we getting the truth? No. There is no truth. How can it change everyday? We can kid ourselves to believe that there is new and improved research, and there probably is in some cases.

Do you believe the lies? Have we ever been lied to before in history? Do we need to go down the list? Oh, let’s see. The Kennedy assassination, the Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and the list goes on and on and on. We are being lied to every day, every single day. 

Moving on again. Our government has tried to overthrow our current president for four years now. They, “the government”, has projected lie after lie with no proof, just accusation. I can’t see where that is going to change, but I can see where it will accelerate dramatically. Look at the rioting. Look at some of the decisions the mayors and governors are making. Who is controlling these people? Many of these elected officials have obviously sold their souls. They are going to do anything and everything they can to stop, infiltrate, change, cancel, distort, pick any word you want. They are going to try to affect the results of the upcoming presidential election. Write that one down boys and girls. 

We talked months ago about the long, hot summer coming. We now have an active virus shutting us down. If you want to, call it a bioweapon. We have rioting in several cities. Read for yourself, find out what is happening, it’s happened before. They’ve disrupted churches, the educational system, the workplace, medical facilities, transportation, entertainment, the supply chain of everything including food. Ponder these things.

Do real men cry? Our country is dying. They are winning. The election will be disrupted. I’m not crying yet, but I can certainly see where we are going, and for that I will cry. 

There are so many examples of evil happening our world right now. It’s not just in our country. What is happening here is an orchestrated event, it’s controlled. These people are very well organized. They have been practicing on citizens of the planet for decades. We are about to lose our freedom. We’ve been losing it for years and we’ve done nothing, therefore, history tells us that we’re going to do nothing. I can go on and on, and so can you.

It’s been a while since we’ve talked. There really isn’t anything to say. Some people say, I don’t want to know all these bad things, so I don’t watch the news. Fair enough. But that doesn’t mean the events aren’t happening just because someone chooses not to watch them. We both know that the vast majority of news is a lie.

Yes, real men cry. And so do real women. I don’t think this is salvageable. I don’t know what it’s going to look like in the future. I do know that these issues cannot be resolved. There is too large of a divide between massive groups in our country. If you can get prepared, do so. If it means opening your mind and seeing what’s happening, be aware. 

So you don’t think we can lose our country? Ask King George. A very small group of people, some say 1%, some say 3%, took, from an advanced military, the colonies at that time. So, can a small group of people take something from a large group of people? Absolutely. Do the majority of people support the rioting and the fighting going on in congress? Does it make any difference? We have lost. The other side is practicing everyday, refining their skills. They have the laws on their side. You can’t criticize, it’s against the law. Don’t think it’s not going to happen, because it’s happening right now, everyday in front of our eyes. I’m sorry. Maybe now I’ll go cry.

In about 60 days things are going to change, and if you think things are bad now, just wait, it’s going to be a very hot summer. I think you understand what I mean.

Please comment. Fern and I are doing fine. We’ve tried to make some final preparations. Don’t get on the bus. Prepare your mind to do the unthinkable. Give your spouse a kiss, tell everyone you love them, and enjoy the times we have left.

When you kneel down tonight to pray to God, ask Him to bless our country.

We’ll talk more later, Frank


Sit Down & Shut Up

Folks, we are screwed. If you believe anything we can say or do will change the outcome of the future events that are barreling our way like a run away train, you are delusional. And so am I. 

If any of us, including me at times, felt like having a different type of president in office was sort of like a mini vacation from the coming dark ages, we’re wrong. The current president may be a little different, but congress isn’t. The long, long, long term, deeply connected apparatus made up of those that have run the show and sold their souls long ago, haven’t gone anywhere, except maybe back deeper into the shadows.

But, you know what? The shadows aren’t so dark anymore and the thin facade that hid what has really been happening all along are being lit more brightly everyday. The pomp and arrogance of those that know they can do anything they want, any time they want, to anyone they want, has been brought out in the open. Right in your face. Can anyone say Epstein? Suicide? Give me a break. 

Look at the people that have come to testify before congress with their smug, ‘you can’t touch me’ attitude. Is anything really ever going to happen to them? I really, really want to believe so, but that is sheer stupidity on my part. Nothing will happen to them. Why should it? So a few people get Vince Fostered, who cares? They’ll be forgotten in a few days or weeks as we go on to the next crisis flavor of the month. Hmm… what crisis will we spring on the stupid, unsuspecting public this week? Something that will get them frothing at the mouth and wailing about how unfair it all is! They blocked me on social media! Waaaa! Boo-hoo! It’s so easy to control and sway people. It really is.

Some days the lies and treachery make us sick. Literally. Why has the curtain been pulled back now? There don’t appear to be any attempts to hide what is going on, instead it is shoved out in the open, right in your face. So the government lies about everything? So what! They always have, it’s just that they used to try to cover it all up with pretty little excuses and semi believable cover ups. Now. Who cares? Nobody, that’s who. Nobody cares about the lies, corruption or death of the country. As long as I get my ________, fill in the blank with whatever, then all is well. I don’t care who gets fired, suicided, black balled, bankrupted, red flagged, banned, jailed or killed, as long as I get mine.

So. You had better just sit down and shut up. If you don’t they’ll shut you up. You can’t say this or that on social media, print or video. I used to only worry about the government shutting everyone down. Now? For all appearances, and it’s just that, appearances, the government is fighting social media for shutting people down. Great big mega corporations that have the power to control the world. They do. With the advent of the computer, internet and all that entails, the world is controlled, lock, stock and barrel. If this platform doesn’t like what I say, they can shut us off. No more to be heard from again. Or just send us to time out for whatever length of time they deem appropriate.

Next, if you say something someone doesn’t like you will be Red Flagged. You know what that means, right? You may just be labeled mentally incompetent, deranged, or a danger to society. Who gets to decide? The person that feels like you cut them off in traffic? The person that doesn’t like the way you looked at them in the checkout line? The neighbor that is jealous of your holiday decorations or the sound of the bar-b-que you are having with family and friends in your back yard?

What’s it coming to, folks? Just know, whether you like it or not, that you are on your own. I cannot see any way that the future will remain at even the level of civility that exists in our country today, which appears to be getting worse everyday. Trump insists the economy is great, jobs are great and getting better everyday. Lies. Where is the wall? Why is the country still being invaded with illegal, criminal people? I’m not going to call them immigrants. They’re not immigrants, they’re invaders. It’s all lies, smoke and mirrors. What about the companies that are laying off people? What about the auto industry? What about John Deere? What about the housing market?

I would like to be wrong. I would like for people to be able to laugh in my face and tell me how wrong I am. But they can’t. Way back many years ago there was a song by Merle Haggard that included the line – Rolling down hill like a snowball headed for hell. That’s us. That is what is in store for all of us. When it rains on some, it rains on all. 

There is nothing we can say here that will change anyone’s mind, that will lead anyone to changing the way they think. As long as there is the mind numbing filth spewing from the television, computer or smart phone that can be used to drown out reality, nobody will change. As long as people are allowed to silence others by their choices if they don’t agree with them, what we have to say will make no difference. Maybe it’s time to publicly sit down and shut up. Privately? We are more determined than ever. Don’t ever give up.

Until next time – maybe – Fern

Prove Me Wrong

Hello Everybody, Frank here.

I’ve been itching to get something off my chest lately. No, it’s not body lice or fleas, it’s a different kind of itch. It’s the type that just doesn’t sit well with you or anybody else. What I’m about to say some people will find distasteful. Saying it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. This is not a story about making cheese or what’s your favorite grinder. It is grinding in nature, it grinds on your spirit and soul. It grinds down to the very core of mankind.

If you need to, stop reading now. This is not going to be a feel good type talk, because boys and girls, I don’t have a solution for where we are heading. For you regular readers, you might find some of the language out of character. My mother-in-law asked me a time or two, “Why can’t they make war movies without all of that bad language?” Because war and Mary Poppins just don’t fit together in the same movie.

The following is just my opinion, take it for what it’s worth. We are in serious, serious trouble. And I mean all of humanity is in serious trouble.

I’m a coward, you’re a coward. Prove me wrong. You want the truth? Here it is, but you’re not going to like it. Go into a Wal-Mart and look at all the fat asses waddling around. You think we’re going to fight? You’re out of your mind. Maybe over the last jelly filled donut, but that’s about it ladies and gentlemen. We’re not going to fight, we are fat, lazy and stupid. We can’t get anyone to join the military because we are cowards. If we will let TSA grope our little girls and not fight back, when will we draw the line and fight? We’re not. We’re cowards.

IQ levels are decreasing. Too many people are ignorant and stupid, but the fact is they are out breeding us. That’s not going to change. Go to any maternity ward, look around, how many people speak English? We are losing this battle on every front. Public schools, next time you go to pick up a child, look at the population that looks like you. Ask your child how many students have a hard time speaking English.They can pick any bathroom they choose. Is that guy in a suit really a guy?

In polar bear country they always recommend to keep one last round in your gun. I’ve lived in polar bear country, I’ve seen polar bears walk by. When polar bears come to town, kids don’t go out to recess that day. You and I are the invaders, the unwanted guests in our own country. Keep one last round in your gun. You may need it.

Abortion is murdering babies. Can you believe this? Okay, so one day I wake up and I decide that I just don’t want my baby anymore. I’ll just take it down to the local doctor’s office and let him kill it. How long is the warranty on that baby? One day, two days, six months. Oh, I changed my mind. Will you kill this thing for me? It is just too inconvenient right now. 

If we as a society have stooped to a level that it’s okay to murder a child that we don’t want, then there is no hope for us. But that’s where we are. Our politicians that we elected, along with their Hollywood friends, celebrate this as an achievement. Yes, we are cowards. Sick, perverted, deranged cowards watching those cheerleaders bounce up and down stuffing our faces with Cheetos.

Moving on here. We all know the world is changing, it can’t continue the way it is. So what are we going to do then? If something can’t continue, it won’t.

What are you going to eat when everything falls apart? What are you going to feed the kids that you decided to keep? For those of you that actually believe in keeping your kids alive. Do you have replacement handles for that shovel? The guy that used to come around and tin the pots for everyone, he’s not around anymore. Do you have any seeds? What are you going to feed those chickens and goats?

Look at some of the figures. We are now an oil exporting nation. How is that possible? Anything that doesn’t make sense is a lie. We are still importing millions of barrels of oil, so how can we be an exporting nation?

There is talk about shutting down the border. When? What about those African people coming across the border? They’re not coming from Central America. Those people that are coming from the Congo didn’t come on a rubber boat, they flew in on a jet! God only knows what kinds of diseases they are bringing with them. And those are the ones we catch. What about all the ones we don’t catch? Where’s the wall???

Go to a major city, not even a major city, just a big town. Pull up a seat in a mall and get a pop at a food court. Sit and watch the people go by for a little while and listen to their language. I don’t mean their profanity, I mean the language you don’t understand. Then go down to Sam’s and Costco. Look around, open your eyes. And if you believe the government numbers about anything, then – here it comes again – you are a special kind of stupid. Wake up!

The packages in the grocery are getting smaller. The toilet paper rolls are getting smaller. Snickers bars are getting smaller. Not trying to be insensitive here, but I would appreciate it if they would leave the size of a pat of toilet paper alone. Just charge more. But I guess some government study said our toilet paper pats are too big and need to be smaller to accommodate the average American. Due to the invasion, the average Americans are smaller in size, so we need smaller pats of toilet paper.

I am truly sorry there is slavery anywhere in the world, but slavery is color blind. Read your history. Speaking of reading history, you are aware that the Civil War was not fought over slavery. And you are aware that the Vietnam War did not start in the Gulf of Tonkin. And you are aware that the Twin Towers falling did not happen because of being hit by jets. And you are aware that John Kennedy was not killed by a single bullet. That means that you are aware that our government will kill any of us any time they want to. In my life time our good buddies, the Chinese government, killed millions of their own people, millions and millions and millions, it made Hitler look like an amateur. They kill their citizens, our government kills our citizens. Anything the government tells you is probably a lie. They control the way you think, how you are taught, what you eat, and if you disagree with them, they will kill you.

Got seeds, water, shelter, food, protection? Probably not. Because you believe what the government tells you. Here it comes again. THAT MAKES YOU A SPECIAL KIND OF STUPID.

I know, I’ll just take my family and run out in the woods and survive. I saw a guy on Dancing With the Stars do it. Pull your head out of your ass. That’s TV, that’s entertainment. Well, I’m just going to drag my travel trailer out to my relatives and live happily ever after. What are you going to eat, Bubba? I know you’ve got a case of chili, good for you. Got a shovel? Got two shovels? Got canning jars? Got a canner? Got beans to put in those jars? Got the soil ready? Or are you still chasing that rainbow? Seriously. What is your family going to eat while they’re chasing that citified rainbow sprinkled with pixie dust?

What about your neighbors? Your current ones and your future ones? Do you know them? Are they strung out on opiates like a huge part of our population? Not just opiates, that’s just one small category. Look at all the other mind altering drugs that way too many people take everyday.

Got that garden turned yet? I doubt it. Got your mind screwed on right to deal with the things that are coming? Are you prepared to defend yourself while you’re sitting on your ass watching Dancing With the Stars or some other unrealistic ‘reality’ show? I know it’s more fun to watch cheer leaders bouncing up and down while eating frozen burritos, Cheetos and drinking Pepsi cola. Don’t forget your Xanax, of course. If that’s the way you live, you are dead. And so is your family after those neighbors that you don’t know get finished with your wife and kids. How do those cheerleaders look on TV now? How does that burrito taste now? Pulled your head out yet? Got that garden turned over yet? Ready to work your ass off from dawn till dusk and then some just to survive?

Do you know what a sanctuary city is? Well, you’re not welcome there. I live in a sanctuary city, population of two and no one is welcome here. I am not the government, what I say is true. Don’t come to my sanctuary city unless you are invited. You better call before you come. These sanctuary city things are unbelievable. How can this be? There are big cities now that don’t investigate or enforce what are considered to be petty crimes. Like my home town, where I was born and raised, Dallas, Texas. People are moving in there faster than they can move out. Multiple sources tell me crime is escalating rapidly. This is happening in every major city. Look at the homelessness nationwide. Go tell those people that the economy is doing better. All skewed government lies.

The stuff you were taught in school, no matter how old you are, is not true. What the government says is not true. Walk into a new wave style church, God forgive me, but what is being taught is not true. There are not solutions to the plethora of problems mentioned above. We can’t go back to something that didn’t work the first time. We can’t deport millions of people from other countries. We can’t do it. If you think we can, then you are a special kind of stupid.

So what do we do, realistically? Well, let’s see. We need to go back to God. We need to go back to the Constitution. Do you really think that’s going to work? That is what got us to where we are today. In my humble opinion, there is going to be a major reset in this country and the rest of the world, also. Things cannot continue the way they are. How is that reset going to look? That’s like trying to predict what a car crash is going to look like before it happens. You know it’s not going to be pretty. Some will choose to continue to sit and watch the cheerleaders bounce up and down. Some, but very few, will grab a shovel and a package of seeds.

What most of us don’t understand is that everything that we have has been built on a forward progressing model. None of us have ever seen an negative reverse model on a large scale. Everything we have been taught is a lie. It’s not true, it’s not realistic and it is not sustainable. Remember the story about the tower of Babel? Some things just can’t continue upward. It’s impossible. Pixie dust will not solve our problems. 

There are many things not mentioned here. What happens when the population exceeds it’s limit? Read the story about the coyote and the rabbit. One goes up in population, then the other goes down. We have too many people on the planet. There is going to be a reset. I don’t expect our government to tell us that the sky is falling and we’re all going to die. I don’t expect our government to tell us the truth. I would hope that most people were capable of intelligent thought, but hope is a poor strategy. Whatever term you want to use for what is coming, whether SHTF, TEOTWAWKI, brace for impact, it doesn’t make any difference. The coyotes and the rabbits fluctuate, and so will we as humans. Are we going to survive this thing? Most of us, myself included, will not.

I would recommend you get a good shovel and a package of seeds. Make sure it’s a good shovel because you’re going to be digging a lot of six foot deep holes.

We’ll talk more later – Frank

Government’s Uncivil War

What in the world is happening to our government? I don’t think anyone can adequately wrap their heads around it and explain. I know I can’t. Just to name a few things that come to mind.

Cover ups?
 Coup d’ etat?
New Green Deal?
Medicare for all?
Invasion at the border?

The example our government is setting can lead to nothing but chaos. If the populace continues to emulate the behavior of those we have elected to govern us, there will be no peace, there will be no sense of community, of belonging to one of the greatest countries on earth. If every workplace, family, church and organization dealt with their differences the way our government officials do, there would be anarchy in a week.

As educators we had a saying. ‘Want to know what the parents are like? Watch their children.’ If we want to know how this will all turn out, just watch our country’s leaders. 

And then there is the media. It doesn’t matter what you watch or read, everyone is biased. Everyone. Wherever you turn there is disagreement, censorship, and bias. What is true? There is literally no way to tell anymore. Truth means nothing in this society. Absolutely nothing.

Folks, I don’t see any way for people to come together. They are only going to continue to become more and more polarized, and in the process the division between races, cultures, cities, states, neighborhoods and political ideologies are going to spread farther and farther apart until there is no solution, no common ground, no tolerance, only judgement, condemnation and hatred.

There are a number of sites we read and watch that are warning of a coming ‘event’. They base this on the success of President Trump and the never ending attacks by his political opponents. The warning is that the Left, the Deep State, whatever you want to call them, need a serious event, a false flag, a black swan, a major catastrophe to use against the president. Something that may collapse the economy, or somehow present the notion that the President is responsible and thus unfit for office, or give them the support they need to win the 2020 election and take the country back. They need to win to reinstate their agenda.

There is also the issue of the coming reports from the Inspector General, the investigations by the Attorney General’s office and others that have been appointed to investigate those government employees that were involved in the investigation into President Trump’s activities during the election, while he was President Elect and after he took office. Some suppose that the almost hysterical behavior of the Democrats are in response to the current investigations and fear of what they may expose. 

Regardless of the reasons or actions behind the scenes that we are not privy to, the government, the Washington D.C. apparatus, is at war. Plain and simple. Their behavior, accusations and actions, or inaction from some viewpoints, are escalating to a level of viciousness I never would have imagined possible. Where will this lead? We have yet to see, but it doesn’t take much to feel the angst that is building all over the country, from the largest city to the smallest burg.

Add in what’s happening in France with the Yellow Vests, the UK with Brexit, the EU, Iran, North Korea, China and the tariffs, Israel and their neighbors, Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and the list goes on and on. 

Is it just our turn? Is it time for another world wide change? I know some people think it is the end times as predicted in the Bible. But there have been many generations before that thought the events of their time matched up with biblical prophecies. There have been groups of people that went up and sat on a mountain waiting for the rapture because they just knew the time was at hand. I think it is the same now. We just don’t know.

What we do know is that history is playing out before our very eyes, every day, on television, on the internet, an in our neighborhoods. Resentment and anger are growing to the point that people who never would have said anything to anybody before are arguing and fighting in public with strangers for the most trivial of matters. And sometimes it’s deadly. Has the value for human life and care for our fellow man fallen to such a level that it just doesn’t matter anymore? Some would say yes. Look at the new laws that applaud a woman’s rights over the life of another, the life of a helpless baby. Look at the backlash of the new anti-abortion law in Alabama and the other states that are following suit.

Our government is leading this uncivil war in our country. The people appear to be following that lead, for we are at war. A war that cannot end with a continuation of life as we currently know it.

Are you ready for TEOTWAWKI? The end of the world as we know it? There is absolutely no way to know what it will look like on the other side of this conflict. Prepare for it as best you can. Ignore it at your own peril.

What do you think? We’re all in this together.

Until next time – Fern

Name One Good Leader

Frank and I were having a discussion over lunch today involving the immigrant invasion in Europe. Frank asked me how the leaders of these countries could continue to make such poor decisions. Decisions that will ultimately lead to the demise of their countries and populations. My response? Name one good leader of one country in the world. We couldn’t think of any.

Name one leader that is making sound financial decisions.

Name one leader that is protecting the rights and freedoms of the citizens.

Name one country that is making decisions that are boosting free enterprise and the independent businessman.

Name one country that is providing healthy food that is not laced with pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers and GMO poison producing seeds.

Name one country that has enough jobs.

Name one country that has maintained it’s infrastructure so that it can withstand the onslaught of population growth.

Name one country that can produce enough food to feed it’s people.

Name one country that can withstand a major cyber attack of it’s electrical grid, financial institutions or military infrastructure.

Name one country that gets along with all the other countries.

Name one leader that is not a power hungry, control freak.

Name one country where the freedom of the people has increased instead of decreased over the last decade.

Name one country where bigotry and hatred has not increased over the last few years.

Name one country where privacy has not been given away in the name of protection and security.

Name one country where the leaders have not done all in their power to disarm the populace.

Name one country where the government doesn’t have an us against them (the people) attitude.

Name one………..

I wish we could.

Where does this leave us? We have yet to find out, but it won’t be long. It really doesn’t matter who the leaders are anymore. They all belong to the same club, drive the same cars, eat the same food and spout the same mantra. Some of them try to put their own special, personal twist on the message, but it’s all the same. Everything else is a distraction. You have to dig down really deep to get beyond all of the everyday lies and deception to see what is happening to the world. What you uncover is unbelievable, gets worse every minute of every day, and unfortunately, there is nothing we can do but watch it unfold and try to prepare for a survival scenario of unknown origin. Don’t be fooled by the stupidity and distractions placed before you. Keep your wits about you or this thing that is coming will devour you. Don’t get on the truck.

Until next time – Fern

Brace For Impact

Hi Everybody, Frank here.

Been paying attention to the news lately? Well, you know all the problems in Greece are solved. The Chinese markets are all doing great. Our unemployment problem here in the United States just about doesn’t exist. You know those precious metals we talk about all the time? Gold and silver? They’re going through the ceiling. The European economy is going great guns. Our economy here in the 

United States has set record highs this year. And that pesky Middle Eastern war? Everybody has just kissed and made up. Life is grand and we’re all back on the happy train again! I can hear them singing, Happy Days Are Here Again! So let’s all run down and buy us a brand new car, refinance our house, take out more student loans, and go into debt just as far as we can, because we all know that debt is good! We’ve been told this for the last 50+ years, so it must be true.

There’s only one problem here. One very large problem. Everything just stated above, is a lie, or if you’re a politician, someone misspoke. You see folks, everything mentioned above is not true. We sit in front of our TVs and let talking heads fill us with information that is a lie, and we believe it

because we want to believe it. We are a very comfortable nation. Just go into any Wal-Mart and look around. Look at all the grossly over weight, middle aged men and women dragging their fat little kids behind them with a candy bar in one hand and a sugar laced drink in the other. Yes, we are a comfortable country, but we have gotten too comfortable. We’ve become complacent. We expect everything to be done for us and all services provided. So when we watch the news, we want to hear happy time stories. Well, everyone of those stories mentioned above, as repeated before, here it is again, they are all lies.

The news media lies to us. The government is the biggest liar of all. We believe every word of it. We don’t have an immigration problem. Who are we kidding? We don’t have jobs. Go to any public clinic and you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who speaks English. Crime is through the ceiling in most major cities. I am afraid to be in a city after dark. Am I paranoid? No, I’m not.

Here, let’s review. Our government tells us that unemployment is around 5%. I beg your pardon! Private sources, reliable private sources, tell us it’s closer to 20%. Recently we crossed the threshold of 50%. You know 50%, or one half of working age people in this country are on some type of public assistance. So when did it become a right to have a cell phone? 

Have you looked at our politicians lately? I personally don’t care much for Donald Trump. I know he is a TV star of some type, but I’ve never seen whatever show he is on. But he is making our main stream politicians look like sissies. Why is that? Because he tells the truth. Why can’t other politicians tell the truth? Because they want to say what everybody wants to hear. Ladies and Gentlemen, that is impossible, therefore, they don’t say anything of substance. I don’t think we’re going to hear the truth any time soon.

Getting back to the top part of this story where everything is a lie. If someone were to tell the truth, we would have panic in the streets. You see, Ladies and Gentlemen, we are in the middle to final stages of the beginning of a serious collapse in this country. Therefore, since all

markets are intertwined, it would be a world financial collapse. What does this mean to you and I? Banks shut down. Credit for large corporations ceases to exist. Big trucks quit rolling. Shelves go empty. Get the picture here? Financial advisers, investors and prognosticators from all disciplines are saying that a financial collapse is imminent. But the stock markets did great today, you say. These are out of control fluctuations. But gold and silver went up today. Gold has dropped from $1800 to about $1100. But you’re right, it was up today. 

Look at the price of a barrel of oil, it’s around $50 a barrel. If it’s too low, that’s terrible. If it’s too high, that’s terrible. It doesn’t make any difference where the cost of oil goes, it’s going to be terrible. Speaking of oil.

Back during the oil boom days, oil wells were drilled less than 100 feet. Now days off shore rigs are going down about 2 miles. See the problem here? The easy to get stuff is gone. Not to mention the fracking technique. We’re having to pollute our water systems, we’re causing earthquakes where they never were before, but by golly we’re getting that oil out of the ground. The problem is at $50 a barrel, the oil companies can’t make a profit. At $100 a barrel, you and I can’t afford to buy products, because shipping costs too much. That’s just oil.

Do your homework and check out copper. Copper used to be easy to mine. Now there are pits in the ground miles across and a mile deep. The percentage of copper is about 3%, in other words, 97% waste. That 3% that can be harvested is a lower grade and quality than a number of years back. But that’s okay, because the demand for copper has dropped sharply, and so has the price. Until today of course, it was up. Happy times are here again.

I used to tell people that the wolf was at the door. I used to remind people that there were dark thunder clouds rolling across the horizon. But I quit saying those things. The simple fact is that the wolf is not at the door. The wolf is in the door. Those terrible thunder storms coming across the horizon? They’re here. Go back up to the top of this article and read all of those lies again. We are in the midst of a financial collapse that has never

been seen on this planet before. What’s going to be the ultimate catalyst? Who knows, but there will be one. Some people call them black swan events. When that black swan event does happen, your government, and mine, and our news medias are going to tell us the truth. Have you been reading? They are going to orchestrate a lie just like they have been doing for years and years and years. Be careful and watch out for a serious diversion. Some examples that come to mind, these are just examples, of course, the sharp escalation in a war somewhere; close the banks and have a bank holiday for your protection; maybe fly a plane into a building; maybe shoot down an airliner somewhere; release a pandemic; have community organizers start riots in multiple towns; or a self induced EMP maybe. Pick one, pick any one, pick two. Be greedy, pick three.

It’s here, Ladies and Gentlemen. It’s not coming anymore. It’s here. You need to get your house in order. You still have some time. Get things done

now. I pray every day that I am wrong. I like life the way it is right now, but the happy times are over. Reality is here and we are going to have to pay the price. The fat lady is singing, the game is over. You need to brace for impact. Get it done. If you think money in the bank is going to save you, you are sadly mistaken. If you have a bunch of shovels, then you will be a wealthy man. 

I’m not the only one that sees this. I know that there are lots of readers out there that see this, too. I know this is hard to understand, but we are in

the final stages of the beginning of a world collapse. It can’t be stopped. It just can’t be. If you see this coming, please respond. You may have a take on it that I didn’t see. Now is not the time to be shy. If there are fence sitters out there, your comment might cause them to get off of the fence. Today the stores are still open, and that’s today. There are no guarantees about tomorrow. We need to help each other while we still can. Thank you for providing me this opportunity to share. 

I pray to my God and Heavenly Father that I am wrong.

We’ll talk more later, Frank

Send Me Your Money

Hello, Frank here.

I spend way too much time reading and researching about what the future seems to be bringing us at a rapid pace, and there is a lot of good stuff out there on the internet. I don’t waste my time with the

major news medias, unless it’s a major news story dealing with some type of natural disaster or something of that nature. But in my readings I run across a type of high level scam that is difficult to identify at first. They all start out telling you about how bad the economy is, most of them have lots of nice pretty charts. What they all boil down to is they know a secret that nobody else knows. They are only going to share this secret with just you and a few other lucky folks. Boy, if that’s not a con game, I’ve never seen one. People fall for these things every day. Give me your money. I am happy, you can be happy too.

Why do all of these billionaire investment company articles end up with ‘give your money to me’? If you want to pitch your money down a never ending hole, give your money to me. Buy my stock, it’s the only one that’s going to survive. Here’s one prime example. They’re going to take all the money, they’re going to close all the banks. Times are going to be really, really hard. But I will save you from collapse. Invest in my mining stock.

Well, let’s look a little deeper now. Mines use a huge amount of energy. That means the power grid will be up and running. They need a huge

amount of fuel, let’s say diesel, which means the oil fields will still be working, the refineries will still be up and producing, trucking and shipping will be doing just fine, and the internet, which is were all these orders are placed, will be working fine, too. Okay, how about the workers at that mine? No workers, no mine production. That means that the workers houses are still functioning normal. That means that they have electricity, gasoline, food. Starting to get the picture here?

This article talks about collapse, as do lots of articles. But that’s okay. Give me your money and I will invest it in my mining company, or whatever company they’re selling that day. It could be laundry detergent. But

 everybody has the secret. It’s a scam. It’s just somebody working on the emotions of people to find a different way to steal their money. I will give you security. Give me your money and you will make a fortune afterwards. Are the things they say in the article true? And it’s not just this one article, it’s numerous ones. Are we going to have a financial collapse? I would say the chances are very, very good. Has quantitative easing worked? No. Is it going to work in Europe? No. Has it worked in Japan? Of course not. Have we kicked the can down the road a little farther? Yes. And I personally am very glad that they/we have. I like the electricity being on, and having the relative safety that we do right now.

Back to the article. Did the government confiscate precious metals back in the 30’s? On something loosely compared to that. Our government is in the process of banning a certain type of common ammunition. This is

probably just a test run to see how this flies. But it’s just a matter of time, until through executive order, guns are also banned. It’s coming. You can see the writing on the wall. But, yes, the government did confiscate precious metals from individuals. So the article is correct. But what I disagree with is, when everything collapses, I know a secret place to put your money. What’s the old saying? If it sounds too good to be true, then it’s a lie. So beware of people writing flashy little articles about the future that end with the same message. Buy whatever I am selling or peddling. There are all levels of con men out there.

But wait. I’m giving thought to setting up a charitable organization to support the poor, ailing gold mine workers in South America. So, send me your money and I will make sure that it gets to these poor, ailing mine workers. Remember, humor is the essence of survival. Do your research, do your homework, and don’t give your money to some white collar thief. And for that matter, a blue collar thief either.

We’ll talk more later, Frank