Life Is More Serious

Realization that mortality is ever closer comes to those who are fortunate enough to age. When we were younger we knew one day we would die, but as with many things, that was off in some distant future. Aging is another stage of life with many opportunities to learn, just learn different things than we did in our younger years.

Life has gotten more serious. Things that once seemed so important, things that needed to be done ‘like this’ or like I wanted them to be, now seem so trivial. What was once worth arguing over, now is inconsequential. I often think, why was it such a big deal when I was younger? I wish I had learned this earlier in life.

A few months after Frank’s bypass surgery he was walking in the yard, doing some normal something, I don’t remember what. All of a sudden my breath caught in my throat and I thought, “He didn’t die!” I could have just stood there and cried. Maybe sometimes it takes a serious shaking of our world to get us to see what is most important in life. Frank and I had many very serious conversations after we realized the only restorative choice he had was a bypass. He needed to know that I would be okay if I were left here alone. They were very difficult conversations, but left us both with a peace in knowing where we stood and plans were in place for “what if”.

Then my Mom’s dementia progressed to the point that she obviously was in need of serious care for her welfare and safety. It was very difficult to come to the realization that my siblings did not see the needs she had until she finally insisted that death would be better than the options they offered. She had stated these things many times with me, but I was just the girl and exaggerating things. Mom was okay. Even though she was have major delusions, obsessions, paranoia and health issues. She was okay. She wanted to continue living alone and that was fine according to my siblings. 

So following on the heels of contemplating Frank’s mortality and my mother’s mental incompetence, Life Got Much More Serious. Add to that our continued aging process.

The reason I list these specific experiences in our lives is only to make a point that if the SHTF today, tomorrow, next week or next year, the seriousness of life will make these few occurrences pale in comparison. If we were starving and having to defend ourselves and our food supply on a daily basis, how could that even compare to our ‘normal’ experiences of life? Let’s face it, as people age, they have more health issues. It’s a fact of life. But as Frank and I say regularly, “I’m not dead yet.” With that philosophy and outlook, we have a lot left to do and offer, a lot of life left to live.

We talk about quality vs. quantity. This can be applied to so many things. Take life, the actual breath in your body. Neither of us care to remain on this earth if we are not functional. This may upset some of you, but fortunately at this time, we have a choice. Frank and I agree that if we have a serious health issue that will incapacitate us to the point that we are not functional, and the only health treatments out there will only prolong life for a short time at the cost of our mobility, cognitive abilities, etc., then we will forgo the offered treatments. Quality of life over quantity of life. 

Again, apply that to an SHTF situation. There won’t be extensive medical treatments, no surgeries unless you are in a very unique situation. Health and medical attention will be provided by those around you or your own knowledge and abilities. Are you ready for that? Mentally? Do you have supplies that can be utilized for some health needs? Do you know how to use them? What are you going to do when you run out?

Life is more serious. We are focusing in on the essentials whether it is in our garden, in what we store, in how we manage our daily chores or in how we

communicate with others. We are downsizing and becoming much more focused. Frank’s response to a comment yesterday said we don’t talk about the conditions of the world, our country, the economy or the need to prepare anymore. We don’t. There have been many that think we’re the tin foil hat wearing nut jobs. Some want to know where our bunker is. There have been those that literally laughed in our faces. There have been those that said they were coming to live with us, to which we promptly responded – no you’re not, we’re not going to feed you. Most just look at you and politely nod their heads, but you can tell that they don’t agree and think we’re just plain weird. As a consequence, we don’t talk about preparing or SHTF or a collapse much anymore.

We have been preparing to live, depending solely upon ourselves, for most of our married life. Almost 40 years. We rejoice that the electricity is still on and we hope to have air conditioning through

another hot Oklahoma summer. But if it’s not and we have to adjust, we have tried to train ourselves to deal with that reality. Our bones are older and creak a little more. We may move a little slower and accomplish less in a day than we did a decade or two ago, but our minds are sharper, and we have learned so many more things. If the collapse had happened a decade ago, there are untold amounts of knowledge and experience we wouldn’t have had access to that we now do.

Life is more serious. It would appear inevitable that we have strife, conflict or outright war coming here in our country, in our neighborhoods throughout the land. Many, many sources indicate the economy is on the brink. We saw an

article a few days ago indicating a housing collapse is now occurring or on the precipice in 40 major cities around the country. 2008 anyone? You don’t even hear about it because of all of the lies, innuendoes and major contention in Washington. We have no national government, we have warring factions spending our tax dollars to attack and ‘investigate’ each other. What about the country? What about The People they were elected to serve? That is a joke. There is no functional government anymore, looking out for the welfare of our country. There is only a slow motion collapse into anarchy in the once hallowed halls of congress and our nation’s capital. Where can that lead? What kind of example are they setting? No wonder there is more contention, hatred and violence on every street corner in America.

Enjoy every day, for it is a gift. Live your life in gratitude of your daily gifts. Work hard, for nothing is more satisfying than the results of your own two hands or applying your mind to something. Relish the sunshine on your face and the love and admiration of your family. Earn and maintain the reputation of being an honest person of high moral character and integrity. In the end, what really matters? The only thing you will leave behind is your legacy, good, bad or otherwise.

Relish the joy and freedoms of your life everyday because if Life Is More Serious now, just wait until that day arrives that we are no longer falling off the cliff as a civilization, but we hit bottom with a resounding crash.

Until next time – Fern

Life Cycles & Learning

The cycle of life continues, and so does the learning. The first baby goats of 2016 arrived right on time, 3:30 am, January 5th. It was a little chilly that night, and interrupted our sleep, but they arrived healthy and strong, well cared for by their mother, our ‘old lady’ goat, One Stripe.

One Stripe

One Stripe is seven years old this year. She arrived here in January, 2009, at the age of five months, with our first herd of goats at this homestead. Our first baby goats arrived in March, 2010. Since that time we have birthed, sold and butchered quite a number of goats. No two years are quite the same, they each bring their own learning experiences, some successes and some failures.

Copper with 2015 babies

In the past we followed the standard practice of selling our does as they got older. One Stripe has been the exception to that practice, and now we are rethinking the practice entirely. Keeping an older, highly productive doe has taught us that there is something to be said for proven performance compared to new, unknown performance. We now also have one of One Stripe’s daughters, Copper, that is a three year old, and expecting her third set of kids in a few days. She is also a proven performer and will be with us for the foreseeable future.


We had the barn built when we moved here. It has been a slow process of getting everything set up in a functional arrangement. We’ve had the birthing and weaning pens set up since we stated having babies, but just this year we now have electricity, lights instead of lanterns, and soon will have pressurized rural water and a rain catchment system, instead of running 400′ of hose from the house or using the hand pump on the well.

Many things on a homestead take long term planning, not to mention money. But even more than that, it takes knowledge, experience and time. Just this year, due to a very, very wet year, which still hasn’t let up, i.e. the recent 12″ rainfall we received, we have had a number of animal health issues we had never encountered before. The goats had a serious issue with barberpole worms and lice, so we learned about copper boluses and using diatomaceous earth. The young chickens have come down with coccidiosis, and aren’t growing well. We usually don’t have chicks growing out for meat this time of year, but we wanted more jars on the shelf, so we thought we’d try it.

Over the past seven years we’ve learned a lot about giving shots, banning young bucks and burning horns. There have been times we waited a little long too burn horns and ended up with scurs. We used to vaccinate all of our goats, but now only newcomers to the farm get vaccinated. We’ve learned about abscesses, and how to deal with them. At first they were pretty scary and worrisome, but since they haven’t proven to be contagious in nature, we just let them run their course until they break open on their own, just like this.

We have had a number of bucks over the years, some good, some too spotted, too hairy, too cantankerous, or too small. We find that if we keep or sale animals based on the attributes we desire, we are much happier with our animals. Since we tend to keep a young doe or two each year, our buck is the animal that turns over. If we had a group of does we planned on keeping for a number of years, we could also keep the buck. It is a common practice to breed father to daughter with goats, it’s called line breeding. Some people don’t mind it, while others wouldn’t hear of it. It’s a personal preference and decision.

There are many goals on a homestead that take long term planning. Some plans you can develop for a couple of days down the road. Some plans take weeks, months, years or decades to develop. It takes the same amount of time to develop competence, experience and knowledge. There are some things you just can’t wait for. Start now. After four years, I have finally figured out how to make a good wheel of cheddar cheese. Most things take time, effort, experience, failure and determination. Take gardening, for instance. I have read many blogs and comments recently indicating that folks are increasing the size of their gardens, most substantially, including us. This comes after a number of years of experience, with it’s trials, experiments, successes and failures. But like the challenges we have had with our animals this year, even the dog had an unusual infestation of worms, most gardeners will tell you that no two years are the same.

The time is fast approaching when failure may be devastating, and our opportunities may be greatly diminished. It is a time to learn as intensely and thoroughly as possible. For the cycle of life to continue to sustain us, whether with animals or plants, we must be able to use the knowledge and experience we have gained to our distinct advantage. I remember stories I’ve seen of crop failures and starvation, and can only pray those times will not come to pass again, but I fear they will, and all too soon. Be ready.

Until next time – Fern

Death By Design

You need to see that what is happening in our country and world is by design to accomplish a purpose. That purpose does not bode well for our freedom or our current way of life.


Report: Limitless Immigration Creating Permanent Democratic Majority


Now take this idea and see how it is working out in Europe for the normal everyday folks in towns across the continent.


Meanwhile, in an Average German City

Hundreds of Refugees in Germany “Mysteriously Disappear”

Whistleblower Doctor Explains Horrific Reality Dealing with Muslim Invaders in Germany

This is an Astonishing Visualisation of the Refugee Crisis 
[scroll down for an animated view]

Austria Runs Out of ‘Long Guns’ as Europeans Scramble For Protection Against “Islamic Invasion”

In the midst of the worldwide refugee INVASION crisis, we are treated to the continuing saga of Playground Politics designed to distract and entertain the masses while behind the scenes, the death watch teams arrive in full force to ‘ease’ our dying country in it’s final days.

There are enclaves of watchers, waiting in the wings, waiting for their day to arrive. Watchers that will turn on their ‘friends and neighbors’ in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, this only goes to increase the distrust of people and further divides our country, by race, by ethnicity, by nationality, citizenship, by every conceivable profile. 

Not only are we watching the economies of the world teeter on the brink of extinction, we are watching the leaders of the world play the dangerous chess game of attempting to increase their power bases through importation of voters, by any means available to them, be it ‘humanitarian’ or the unconstitutional use of executive orders. There is a game far bigger than what meets the eye being played around the world, and WE THE PEOPLE, are the pawns being used for the fodder to feed those in power.

If you have enough pieces, the puzzle comes together with more clarity. The problem is, that it is a moving puzzle with untold number of possibilities. Remember the story of the Trojan Horse? No, I’m not talking about the computer virus, I’m talking about the Greeks overthrowing the city of Troy by deception. Metaphorically a “Trojan Horse” has come to mean any trick or stratagem that causes a target to invite a foe into a securely protected bastion or place.”

The death and destruction of life as we know it, of our country, is by design. There are many throughout history that tried to rule the world by force. The group that is now in the process of gaining total control has been patient and steadfast in their deliberate destruction of world economies, families, unity and freedoms.You see, we’re being invaded. They don’t have to fire a shot. We are giving these people our country. Our brothers and sisters in Europe will soon lose the majority vote. They, like us, are being invaded, it’s just that theirs is more obvious. Are they going to do anything? Probably not, because to comment on the obvious, has now become a hate crime.

Imagine if you had a business, any business, one we’re all familiar with, let’s pick a restaurant. You open your doors and let everyone eat for free. That is obviously not sustainable, but that’s what we’re doing. We have opened our borders, as has Europe, as a humanitarian gesture, and their big restaurant and our big restaurant will soon be out of business. In one generation, Europe is going to lose it’s identity. That’s one voting generation anyway. Soon it will be the law that all women must wear burkas. You say it will never happen? You are wrong. It is happening right now in France. There are areas where born and raised French, female citizens cannot go without covering their face and head. So what’s next? Sharia Law? You say that will never happen? It’s happening right now, as we speak, in France, and it’s going to happen here, too, the only difference is they are closer to the eruption of the invasion. It will soon be happening in Germany, it is happening in Sweeden, just give it time folks. But it’s okay, I’ve still got my TV, my football game with bouncing cheerleaders, plenty of beer and chicken wings, and the kids are pacified with their cell phones and electronic toys. 

There are reasons why gun sales in this country have made new records month after month after month. There are record gun sales going on in Europe right now. People fear for their lives, and you should too. But you say to yourself, “Never happen in America.” We are not only losing this battle, we have lost. We have been sold out. The Trojan Horse is sitting in our neighborhoods, our backyards, our schools and churches.

You need to prepare to defend yourself. 

Our destiny is being dictated by those that no longer care about WE THE PEOPLE. We are expendable pawns in their game of power and control. If you are not ready to defend yourself and those you love, nobody else will. 

The Trojan Horse has been invited in with open arms. It is the center of worship for so many that can’t see beyond the pretty, flattering facade that covers the blood thirsty hordes ready and willing to not only take, but annihilate all in their path. We have no time to mourn the death of our once great nation, our energies have to be focused on preparing for whatever may come, and come it will, in might or by stealth.

Prepare to defend yourself.

Frank & Fern

Life As We Know It

There are many things happening around our country and our world that give us pause and things to ponder. It appears that life as we know it is changing fast. Frank and I talk about the differences in the way people are now compared to when we grew up or when we were in college. I really think it has always been this way. Each generation brings something new to this equation called life, some of them good, some of them not so good and some of them bad. There have been differing opinions since the dawn of time, it’s not that. When the new generation barely resembles what has been before, it’s not just a difference of opinion or of the generations, it becomes a whole new philosophy to the way life should be conducted. People are just different now, and I don’t necessarily think for the better in many instances.

Technology has forever changed our lives. It has brought amazing wonders to our fingertips. Like this computer I am typing on and the internet with which we communicate on this blog. Simply amazing. How many of you had pen pals when you were younger? What’s the point now, when you can communicate with voice and video around the globe at the touch of a button? Technology has made the world much smaller, yet more distant. Many people no longer communicate with each other much, except in short written text messages or phone calls. I appreciate the ability I have to communicate by phone when I am traveling by myself, but I surely don’t need to be on the phone all the time. Many people I work with are surprised I still have a flip open ‘dumb phone’ instead of a smart phone with internet and email and every game under the sun. Well, you know what? I like my dumb phone. It suits me just fine.

Technology has also taken a front seat when it comes to flash mobs and some social and/or political uprisings around the world. It has been reported that many gangs and criminal enterprises have become very skilled in using technology to their advantage. Now comes along drones, robots and computers that can read your mind and your radio frequency 

identification or RFID chip. What’s  next? How far will we go with technology and how much are we willing to let it infringe upon our liberties? Is it worth it? How much will you give up? You can already be tracked by your phone and your new vehicle. Does it matter if they want to implant a chip in your body and in your children? The things we grew up with were normal to us. The things today’s children grow up with will be normal to them. If they all get an RFID chip, then before long it will be abnormal to not have one. Just like today, it is abnormal if you don’t get vaccinated or have a smart phone or don’t watch television.

One day last week at school we had a project to work on. My assignment was to see how tall we could build a structure using one deck of playing cards. We tried several different ways of using the cards, then I started a game of ‘Go Fish’ with a group of third grade students. Most of them had never heard of it and didn’t know how to play. When I asked them if they had ever played any card games, not one of them said yes. They didn’t know how to hold the cards or what the ‘J’, ‘Q’, ‘K’ or ‘A’ meant, to them, they were just letters.

Most young families now have a very different life than when we grew up. They have been taught, or in some people’s views indoctrinated, in a whole different set of values than we were. I just don’t see how they are going to manage very well if the economy continues to decline, food and fuel prices continue to go up, discord among differing groups of people continues to increase, and their ever increasing demands are not met. There is a very large group of people that really do believe that it is their right to be taken care of. What are they going to do when there is no one left to take care of them? Take care of each other? Somehow I doubt it.

There are many headlines to read everyday that indicate the rising tensions between people, between countries, and between governments and citizens. There are headlines about the economies of the world and how they are all hanging on by a thread that gets weaker and weaker each day. There are headlines about hate and anger and lost freedoms. Here are just a few.

And then there are the headlines like this that still provide some hope for the future of humanity and for our country.

There is a song that has a line something like… as we know it ended today. That day is coming for us. Some say it is already here. The landscapes of our lives have been repainted and no longer resemble the views of our Christian, conservative, patriotic, hard working life. I miss it. Are you ready for what is coming next? I don’t know what it will be, but it won’t be anything like what it once was or what we have become accustomed to even now. I try to visualize what life will be like one year from now, five years from now or even ten years from now. I can’t. Things are changing too fast and have become too complicated. We can only prepare for the hardships we see coming. So, see you later. I’ve got to get back to work.

Until next time – Fern

Bring Me Sunshine

Frank found this YouTube sometime ago. I have it bookmarked on my computer. It is a great pick-me-up anytime. So the next time you need some sunshine, watch it again. Then share it with your friends and family.

Even when life gives you lemons, you can still bring joy to yourself and those around you. Life is not always fair and we can not always choose the circumstances in which we find ourselves. Life is what it is, for each and every one of us. What is most important is what you do with it. Choose wisely.

Until next time – Fern

Life Experiences – You Just Never Know

Life is a journey and it is not so important where it leads you as what you do with it along the way.

Frank and I have had many different experiences that we can now bring to bear as we prepare for the changes our world is about to experience. Looking back, it seems that so many things happened so that we would be better able to deal with these times.

Living in remote, bush Alaska teaches a person a lot about their internal tenacity and endurance. We lived in a Inupiat village for nine months without running water. It was great that there was a laundromat to wash our clothes and that we could shower at the school, but we heated water to cook and wash dishes. Frank carried the water in two five gallon collapsible containers to fill up the 30 gallon trash can we had in the kitchen for our water supply. That winter for a week it got down to -65 degrees with a howling wind. That was when the entire village’s water supply froze and we had to take the snow machine and sled down onto the river where there was a spring to gather water. It was a great time of learning and is just one experience among many.

We actually went to Alaska just to have a great adventure. And it was. We had a blast. But looking back, it has taught us so many

things and given us a confidence that we will handle, to the best of our ability, whatever life brings to us. We learned to cook many things for ourselves because the nearest store at one point was a 20 minute plane ride away and many things couldn’t be flown in during the cold of the winter.

Raising sheep, goats and chickens has taught us how to care for livestock and process meat. Growing, or trying to grow a garden is always an adventure – sometimes much more successful than others – but always a very good learning experience. We are trying to establish a perennial herb garden that will not only make our meals more enjoyable, but the herbs may be used medicinally as well. Making bread, butter, cheese, canning vegetables, always reading, researching and acquiring books to improve the skills and knowledge we already have are part of our daily lives. Yes, we still acquire regular, old-fashioned books because this wonderful internet may not always be with us. We have been learning more about radio communications and how to set up a system that will work off      12 volts powered by solar panels and batteries, if the power is off. Learning, learning and more learning.

Many people in our position are slowly winding down to retirement and older age. Our learning curve seems to be almost vertical. There is so much to do and learn while there is still time, that it can be overwhelming. We get tired and achy, disappointed and disillusioned with the way life in our country is going. But….still….we go on. And we will continue to go on until we are finished…whenever that time may be.

We encourage everyone to learn and experience all they can everyday. Seek out the opportunity to do something that might increase your health, welfare and comfort in the event our lives change from this comfortable, cushy, get-anything-you-want when-you-want-it lifestyle. Use your mind and body to learn those things your family will need. Now. The time is short.

Blessings to you all,

Frank and Fern