Homestead News, Volume 23

Things have slowed down somewhat here for the winter. Outside of the opinion pieces we have been sharing for news, in our little corner of the world things are relatively quiet. We have our daily routines of animal chores, cooking and eating, and eating. The small lane that leads to our house is about 1/4 mile if you walk round trip. Frank walks it twice a day for about a mile or so. I usually make it about half to three quarters before the arthritis in my back starts complaining. We take the half hour drive to see my mother in the nursing home regularly. Some of those trips are easier than others. Her dementia is now limiting her speech significantly and it’s hard to keep her attention. So, go our days. Watching the demise of the world and wondering when it will reach our doorstep.

We have some food growing in the greenhouse along with some basil and flowers. More flowers than usual and surprisingly, some of them like to bloom in the winter.

Turnip greens

Salad fixings – amaranth, pak choy, kale, cress, lettuces

Looking out of the door that goes into the house.

Balsam – I had no idea they would bloom in the winter greenhouse.

And believe it or not, the tomatoes are blooming. I don’t think they will produce because it gets too cold at night.

But this will be the first plants I set out come spring if they make it until then.

Our baby goats are all on the ground for the year. We had one set of twins and two sets of triplets. One of the does has continued her mastitis problem from last year so we gave away two of her kids when they were four hours old. They got a few good drinks of colostrum and we sent more home with them. 

Now we have fresh milk again which we both consider to be a wonderful treat.

I have been using up some of my fabric and quilt batting making lap quilts to donate to the nursing home where my Mom lives. It’s part of my downsizing effort.

And speaking of eating, today is a good day for a pot of soup. It’s still warm outside, t-shirt weather, but I wanted to use some of our harvest for a good hot meal.

I don’t like the feeling that these tools are always necessary when I walk out the door to go milk the goats, or garden, or take a walk down our lane, but so go the days of our lives. Anymore, you just never know what you need to always be prepared for.

 Until next time – Fern

Any Time, Any Place

So, are you truly ready any time, any place, for anything? 

The news, talk, and comments today are focused around the mass shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand. The perpetrator appears to be a white male. Some preliminary statements about his manifesto appear to indicate he supports President Trump, among others. I take all of this initial information with a giant block of salt. Many, many stories and articles initial information now days are proved to be false. Distractions. People taking advantage of a situation, in this case a despicable act, to push their personal agenda, opinion or disinformation.

So, what it brings to me is this:  

Are you ready? Any time? Any place? 

Are you ready to be attacked by someone you may deem to be ‘like you’ – same race, color, neighborhood, religion?

There was a shooting in the United States in a Jewish Synagogue recently. A few years back, one in a church in Texas. 

There is an escaped convict on the loose in our area right now, so we are extra vigilant. He’s white, tattooed and known to take hostages. So far, he hasn’t committed murder, that we know of. He escaped with a police cruiser after he drove it off while handcuffed. He has nothing to lose. For all we know he may be long gone or holed up with someone hostage in the area. Are we ready? We try to be. Now instead of just stepping outside of the house armed on my own, I have Frank with me. Four eyes are better than two.

The world continues to get dicier, closer to the edge, more aggressively divisive. I don’t think all the votes in the world will save us from an all out, mass violent storm that will sweep the world into a chaos of our own making.

Don’t trust anyone.



If you are in a building, church, parking lot, your front yard, your child’s school yard, there could be the next attack. It’s not personal, for most victims are total strangers. 

The world is crying out in anguish for the condition we have brought it to. It’s not the first time, and it won’t be the last. It’s just our turn.

It’s very difficult to be ‘on’ all the time. To be ready all the time. I did not have the honor of being in the military due to my hearing, but I can only imagine what it must be like to be ‘on’ all the time. It is exhausting and wears you down. But……

Any time. Any place. It could be your turn. Are you ready?

Until next time – Fern

On the Brink

The world has been forced to the edge of a cliff. Little by little the advance has been orchestrated and manipulated, whether by design, greed or avoidance it matters not, the outcome is the same. When people take

notice of the direction they are traveling and voice concern, distractions immediately appear, to the left, to the right, filled with mind numbing, wanton pleasure. Thus, the advance continues, one step at a time, until all of mankind stands on the brink of the abyss. The chasm is too deep and wide to see what is at the bottom, or if there is any way across. The view is murky and dim, limiting discernment of the coming fall. The only sure knowledge shared by those standing at the precipice is that their turn for the plunge will arrive all too soon. Ready or not, here it comes.

Folks, the preparations we are making for this future are deadly serious. They are not a game, a novel or a movie. The events that are unfolding before us are truly unbelievable at times, but are real, nonetheless.

There are people that ‘play’ at being prepared, with the latest, greatest, coolest ‘things’. They have learned all of the buzz words and know how to use them. They really believe that their ramming vehicle won’t get flat tires, fatally stopping them in their tracks. They believe that they will be the one to beat the odds, and bug out of the city in just the nick of time, with or without a destination. Sadly, these are the things dreams and movies are made of, not reality.

When the day comes that we are forced over that cliff, when TEOTWAWKI truly does arrive, the devastation will be unimaginable. For over the cliff we all will go. Some people will have parachutes to soften their landing, most

will not. Even if the fall is not fatal, the mental devastation may be. Several of our friends have recently voiced how the stress of current events are affecting them. Times are difficult now and pondering the unknown catastrophe that approaches is affecting all of us. I think one of the most difficult aspects is not knowing how the collapse will occur. We can only speculate, given the constantly changing conditions before us. We received an interesting quote recently, “and if the New Year isn’t a good one, let’s hope for the strength to survive a bad one.” Good sentiment.

I don’t say these things to make fun of or belittle people. I say them to try to bring as much serious reality to our situation as possible. You see, we aren’t preppers, we are hard core survivalist. Not in the manner that

survivalist were viewed before the prepper movement began, but in the sense that we are trying to prepare to survive the long term devastation of the world as we know it. Our future will be one of incredibly hard work, grubbing in the dirt for our survival. By the sweat of our brow, and the knowledge in our heads will we eat, drink and try to be safe. There will be no cavalry riding in to the rescue. If your good neighbor down the road runs out of food for their children, they will be at your door with a different attitude than you’ve ever seen before.

The very basics of life will rise in importance like no riches, gadgets or ‘things’ ever could. Food, water and shelter will be the things people die for. Literally. The ability to maintain these basics, is and will be paramount, for without them we die. A good supply on the shelf is a good start, but what about the ability to replenish dwindling supplies before it becomes critical.

We have said this before, and it is well worth repeating. It is time to get your houses in order with your final plans in place. Whatever you need to do to get your family prepared and ready, whatever they need to know or do, get it done. The regret of postponing a vital preparation until the day it is too late may be your undoing, physically and mentally. If we are wrong, then Hallelujah! We would still rather be considered a prepared fool, than an unprepared one. Folks, we are on the brink. One more step, and life as we know it will be over. Period.

Until next time – Fern

Rebuilding Community

Hello Everybody, Frank here.

This morning I was reading SurvivalBlog, as I do daily, and the main post there caught my eye. I’d like to share it with you and encourage you to also read it. The basic premise is how to reorganize, on a community level,

after a collapse. Is it a perfect article? Probably not. Do I agree with everything in it down to the letter? No. I’ve been married for 30+ years. Do I agree with everything my long-term spouse says or does? Well, that answer is obvious. So, if you’re looking for a perfect world, you’re not going to find it here on earth. Nobody is perfect and no plans are perfect, and if you are in touch with reality, then there is no perfect solution. Now, let’s get past this perfect thing.

If you want to be part of a solution after a collapse, then you, me and everybody else are going to have to accept the differences in people. We can either help or we can hinder. There’s no room for those that won’t help. I hope you get my drift here.

I hope you enjoy this first article, it was published today, Saturday, October 24, 2015 on SurvivalBlog


Howdy Folks, and Welcome to Our Neighborhood!,                                by ShepardFarmerGeek


The second article is by the same author. It was written a little while back. It’s the same general theme, but it deals with how to set up structure and organization immediately after a collapse, or natural disaster, or whatever the setting is. This second article, follow me here, is the first link in the first article, but you have the link right here.


A Community Action Plan, by ShepardFarmerGeek


Ladies and Gentlemen, we are all strongly aware that some type of catastrophe is coming. Let’s take our blinders off and look around our world. I’m not going to go into details here about possible scenarios or black swan events, and I’m not going to try to reference this as being an apocalyptic type event, but it’s coming. 

I think you’ll like both of these articles. The first one caused me to think. It’s well done, and it’s worth the read. Please share your comments afterwards. Every chance you get, read SurvivalBlog, it’s worth the read, too. Take care.

We’ll talk more later, Frank

We Are Two! Be Vigilant!

Guess what? We’re two! We began our blog on May 30, 2013 with much trepidation and doubt that it was an intelligent move on our part. Doubtful that anyone would find it useful, interesting or even read it, and trepidation at putting our thoughts out there in internet land. But we felt compelled to share what we know, what we have experienced, and our knowledge of the need to prepare for the demise of our country and society. Unfortunately, the call to prepare still needs to be sounded for as many as will listen, so we continue to share our lives, our thoughts and our preparations.

Frank’s first radio communications post was about rules and safety. From there he moved on to CB radios and regular family handheld, or GMRS and FRS radios. He has taught folks how to get their ham radio license, what equipment they need to meet certain communication goals, and how important radio communications will be to all of us when no other means of contact is available. We want to thank everyone that has asked questions and shared with us their success at obtaining a ham radio license. It is always great to hear that something we wrote helped them along the way.

Fern has shared goats, gardening and cheese making. Canning, cooking and insects. Even though she has shared many things in these categories, she has learned a great deal from the comments you have left. We enjoy the ‘conversations’ we are able to have with you through the comment section. The article is not finished or complete until we have had the opportunity to learn more, or be given food for thought, by you the reader. You see, even though we share many things here in hopes that it will be useful to someone, we have also learned a great deal from all you have shared with us. For that, we are truly grateful.

We have had the honor to be featured on several prominent blogs in the homestead/preparedness/survival areas. We would like to thank Patrice Lewis of Rural Revolution for tutoring us when we first began this blog. She took the time to answer many questions and give us pointers.

We would also like to thank James, Wesley Rawles of SurvivalBlog for featuring several of our articles on his blog. These folks have helped increase our readership and allowed us to share with many more people than we would have ever reached on our own. Every time you comment, you give us more to think about, research, and learn. We truly appreciate all that you teach us.

Besides radios, chickens, cheese and bugs, we all need to be astutely aware that our government is playing some serious games. Most of us are aware that the economy, not just of the United States, but of the entire planet, is in serious, serious disarray. We’ve all seen bugs and birds, fish and mammals do everything they can to survive. Our government is no different. It will do what is necessary to keep itself with it’s head above water at any cost. Just take a look at quantitative easing. It doesn’t work and hasn’t worked. 


Now is not the time to become complacent. Look at Baltimore, or Chicago. If we look very closely it would appear that our government is stirring the pot and turning up the heat. I know these are sad things to say, but if we look closely, it appears that the lines are being set for some type of civil insurrection. Just watch a cattleman herd his cattle. If he wants them to go a certain way, he doesn’t have to use lots of force, he just very gently coerces the animals in the direction he desires. This is what is happening in America. We’re all being led like the cattle, ultimately to the feed lot and slaughter house. Metaphorically speaking, of course. 

Summertime is coming. Lots of daylight and lots of heat. October is the traditional month for stock market problems, and some of our financial bubbles cannot continue to survive. You need to keep an eye on Greece, because if they go down the drain, that will be the end of the European Union. You need to pay attention to congress, also. This is unquestionably the highest concentration of corrupt, white collar criminals ever organized. They, like the government, will do anything to keep their heads above water. We do not have a representative type of government any longer. Are there exceptions to the rule? Of course, but they are few and far between. So, if our government will do anything to keep it’s head above water, and congress will do anything to keep it’s head above water, I don’t think that you and I, the common people, are really on anybody’s agenda. We are just slaves.

There are a few other topics to pay attention to. We have a serious immigration problem. Our borders are being flooded with unskilled criminals, not just from Mexico, but from other countries with which we have serious enemies. The Department of Human Services, or whatever your state calls it, has created a huge population that refuses to work, and our government has conveniently created a majority welfare subculture. The educational system, as I stated before, is a pathetic, cesspool pretending to be educating our children, while the children are actually being indoctrinated. Are there exceptions to this rule? Sure there are. 

Now is not the time to drop your vigilance. A lot of prominent individuals are predicting a serious disruption this fall, and some are saying earlier. Please pay attention and get prepared. If I am wrong, Hallelujah! If I am right, may God be with us all.

Frank’s favorite poster

God gave us the incentive to share our lives here, and in turn we have been greatly blessed. We thank you for reading our words and sharing your lives with us.

From the humble hearts of, 

Frank & Fern Feral

Are You Tired of Being Prepared?

Hello Everybody, Frank here.

Do you know what it’s like to be prepared, on edge, not knowing what is coming next, all the time, for days on end? Is that what it’s going to be like in the near future if some collapse scenario happens in our country and our world? Maybe the last week has been good practice, I don’t know. But it has given us something to think about.

We have lost count of how many days in the last few weeks have brought rain and storms our way, and the last few days have been particularly taxing and tiring. Our rain gauge almost ran over on Saturday at 4.8″, then yesterday and last night added another 2.6″. While I was still up last night at 3:30am listening to yet another downpour, I looked out towards the garden to see several small rivers of water running rapidly across the ground. There are a number of plants out there that look a little worse for the wear, among many small clusters of oak leaves and twigs. We will have to wait a few days to see how many casualties the garden yields. Today we have light breezes, sunshine and 74* to enjoy all the day long. The songbirds are singing, and for the most part, the animals are resting. We’re all tired.

Here are a few glimpses of the storms that have come our way recently. I didn’t get clips of all of them, but when we started getting round after round of continuous weather, I began a collection of sorts. Most of them are from yesterday, in sequential order.

Saturday, 9th
Sunday morning, 10th
Sunday morning
Sunday after lunch
Sunday late afternoon

Sunday evening

There is still lots of runoff all over the place today, along with lots of standing water, but tomorrow we are forecast another beautiful day. That’s good, because we still need to be able to work outside and get the pig pen ready for Friday’s arrivals. But, guess what? Starting Wednesday, we have a chance of rain and thunderstorms everyday for the foreseeable future. We will have to see what Friday brings before we set off on a pig trek.

We are grateful that we didn’t have any storm damage besides the loss of more topsoil from the garden. There are folks around that have had a much more difficult time of it than we. I know that everyone in this region is grateful for the respite from the storms. We are all tired.

We prepare everyday for the future. I guess that’s what everybody does, isn’t it? But I think the vast majority of folks don’t give a whole lot of thought to any serious changes coming their way. I’ve read about the effects on soldiers that are constantly under the threat of attack. Yes, I served in the military, but I was never stationed anywhere that attack was a constant possibility. Being overseas, the military allowed certain leniency when it came to numbing the senses, and there was always a club open somewhere.

For the last four or five days here, it’s been a constant preparation for severe weather, or the threat of severe weather. Many of you will remember the storms in Moore, Oklahoma a year or two back. Well, Moore had those same threats again, day after day after day. If you remember right, Moore was the place where a group of kids were killed during a storm in an elementary school. That’s got to be devastating on those folks, to look at a radar screen and see a tornado warning coming directly at your area.

As mentioned earlier, we are tired. Worn out. Up till 3:00 and 4:00 each morning, waiting for our turn to have the storms come and pass. But, we never lost electricity right here, which means we could watch the National Weather Service on our computers, listen to the National Weather Service on the radio, and listen to the ham radio storm chasers do what they do. It’s ironic how people get different thrills. Some folks like whacking a golf ball, others like knitting, and then there is that peculiar group, and I say peculiar with the highest respect, that enjoy chasing storms to help keep the public informed. Each to their own I guess.

Most of us know there is going to come a day when the electricity will either be off or intermittent. We won’t be able to check that radar screen, or listen to the local talking head on the TV box. Most radio stations are going to be down anyway. I wonder how not having all of these features we take for granted is going to effect

our mental capabilities when they’re gone? What’s it doing to be like when there is no Doppler radar that measures different wind directions? What’s it going to be like when you dial 911 and no one answers? And heaven forbid, what will happen when you want to order take out food delivered, and the phones don’t work? What if it’s dark? There is thunder and lightening all around you. Then during one of those bolts of lightening you see two human type figures standing in your yard. What cha gonna do? Phones don’t work. There is nobody coming, because nobody knows except you. What are you going to do? Use your hands to make a ‘T’ for timeout like in a football game? You gonna sit down, put your face in your hands and cry? What are you going to do?

All of a sudden you hear someone kicking in your front door, about two seconds later, someone is kicking in your back door. You hear a loud boom and wood splinters fly through the air. What cha gonna do? Are you going to pretend like this is a TV show? You know, one of those reality type shows. Well, get prepared for a new dose of reality, because your life is going to change forever, and crying is not going to do you any good.

Folks, that scenario I just described, or one similar to it, happens everyday, multiple times around our world. Just because we live in an imaginary town called Pleasantville doesn’t mean that the Big Bad Wolf ain’t gonna come knocking at your door someday. So, what if a tornado was coming toward your house? Have you got a plan? Have you prepared? Or have you got your head stuck in the sand? What if that tornado is those two guys standing out in your yard? What are you going to do? We will never know what we are going to do until we are put in a dire situation. Some of the best trained firemen just can’t do it. Some of the best trained soldiers, when push comes to shove, just can’t do it. You need to practice. You need to have a plan. Then you need to practice some more.

We live in tornado alley. Like folks that live in hurricane country, earthquake, wildfire, blizzard or tsunami, or whatever flavor of disaster

you have in your neighborhood, we all know that one day we have the potential for that Wolf to be at our door. We should all know that sometimes that disaster is walking on two feet. So you’re tired? You’re tired of being prepared? You want a break? Well, think about something as small as this. Some people say dead bolts don’t work. If it gives you two to three extra seconds of time, realistically think what you can do with two or three extra seconds of preparation. Long time, isn’t it? Every step that you prepare gives you more time to implement your plan. Every second, every extra second that you have might be the difference between life and death for you and your family.

Am I tired? Yes. Am I exhausted? Yes. Are my doors locked? Yes. Do I know where my instruments of defense are situated? Yes. Does all this preparation mean that I am going to be able to do what is necessary?

We just won’t know until that day comes. But do I have a storm cellar? You bet I do. Is it cleaned out of all the spider webs and all crawling things on a regular basis? Yes, it is. I’ve been in it multiple times, but only once have I been in it because I had to. We’re all tired ladies and gentlemen. But don’t give up. The Wolf will be at the door sooner than you think. Take advantage of the sunny days, but prepare for the dark, rainy ones, because you do not want to look out your window when the lightening is flashing and see two folks standing in your yard.

We’ll talk more later, Frank

Dark Clouds on the Horizon – A Re-Post

Hello, Frank here.

Ladies and gentlemen, about seven months back I wrote a piece that I’m going to re-post. It’s as relevant today as it was then. I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, share it with your friends and loved ones. And if you don’t enjoy it, please let me know, and if you do let me know, would you please state why? I hope it makes you think.

We’ll talk more later, Frank


Originally published May 24, 2014

You know we post and talk all the time about some kind of collapse in our society. When you’re sitting in church, some people talk about the good Lord coming back and how things are going to change. If you’re reading

financial pages, there is always some doom and gloom fellow saying that you need to buy precious metals, because the markets are going to collapse. Well, you flip to another channel in your brain, and there are the folks proclaiming that the grid is going to go down. If you flip around in your head to another channel, you hear people talking about revolution, it’s time for a revolution. Any one of these above scenarios, and many others, could happen at any time. There is a collapse often in this country on a local basis. It could be caused by a tornado, hurricane, grass fires, your local plant shutting down and you lose your job, and the list goes on. 

So, why is it that so few people actually prepare for some type of down time? FEMA, The Red Cross, many church organizations and civic groups all recommend that people be prepared for some type of collapse. Remember, most of these are local. And if your house just blew away,

for whatever reason, then you are in a local collapse situation. But, I ask again. Why is it so difficult, when there are so many possibilities of some type of local or national collapse, why is it that so many people refuse to prepare? Well, there is always the classic reason, “It’s not going to happen to me!” Or, let me see, “I’ll go stay with my mommy.” And I love this one, “I will befriend a farmer.” Or the guy that tells you, “I’ll just go take what I need from people.” But, I guess my favorite one of all is, “I’ll just go walk into the woods and survive.” There are many other excuses why people don’t prepare, “I don’t have the money.” “It takes too much time.” “What will my friends think?”

I live in southeastern Oklahoma. We have the national weather service, just like almost every place in the United States of America. We have local

radio and TV stations that are always telling us what they think the weather is going to do. But people will still go fishing on a lake when there is a chance of thunder and lightening. And there will always be fans sitting in the stands at a little league baseball game watching their kids play ball in a thunder storm. Every year, in this part of the country, at least one kids gets killed by lightening on a baseball field. Can you see the clouds coming? Are you one of those that’s standing out on the baseball field looking off to the west watching the sky get dark? Anybody with any sense knows to get off of that baseball field. 

Anybody with any sense can look at the economic condition our country is in. If you can read at all, then you know how vulnerable our aging electrical grid system is. I’m not going to touch on the religious aspects, but I will touch on morality. Look at all the filth and trash that is on television everyday. The vast majority of people do not believe that it influences their

children. Look at the way parents dress their kids. Look at the way the parents dress. If you don’t think television influences adults and children, then please go back, turn on the TV, and watch a football game, where cheerleaders are jumping up and down and everybody has been conditioned to pretend that they are admiring their athletic talent. That’s where we are folks. Our moral decay is eroding the foundation of our society. No, it’s not eroding it, it HAS eroded it. And if you don’t think that killing an unborn baby is wrong, then you are a product of that erosion. Government sanctioned murder. If you don’t think that’s not decay and erosion, then I don’t know how to convince you.

Our financial system is holding on by a thread. I don’t know where to start. Banks are openly stealing people’s money. The Federal Reserve Bank is printing money in a figurative sense by the billions daily. That’s right, daily. And our government tells us that we only have minimum inflation. Have you paid attention to the cost of food and gasoline lately? Or the reason you don’t pay attention to it, is that you’re in too big a hurry to get home and watch pornography on your computer with your ten year old child sitting beside you? Maybe that’s why you didn’t notice the cost of food and gasoline escalating. 

And our aging electrical grids. It has been written about time and time again how the aging electrical system cannot continue. And it can’t. It was built primarily to serve half the number of people it is serving. It is unsustainable, it can’t continue, the electrical grid will go down. I read

articles in respected newspapers on a regular basis that imply that foreign governments could hack into our electrical grids and shut them down at any time. Do you know what that means? That means you will not be able to buy gasoline, your computer won’t work and your TV will be off. And if you have the fantasy belief that all cell phone towers have back up systems, then you have been watching way too much television. Without power in this country everything will come to a stop immediately. No banks, big box stores shut down, everything shuts down. I know, I know, I’ll just pick up my leatherman tool, grab my tent, and go live in the forest. Good luck.

There is a distinct feeling among many people that our government is in the process of gathering data and information so that they can control the people. Is that the possible reason that the department of agriculture is now buying 40 caliber submachine guns? That’s right, the department

of agriculture. Do you know why local police departments are now using military style vehicles? Why is NSA gathering and recording data on every person in this country? Why back a short while ago, on New Year’s Eve night was the NDAA signed into law? If you know what that means, congratulations, because most people don’t have a clue. For you clueless ones, it’s the National Defense Authorization Act, which means that you have no Constitutional rights. You don’t read this type of stuff on the sports pages. You can be arrested at any time, with no jury, no trial, no charges, no search warrant, and you don’t have a clue. 

So, the question still stands. Why is the department of agriculture buying 40 caliber submachine guns? Along with the IRS, NOAA you know, the

weather people, the postal service, and the list goes on. Okay. Let’s see. Our moral systems have collapsed. The economy is a huge, huge bubble. Our electricity could go down at any time. Our beloved government is stocking up on guns and ammunition. Now they have NDAA. So, can you see those clouds coming? Are you going to stick your head in the sand and continue to pretend that it is not going to rain on you? I hate to tell you this, buddy, cause when it rains on you, it rains on everyone. Did you ever figure out why your remote control doesn’t work?

This weekend Patrice Lewis at Rural Revolution wrote a very interesting piece for World Net Daily, which she does weekly. It was very thought provoking and provocative. I’d recommend that you read it. A while back I wrote a little piece, and I would appreciate it if you would take a gander at it also. Folks, we have dark clouds on the horizon.

We’ll talk more later. Frank