Rebuilding Community

Hello Everybody, Frank here.

This morning I was reading SurvivalBlog, as I do daily, and the main post there caught my eye. I’d like to share it with you and encourage you to also read it. The basic premise is how to reorganize, on a community level,

after a collapse. Is it a perfect article? Probably not. Do I agree with everything in it down to the letter? No. I’ve been married for 30+ years. Do I agree with everything my long-term spouse says or does? Well, that answer is obvious. So, if you’re looking for a perfect world, you’re not going to find it here on earth. Nobody is perfect and no plans are perfect, and if you are in touch with reality, then there is no perfect solution. Now, let’s get past this perfect thing.

If you want to be part of a solution after a collapse, then you, me and everybody else are going to have to accept the differences in people. We can either help or we can hinder. There’s no room for those that won’t help. I hope you get my drift here.

I hope you enjoy this first article, it was published today, Saturday, October 24, 2015 on SurvivalBlog


Howdy Folks, and Welcome to Our Neighborhood!,                                by ShepardFarmerGeek


The second article is by the same author. It was written a little while back. It’s the same general theme, but it deals with how to set up structure and organization immediately after a collapse, or natural disaster, or whatever the setting is. This second article, follow me here, is the first link in the first article, but you have the link right here.


A Community Action Plan, by ShepardFarmerGeek


Ladies and Gentlemen, we are all strongly aware that some type of catastrophe is coming. Let’s take our blinders off and look around our world. I’m not going to go into details here about possible scenarios or black swan events, and I’m not going to try to reference this as being an apocalyptic type event, but it’s coming. 

I think you’ll like both of these articles. The first one caused me to think. It’s well done, and it’s worth the read. Please share your comments afterwards. Every chance you get, read SurvivalBlog, it’s worth the read, too. Take care.

We’ll talk more later, Frank

There’s Nothing You Can Do?

Hello Everybody, Frank here.

We recently received a comment that I can’t quite shake. It wasn’t anything major, traumatic, big or little, but I just can’t shake one statement made toward the end of the comment.


“Do you have any suggestions or resources you can point me towards, given that we’re not in a position yet to make a go at homesteading?”


This benign statement, and probably stated with no malicious intent by the commenter, hit me in a peculiar way. You see, there are always things that we can do to prepare ahead of time. Please excuse my exaggeration here, but there are a bazillion things that we can do for a pre-homestead mode. Having a house and a little bit of land does not make a homestead. In my opinion, a homestead is in someone’s thought pattern and attitude. If you would, please read my response, and then we’ll discuss it more. But please let me qualify, I am in no way or means attacking this sincere comment, or the individual that sent it.


“Hi, I’m new to your blog, over from SSM’s. I feel the unease too, but it seems hard to prepare since my husband and I are paying down debt and living in an apartment. We’re hoping in the next 3-5 years to be able to pay everything off and get a little house with enough room for me to have a veggie/herb garden, but that seems remote, and I still worry about what we can do now. Do you have any suggestions or resources you can point me towards, given that we’re not in a position yet to make a go at homesteading? Or just soldier forward, paying down what we can, saving what we can, and getting into a place we own as soon as we can?”


“Sure you can practice homesteading. You can grow a handful of plants in pots.You can start changing the way you dress to be less noticeable. You can put a small go bag in each one of your vehicles, and a larger one for adults and able bodied teenagers in your house. You can get yourself in better physical condition. Quit some medications that you can. Lose weight if you need to. Go to a farmer’s market and buy 20 pounds of carrots and learnto can. That’ll take a canner, jars, lids, and storage space. Quit buying useless petty junk, and buy solid tools that you can use for the rest of your life. Start paying attention to your surroundings, know who you are and where you are at all times. Study maps of your area, know how to get out. Start looking at property, go visit pieces of land, know where water is, and how to treat it. Learn to use a firearm, and prepare yourself mentally to do

the unthinkable. Study history. Get involved in a church. If you need to, drive to a country church and get to know the people. And if I’ve missed anything, do that too. Beans, bullets and bandaids. Learn first aid. Learn survival techniques. Take classes at the local college or vo-tech, but take real classes. Get your ham radio license. Learn how to use a radio. Make sure your vehicle is in great condition, and it has in it what will last you at least two weeks if you have to leave immediately. Know your local laws. Get a concealed carry permit and practice, practice, practice. Shoot to stop, not to kill. Get to know your Creator. Ask and talk to people that know what they’re doing. Learn to tell the difference between truth and fiction. You say there’s nothing you can do where you are now? Get a grip, it’s near. Ta-ta.”


You see, I know folks that live in the country, have small amounts of acreage, and mow every square inch of it. They have a beautiful lawn. Are they homesteaders? Are they preppers? Are they survivalists? Who knows? So, a house and a piece of property is not a homestead. A homestead is a frame of mind, how we see life in general, what we think about ourselves, our family and our future. I could just as easily use the word prepper or survivalist, but the author of the comment chose the word homestead, and it has a much better ring, and not the negative connotations of other terms.

But let’s pick one topic in my response. Let’s take the automobile. You’re going to put gas in it to drive it, why not keep it full of gasoline all the time? Keep the vehicle well tuned, tires at proper inflation, windshield clean, your to-go bag ready and in the vehicle. We all know gasoline is expensive, but practicing your escape routes and alternative routes, is a small investment in your future. 

Pick a couple of areas where you think you might want to live. Drive out to these places, buy gas at the local gas station, go into the grocery store and walk around, see if you like the people and see what their attitude is like. While you’re out there, look at the houses. What shape are they in? Are they growing gardens, or are they mowing lawns? Check out the porches on the houses. What kind of fences do they have? Open the windows and listen to the birds. Are they raising horses for show, or do they have goats, chickens, dogs and cats? 

Drive out on a Sunday morning and go to church. Meet the people that are sitting beside you, in front of you and behind you. Pay attention to how they talk to each other and how they dress. Watch their kids play with each other. While you’re there, pay attention to the message also. If you go on potluck Sunday, even better. Linger around a little bit after church and shoot the breeze. Pay attention to what kind of vehicles the folks drive. You can tell a lot about a person by how much they try to put on the dog. There are lots of things you can do with a car or an automobile. 

Like I said earlier, there are a gazillion things you can do to prepare mentally, spiritually and temporally. Pick another topic, any one you choose. Let me help you. How about food preparation? Just imagine how many different ways you can branch out thinking about food preparation.

So, are there things to do before you make the big move? You say you want references or resources? Go to the right hand side of this blog and scroll down to sites that we recommend. You’ll find these folks to be good, decent, honest, reliable people. Most of them are very experienced at what they do. This will give you weeks and weeks of reading, pick something, start with it and change your life now. If you choose to dally, that’s your choice. If you choose to change, prepare and get ready, then this instant is the time to do it.

We’ll talk more later, Frank

Women & Survival

I had a very interesting and inspiring conversation with a good friend of mine this afternoon that has lead to the topic of this post. I want to thank her for the conversation, ideas and willingness to listen to me ramble, as well as the opportunity to disagree on some topics. After we finished talking I really thought about the things we discussed and how it relates to our survival as women. Here is what I’ve come up with.

The most important thing a woman can acquire that will increase her chance of survivability in a disaster, economic collapse, societal collapse, martial law, or any other situation that would involve a question of survival, is a good man. A man that will not only protect and care for her, but a man that will teach her how to protect herself and her family. This may not be a very popular recommendation in some circles, but there is no substitute for having a man by your side when the chips are down.

Now, with that said, you also don’t want to be a burden and always expect someone else to protect you or take the lids off of jars for you. Let’s say there has been a collapse and it’s every ‘man’ for himself. No more stores,

police protection, food, water, electricity, etc. What will you do if something happens to your husband and you are left to deal with everything on your own? Can you protect you and yours? Do you know how? Have you rehearsed many, many different scenarios over and over in your mind so that when you have to depend on yourself for your own protection that you will be able to pull the trigger and not cower in the corner and cry? You need to. And even if your husband is still alive and well, what if a group of people are trying to take what you have or kill you? Then what? Are you going to wait until they kill your husband before you try to help out with the defense of all you hold dear? 

I know that sounds really harsh, but when the SHTF and the world is no longer recognizable, your neighbors have left because they have no food, the scum down the road has started systematically performing home invasions at will, you need to be ready to do what is necessary. You need, as a woman, to be ready to protect yourself. I know that I do not want to be raped, tortured and killed by anyone, let alone a group of men enjoying

the anarchy and chaos of a collapse and a lack of law and order. My previous training as a reserve police officer helps me a great deal when I think of protecting myself. I am grateful I had the opportunity to be trained in firearms. Not only that, the training gave me a different mindset when it comes to taking any kind of trouble from what we called ‘maggots’. Enough on protection. Just know that you need to be ready to protect yourself and anyone else in your family that may need it. Your husband is your best and first line of defense, but if you’re out working in the garden and he is not around when a group of people come down the driveway planning on taking your food, or causing you harm, you need to be ready to handle it.

And speaking of food. Women are known for nurturing the family, with food and sustenance, right? We are the keepers of the home, the one that provides adequate nutrition made with loving hands. I mean that seriously. I take pride in putting a good meal in front of Frank. Now, what if you have fixed and served the last meal from the food you have stored away for just such a situation. Can you replace your stock with more food? How? Can you grow a garden, milk a cow or goat, butcher animals, and preserve food without electricity? Think real hard about what you need to learn or acquire to be able to do these things, or have access to someone that does, that you can work for or share with in some fashion, to get the nutrition your family will need. Your husband will be busy making sure everything is working, providing water, heat, a way to cook and protection. The food production, preservation and preparing will probably be left to you. 

There are so many skills that will come into play in a long-term collapse scenario. What can you do now? What will you need to

know how to do then? There is no way to really know the answer to that question, but think about it. Again, acquire what you think you may need. Can you sew? Do you have needles and thread? Ways to mend clothes to get the longest wear out of them you can? Do you have extra fabric and/or extra clothes that you can wear when yours have become tattered, torn and threadbare? How are you going to treat any medical conditions that arise? Do you have supplies and the knowledge you need?

Another thing I discussed with my friend today was the talent of drawing attention to yourself, or remaining somewhat unnoticeable, or anonymous.

Do you live in such a way that you draw attention to yourself? Do you dress in such a way that people will notice you? Especially men? There is nothing wrong with being all woman, feminine, beautiful, and dressed nicely. But don’t kid yourself if you think having men oogle your chest with low cut shirts will not bring you unwanted attention if there is a collapse. If you have lived in such a way that men notice and will remember you because you want to dress in a sexy way to get attention, then you may get way more attention than you every bargained for when the chips are down and there is no one left to fight off the wolves. Something to prepare for way before it is a necessary part of survival.

For me the worst thing I can think of is having to leave my home. It almost literally makes me sick to my stomach. We have invested a lot of ourselves into our homestead. The garden soil has been enriched to a very productive state. Our animals are doing well at providing much of our nutrition. If a situation arose that caused us to have to abandon our home, I would be devastated. I can’t deny that. But would I give up? I would like to definitively answer no, but honestly there is no way to know that until the time comes. I practice many, many different survival scenarios in my mind on a regular basis, but not this one. It’s very difficult. But it is something we have started to discuss and talk about different possibilities and how we would handle them. So, I would encourage you to do the same, even though it may be the very last choice you may make, and then only under extreme circumstances.

There are many signs of impending changes, mighty changes about us. The whole world seems to get more complicated each and every day. Many, many economists are indicating just how fragile the entire global economy has become, and speak of major changes coming in the fall. World tensions between countries don’t seem to be doing anything but getting worse. The government chips away at our freedoms and liberty more and more everyday. There are times it seems that before long I will not be allowed to write these words any longer. So, before that time comes, I need to share these thoughts with you.

As women, we have a vital role to play in the coming changes of our world. We can feed and cloth our families making it possible for them to carry out their duties. We can love and support our husbands, helping to carry the load of providing the necessities of life, as well as protection for our home. Surviving will be hard work, very hard work, not something we really care to do everyday if we have a choice. And for now we do have a choice, so we need to choose to prepare for the time when we don’t. When choosing not to work very hard may be a choice to die.

If you are able, grow a garden this summer. A very serious, productive garden. Preserve as much of it as you can. Even if you don’t have a garden, buy and preserve as much food as you can. Look at your shelves and do some serious evaluating of the items you need to fill them. Items that may make all the difference in the world for your family in a radically changed world. Know how to protect yourself and be comfortable with your weapon of choice. Train your mind to be aware and ready at a moments notice. 

There have always been women who were up to the challenges of survival in some very harsh circumstances. We have had it real easy in our day and time, but not so long ago, it was anything but real easy. Even though I really, really wish it wasn’t so, the times are coming that we women will once again be faced with the challenges of survival in some very harsh circumstances. Prepare your mind first, then your home and family. Know the Lord and have Him on your side. Please be ready. The wolf is at the door.

Until next time – Fern

Something to Seriously Think About

Hello, Frank here.

The last couple of days has run two articles, Part 1 & Part 2, about “The Hidden Weakness in Your Defense Plans, by T.S.”  I have been reading SurvivalBlog for a number of years, and I rarely miss a day. This article caught my eye. It deals with a subject that is often missed in preparedness discussions. It’s not a cutesy article, and it’s not one for children, or you pray that children are never exposed to something like this. It’s not the type of article that aides digestion while sitting around the dining room table, unless you’re a sociopath or psychopath. 

As mentioned, I read SurvivalBlog just about daily, and I’ve also read, and endorse James, Wesley Rawles books. I believe this is the first time that I have recommended and encouraged you to read one of the articles on James, Wesley Rawles’ SurvivalBlog. Lots of us out there talk about what type of seed to grow, how to build a compost bin, and what might happen in the future, but the following topic is not something we generally discuss. The author of this article does a good job of covering an unspeakable subject. 

I can’t say that I hope you enjoy the article, but I believe that it will encourage adult discussion. Remember that little ears can be traumatized easily by adult subjects. Please read Part 1 & Part 2, and give it serious thought. With reservations, I make the following statement. Fern and I have practiced this type of scenario in our minds for many years. We practice it daily. Nobody ever wants to be involved in this type of situation, but if you are, then you need to be able to deal with it responsibly, because trying to rationalize something like this and put it into an understandable perspective, is beyond the scope of most folks. There are some things we just don’t talk about. Maybe your family will now have the ability to do so. Sometimes stopping to think about a situation is our worst enemy, that’s why we train to override our innate, natural responses. 

We’ll talk more later, Frank


The Hidden Weakness In Your Defense Plans, by T.S. -Part 1

The mental and emotional considerations of using lethal force to protect your home and loved ones after TEOTWAWKI is not going to be as easy, as you have imagined it.

By way of introduction, I am a retired street cop who spent his entire career on the streets of a gang-infested neighborhood in a large, inner city. I have shot people, though none died. On several occasions, I was myself shot at, and I was hit once. I want to share my thoughts and experiences with you, lest you have naïve and unrealistic ideas, which will prove counterproductive, at best, and possibly fatal.

I am not going to address a shooting incident today, when and where there is effective law and order. The venue we will address here will be strictly for a time and place where society has broken down and the rule of law no longer exists. This is only intended to address a post-apocalyptic scenario.

I know. I know. You readily say, “I won’t have any trouble at all shooting riffraff that’s coming after my food or family.” Really? Let’s explore that thought, because here’s the thing– I know you think that, and I know you believe it with all your heart, but may I suggest that a critical component that is necessarily involved in the act of shooting a human being may have been left out of your thought process? This is the potentially fatal flaw for the majority of preppers in a self-defense scenario.

First, let me say up front that while this is based on my first-hand experiences, it is also covered in much more detail in Colonel Dave Grossman’s excellent books On Combat and On Killing and also Warrior’s Mindset by Asken. All of these are MUST reading for anyone who is prepped up on guns, ammo, and attitude. Unless you have been personally involved in shootouts as a cop or firefights as a soldier, you must read these books, but I will condense some of what’s in them and add my own experiences for those who can’t or won’t read three more books.

We think and believe that we live in our conscious world; that’s wrong. We are more what our unconscious mind thinks than who we consciously think we are. Have you ever tried to break a bad habit? Have you ever tried to lose weight or get into better shape? How about making New Year’s resolutions? How did that work out for you? You lose those battles because your unconscious mind is much stronger than your conscious mind, and the unconscious one usually wins. You can make all the conscious decisions you want, but no matter how much determination and willpower you add to that if you don’t get your unconscious mind on board you will likely fail.

So when it comes to shooting another human being, you need to understand the mental and emotional dynamics involved. When cops are on the line at the range, they will consistently hit a man-sized target every time without fail. Yet, statistically on the street, they will miss 75%-80% of the time, and they will miss a target that poses a clear and present danger when they would never miss a piece of paper. Why is that? S.L.A. Marshall did extensive studies and found that during WW II, 90% of the Japanese and German soldiers that were shot by small arms fire, were shot by less than 20% of our soldiers. Please look that up if you don’t believe it, but it’s documented and indisputable. That doesn’t mean the others were cowards, because many were capable of extraordinary acts of bravery, such as running out into the face of enemy gunfire to get to an injured man, for instance. So, if they weren’t cowards and were good shots, why didn’t they shoot an enemy soldier? The now-defunct Rhodesian army pioneered the system of charging directly into the enemy when being ambushed because they took fewer casualties doing that. At the time, they had no idea why it worked, but they knew it worked. What they did figure out was that when you look into a man’s face, it’s harder to shoot him, even if he’s shooting at you. On the world’s battle fields, strewn with casualties even in ancient times, the vast majority of the slaughter came only after the enemy turned and ran. This is counter intuitive if you bought into what Hollywood has taught us, but the truth is that it’s much easier to shoot an enemy in the back than it is to shoot a man at close range in the chest or face, and fear does not change this dynamic. Most of you reading this article are going to think it’s all wrong, so I’m going to burden you with some statistics, because you need to buy into this documented phenomenon, even though Hollywood has poisoned our reasoning and our true history.

Even back to the time of Alexander the Great, in all his massive battles during which he conquered the known civilized world, he lost less than 700 men. Of the slaughter and carnage that followed, the vast majority of the enemy were smitten from behind after the battle was won. During the battle of Rorke’s Drift during the Zulu wars, the English soldiers fired continuously into the packed ranks of Zulus, literally at point blank range knowing that Zulus never take prisoners. Even a 50% hit rate would seem impossible under those circumstances, but when the bodies and the number of separate wounds were counted and the ammo used was checked, the hit rate was 13%! At the battle of Wissembourg in 1870, the dug-in French fired over 48,000 rounds into the German troops, who were advancing packed shoulder to shoulder at a slow walk in an open area, and hit 404 of them. After the battle of Gettysburg 27,574 muskets were recovered from the battlefield. Over 24,000 of those, more than 90%, were fully loaded. Over 12,000 were loaded more than once and over 6,000 were loaded between 3 and 10 times, with one being loaded 23 times. On the black powder field, a loaded weapon is the most precious of commodities, because 95% of a soldier’s time was taken up with the reloading process and only 5% actually firing. Logic and math would require that if those soldiers wanted to kill the enemy, then 95% of the those who were killed would be found with an empty weapon in some stage of being reloaded. Any weapon found fully loaded and ready to fire would have been pure gold on a battlefield, picked up, and used, which further exacerbates the evidence. What happened was that individual soldiers, who couldn’t shoot the enemy, didn’t want to be seen by their comrades doing absolutely nothing, so they occupied themselves loading over and over. During the civil war, the generals on both sides realized there was a serious problem and saw that their men were shooting too high, over the heads of the enemy. Orders went out to shoot at the knees, but that didn’t help, because poor aim was not the problem.

Sociopaths aside, your subconscious mind abhors the idea of taking a human life, for any reason. This is true, even though your conscious mind has fully grasped the need to take a life in order to save yourself or a loved one. Until I studied this, it always amazed me how many armed women were robbed, assaulted, and raped in their own homes by an intruder who took their gun and had his way with her because she couldn’t shoot. Pointing the gun straight at him, they were unable to pull the trigger. That was their unconscious mind at work. Your conscious mind may clearly see a criminal and imminent danger, but your unconscious mind sees a human being.

However, we don’t want to just shut down the unconscious mind, because in fact it can be a life saver. Any man that has been in a life-threatening situation knows about “trusting your gut”, and many women are alive today because of “women’s intuition”. Both are the same documented phenomena with gender-specific names, but these phenomena are actually easy to explain. What they are, pure and simple, is our unconscious mind picking up on cues from our environment that we did not notice consciously, but it’s what the unconscious mind did notice. So we don’t want to shut down that valuable asset, but we do want to be able to act consciously.
There’s no purpose pointing all this out if there is no solution for the problem. However, in this case, there are. While it’s not quick or easy, the unconscious mind can be reprogrammed. If you’ve tried to lose weight chances are you either failed outright or you succeeded for a time but then gained it back. I’m talking about simply eating less. How can we fail so consistently when we want it so badly? The answer is that if your unconscious mind has a picture of you being a certain weight, it will fight to maintain stasis, because “that is you”. Your unconscious mind always wants to feel comfortable and will fight for that comfort.


The Hidden Weakness In Your Defense Plans, by T.S. – Part 2

There are two tried, proven, and scientifically-documented ways to program the unconscious mind. Any professional or Olympic athlete will tell you that visualization works. If you watch winter Olympics downhill skiers stand at the top of their run, they are moving their bodies imagining the run as they want it before they even start. This programs the unconscious to see the same picture that the conscious imagines, and when the two work together amazing results follow. The other way to reprogram the unconscious mind is also well known and documented, though few have applied that knowledge to shooting; it’s positive affirmations. If you continually bombard your unconscious mind with verbal suggestions, what you are essentially doing is brainwashing yourself. If the unconscious mind hears it enough times repetitively and over a long enough time span, it begins to believe it. To be effective, your self-talk should be short, simple, and to the point. For instance, let’s say you aren’t the most observant person in the world. Your self-talk statement might be something like this; “I am always alert”. Your positive affirmations should be spoken several times a day and as often as you can. Remember repetition and time are the proven basis for brainwashing. If you do this, you will find that over time you will be looking less at your shoes as you walk and instead looking around at your surroundings more.
If you are one of those people who have less-than-excellent situational awareness, it’s critical for you to improve in this area, because you can’t defend against something you don’t notice until it’s too late. You’ll find that as soon as you say it, it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy, because you can’t make that statement and not involuntarily (unconsciously) start looking around. If you routinely look down while walking on a flat surface, like a sidewalk or road, and say something like that to yourself or even just think it, an autonomic response will follow that makes you look up and around. You don’t have to consciously do a thing or think a thought, it just happens. This is your unconscious mind working FOR you instead of against you.
If we fast forward from WW II to Vietnam we find something totally different, because now 90% of the riflemen are shooting the enemy. What’s the difference? Once the military learned about this phenomenon, we found ways to correct it. We did that by reprogramming our unconscious mind and also by temporarily bypassing it altogether. Training (correct training) is the key.
During WW II and the Korean War, we trained men to shoot paper bull’s-eye targets. They were encouraged to take their time, pull the trigger slowly, and breathe correctly; sound familiar? They became very good at taking their time, breathing correctly, and hitting paper bull’s-eyes, even at distance, but that training did not translate well into real combat. While there were other minor changes, the two big changes in military training that resulted in such an increase of the effectiveness of the riflemen were:

  1. They now shoot at paper targets that are of real people, not bull’s-eyes. That conditions the unconscious mind to shoot something much more similar to the real thing.
  2. If you fire the shot within three seconds, the unconscious mind is bypassed, because it takes 3-4 seconds to kick in what you’re doing and the consequences. By the time your mind decides that you should probably miss that target and just try to scare him away, the shot has been fired. When a bad guy is drawing a bead on a team member, you do not want to start thinking things like: “He probably has kids at home”, or “I’ll be widowing some poor woman”, or “He’s just hungry”. With training, your conscious mind will be screaming, “He’s drawing down on my friend; I have to shoot him or he’ll kill my teammate and me too, take my wife, and eat our food.” Your unconscious mind will cause you, at the very least, to hesitate for a few crucial seconds while it searches for alternatives to killing a human being.

After the collapse of society and in the absence of any effective law enforcement, we’re not talking about facing a military unit that possesses military-grade weapons, military training, and military vehicles. If you are, give it up; you’ll lose. What you are very likely to face, though, are individual criminals and gangs. These are “animals” and easier to “put down”. They may even make it easier for you by looking the part. However, what if it’s your neighbor, with whom you have refused to share what little food you have, and he has returned, armed and desperate? Can you shoot “Fred”, who you’ve known for years and who used to bring the cold beers to all your barbecues? What if your spouse is in the garden collecting vegetables for dinner and an old, frail, skinny man is drawing a bead on him/her? What if it’s a lady, a pregnant lady, or a thirteen-year-old boy who is starting to squeeze the trigger? Could you really shoot that pregnant lady or that child? If you hesitate for even a split second, your spouse just died, and it’s your fault. Still think this is going to be easy?

So, let’s talk in more detail about those solutions.

  1. Stop right now and throw away all your bull’s eye targets; buy human targets to shoot at. I’m not talking about silhouettes or zombies either. I’m talking about real, human-looking targets of people posing as bad guys who are facing you. Start that process of reprogramming immediately, because it takes a lot of time, a lot of ammo, and we may not have all the time you’ll need if you procrastinate. That’s the easiest part.
  2. The next part requires that you practice enough times at acquiring that stop watch. Then have them shout a stop order. They will stop the watch at exactly the three-second mark. Practice this with the target being at all points of the compass, as that can happen in real life.
  3. The next part is the visualizations. The more detail you insert, the more effective they are, but detail will take you some time to develop and add. Here’s a hypothetic scenario for you. Let’s say you imagine yourself shooting an armed attacker who has just come out from behind a tree or building, depending on whether your environment is going to be urban or rural. You easily imagine yourself raising your weapon and shooting the guy, but there’s no detail there, so your unconscious is not going to buy into that. The lack of detail is what makes visualization fail for most people. The scenario I just described is not visualization, but it is the foundation for visualization. That’s where you have to start, but that’s not real life, is it? The devil is in the details. Did you visualize the target drop? In real life, people don’t usually just drop dead. They run until they bleed out, they fall, and they scream in agony. They call out to their mother in their death throes. They beg for their life. They use their last ounce of energy and last pint of blood trying to shoot back at you. (You must make sure the people you kill are dead. Many a good cop has been shot by a criminal who was fatally shot but returned fire before bleeding out.) Imagine that the target sees you at the last moment; does he freeze? Does he run? Does he pull his firearm up towards you? Does he drop his? Does he tell you to drop yours? Does he ask you to let him go and tell you he will never come back? Murphy’s Law says whatever you failed to anticipate is what will happen, so think through all the possibilities. You also have to engage all of your senses in the visualization, to make it believable to your unconscious mind. Did you see blood oozing from his wound? Did you even imagine, in detail, exactly where you hit him? Did you see, in your peripheral vision, the spent casing go flying? Did you see the look on his face the moment he saw you and knew he was going to die? Did you hear the sound of your rifle? Did you feel the recoil? Do you feel how dry your mouth has become and how wet your palms are? Did you smell the gunpowder right after the shot? Tunnel vision is normal during an adrenalin dump, but it’s not all exclusive. Did you notice the area around the target? If you are convinced the target has been neutralized, did you immediately start scanning the environment for another person, in case this one wasn’t alone? To be effective, you have to engage as many of your senses as possible and in as much detail as possible. Now repeat all that with a woman, an old man, and a thirteen-year-old boy as the perpetrator.
  4. I want to add one more thing, which is the post-shooting situation and action. Please do not ignore this, or you radically increase the chances of suffering some form of PTSD. Unless you are all alone, never, ever, ever go look at the person you just shot. Let someone else check to make sure they are dead. Let someone else strip them of anything valuable, and especially let somebody else bury, burn, or otherwise dispose of the body. If you get a good, solid look at their face, your conscious mind will accept what you’ve done (assuming it was indeed a righteous shooting). However, at night, in your dreams, your unconscious mind will be thinking, “I shot the father of some kids somewhere”, I just killed my neighbor, Fred”, “I shot some lady’s husband or some mother’s son”, and/or “I shot a starving man who only wanted food” and other similar thoughts. There will likely be blood, guts, bone tissue, and so forth that can traumatize any normal man’s soul and sear it with memories that can never be purged without years on the couch of a good shrink.

Shooting another human being just isn’t built into a normal person’s DNA, unless you are a sociopath and have no conscience, remorse, or guilt. Be sure it is a righteous shooting, or you will deserve the guilt and trauma that follow. There can be a fine line between killing in self defense and unnecessary murder. We all have a moral compass, and for each one of us that compass points somewhere a little different than everybody else. I think we are all on board with shooting someone who would kill a loved one, but what about someone who is going to steal food, which is required for sustaining life and without it will result in the death of that same loved one later down the road? Is that also justified? We each have to make that decision, and I urge you to do that ahead of time, so you don’t have to work it out in your head in the middle of an adrenalin dump. Know exactly what you are willing to do, when, where, and how you will do it. Preparing your whole mind (both halves) ahead of time is your best defense. Without your whole mind behind you, all the marksmanship, training, and the finest weapons will almost certainly fail you.


I’m Going To ???

Hi Everybody, Frank here.

There are many articles out there that talk about what people are going to do when the collapse comes. Most of them are going to raise a garden, many are going to have livestock, many are going to forage for food, and some of them are going to take food from others. These articles all have the same general theme, what they are going to do. Unless you read very closely, some of these articles make it hard to tell that the wishful folks have not started these endeavors yet. Yes, I know, everybody dreams. Some people plan quite extensively before they make their move. Dreaming and planning are good things to do, but there comes a time when you have to put your boots on the ground. Literally.

Well, let’s talk about what it means to do some of those items up above, like gardening, livestock, foraging and taking from others. Let me deal

with taking from others first. If you plan on surviving in a rural setting by taking from others, and this is your plan, then you might want to consider that most rural folks are armed and know how to use their weaponry. It’s not uncommon to scare off a dog with a shotgun, send a mangy dog to dog heaven, and you get the drift here. Most rural folks use guns like any other tool. So, if you’re planning on taking from others in rural areas, this may be your biggest failure of all times. I know of little old ladies that are very comfortable with a 410 shotgun. We all know talk is cheap, but this type idea, taking from others, will promptly get you killed, even by a granny with a 410.

Okay, let’s go on to gardening, for those who plan to garden when things fall apart. I dearly hope you have a years supply of food stored up, and you have an existing garden place to go to. The reason being, if you’re going to take a lawn somewhere and just start planting seeds, you’re going to get awfully hungry by the time that seed produces fruit, if it does. Things to consider before planting. First, you have to be able to get to your soil. You need to be able to break the soil some how or another. Do you have a

source of water? If you’re going to use manure, then you have to have a source for the manure. Now you need to mix it in and let is sit for, hmm, a month maybe. During that month you can continue to weed it, water it, if you have water that is, and just overall tend to your soil. If I remember correctly, this is what you’re going to eat and feed your family. So, that piece of soil I’m talking about is probably going to be around 100′ by 100′. Better get started early if you’re going to do this with a shovel and a hoe. Say you like corn? Now you’ve got that 100′ by 100′ turned over and all conditioned, and the big day comes when you put that corn seed in the ground. What are you going to do for the next 90 days? Yep, this will give you time to weed everyday, because, remember this is what you are going to survive off of for the rest of your life.

Okay, while you are waiting for 90 days to get your first bite of corn, you can get a batch of day old chickens. That’s right, I forgot, there’s been a collapse of society. The guy you brought with you to help you survive decided one night he would expedite the matter and go steal granny’s

chickens, but he never came home did he? So, by some miracle, you get a batch of day old chickens and it’s in the heat of the summer, so the little guys might live, and you brought 90 days of chicken feed with you, because you’re not going to be able to grow it until your corn is ready to harvest. Remember, you’re waiting on your corn to get ready, some how or another you got some baby chickens, you’ve got less help now because your buddy never came back, and in about 12 to 14 weeks, you can butcher friers. What are you going to do with them? Well, if you butcher them at 12 weeks, you can have fried chicken and corn on the cob. Okee-dokee? You’re not getting any eggs yet because your birds aren’t 6 months old. You didn’t by mistake butcher your hens, did you?

Oh well, you’re going to eat red meat. Where are you going to get it? When you moved here, you were lucky enough to find a local farmer to sell you some baby goats. They’re probably about 8 weeks old. You want milk and meat, right? Right. Those 8 week old

baby goats you bought, you can butcher the males when they are about 6 months old. Now, aren’t you glad you brought that years supply of food with you? You’ve already waited 90 days to get your first ear of corn, 12 weeks to get your first bite of fried chicken, 6 months to butcher your first goat, you do know how to butcher a goat, don’t you? But you haven’t had that drink of fresh milk yet, because it’s going to be 6 more months before you do, right around one year from the start. You do know how to get milk out of that thing, don’t you?

Okay, now it’s been one year. You’ve got corn, eggs, chicken and goat meat, and milk. Congratulations on the milk. I’m really surprised you lived this long. Too bad your buddy didn’t. That was halted when he was stealing granny’s chickens. Lost some weight, haven’t you?

Okay, let’s talk about foraging. You know those books you brought with you about things to forage? What to eat, what not to eat. Those pretty glossy pictures, they just don’t look the same as they do when you are down on the river bank. That thing that you picked up that you’re considering eating, it looks just like that other plant there that

will make you deathly ill. Do you take your chances? Well, maybe we’ll forage a little deeper. What’s that pain in my ankle? Is that snake edible? Am I going to die from that thing that just bit me? Still got that book you were carrying with all those pretty pictures in it? Okay, so foraging didn’t work out too well.

Maybe you’ll just hunt your food. Did you know that wildlife, let me take the white tailed deer to be specific, during the early

1930’s, the Great Depression, there were no white tailed deer left in the state of Arkansas? But, you’re right, you watched all of those survival videos. If you think you’re going to live off of wildlife, sorry buddy, it ain’t gonna happen. Even if you do know how to butcher the animal. I hear opossum is tasty, never have eaten it myself. But, I have long past relatives that did eat opossum, racoon, skunk, snake, crow, deer, squirrel, ducks and they knew which were wild onions and which were not.

Back to that years supply of food you brought with you. Let’s say it’s a year later, your years supply of food is gone and you weren’t quite able to restock it. Things are looking a little gloomy, aren’t they?

We all hear stories about people that are going to do something. Everybody looks good at the beginning of the race, but there are few that finish the race. This thing coming our way is no joke. If we are not prepared, and we have not practiced, and if we don’t have our head screwed on right, then we’re probably not going to make it. You can practice in your apartment. You can buy a case of carrots or peaches

and start learning how to can. You can find chicken on sale and practice your canning skills. You can practice foraging while the times are still good. You can put together a ‘get out of Dodge bag’. Doing this will give your mind a lot of good work. Even those of us that do it everyday need more practice, because right now we are all living with the abundance that God has given us in this country. Everyday it gets closer. Nobody knows the exact day, but there are things you can do. 

By the way, our national population has almost tripled since the times of the Great Depression. A significant number of the population at that time were rural, and many did not have

electricity. When this thing does come, we as a population are going to be much worse off than the folks during the early 1930’s. Thank you for letting me play with your head, about gardening, livestock, foraging, gardening again and taking someone else’s stuff. Take advantage of the opportunities provided us while the stores are still full, travel is still free and the internet still works. There are many, many people that believe someday, in the not too distant future, the stores will be closed, travel will be highly restricted and the internet will be gone. Give thought to it.

We’ll talk more later. Frank