The Search for Peace of Mind

 Isn’t this where we all are? Preppers, homesteaders, city dwellers, country folks, men, women, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, children? All of us.

The unfortunate conclusion I have come to is there is no peace. How is that for depressing? The world is in turmoil. The news won’t, or is not allowed, to “report” the reality of our situation. The fight for control has ramped up to levels not seen on a worldwide basis in recorded history. Yes, empires, countries, governments and kingdoms have fallen over and over throughout time, but the whole world? What is really going on? I don’t think we will ever know.

In the meantime we are surrounded, hounded and bombarded with the strife, anger, fear and opinions of the factions that would rend peace unattainable in this time of history. History in the making is taking place around us, before our eyes every single day. I have always found some parts of history rather fascinating to read about, but am not finding the current upheaval of history very enjoyable to live through.

Everyday I pray to enjoy the day we have been given. This morning the fog across the pasture, the dew upon the spider webs, the songs of the morning bird, the cooing of the dove, the crowing of the rooster are all sights and sounds I enjoyed. I am grateful every single day for the simple pleasures of life that surround us here on our homestead.

At the same time, the heavy blanket of uncertainty clouds my vision and weighs down my heart. Frank and I both wish the momentous events unfolding around us happened when we were younger, or that we could magically not be senior citizens in the midst of it. That our physical abilities would not be waning, but developing or maintaining. But this is the reality of our situation. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t trade my knowledge and experience for who I was just ten short years ago, for we continue to learn and hone our abilities to maintain a livable, if tenable, lifestyle if the stinky stuff truly hits the fan anytime soon.

I don’t have a way to share advice or encouragement to increase your peace of mind, or my own. We pray everyday, it guides our lives and thoughts. But we have always felt that we were prepared for times like these, not through our own actions, but that we have been guided all these years, through all of our experiences to be ready for times like these. Does the knowledge of that guidance bring peace? In some ways, yes. It doesn’t make it any easier living through these days, watching the hatred, anger and disintegration of our society take place right before our eyes.

Frank and I were talking not long ago about reality. You know what? There is no reality anymore. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? The everyday reality of our lives, the “normal” reality of day-to-day life no longer exists. Yes, the sun comes up every morning, the seasons still change somewhat on schedule, my heart is still beating and I am still breathing, but the events happening around my country and world every single day no longer represent the foundations of the reality in which I have lived all of my life. It is gone. Never to be seen again. No, we will not return to the old reality of just a few short months ago. It is gone, never to be seen again. Once an event happens, it cannot unhappen, the genie cannot be put back in the bottle.

The lack of reality is what negates that everyday peace of mind we used to have. Granted, it has been eroding for a long time. We have been watching a slow motion train wreck of our society for many years. That’s why we’re here, writing. It’s one of those things we were guided to do, one of those things that has become harder to do. There is not much left to say. Yes, we are still living our homestead life as we’ve written about before, but those everyday chores, and seasonal activities can only be repeated so many times before I find it boring to write about. 

Reality. Peace of mind. Gone. It’s like we are all holding our breath waiting to see which way the world will tilt. Notice all of the explosions, fires, closing down of food production and processing, shortages, control of businesses, schools, medical facilities, riots and mayhem? Of course you do. That’s what brings us to this point.

If you’re looking for a conclusion to this article, there isn’t one. By the time you read this, reality will have shifted again, and who knows which direction it will go. This is probably by design, it creates confusion, disarray and after a period of time, it becomes normal. Imagine this. Chaos and confusion is normal. Let that sink in for a minute. Picture some of our great grandparents activities, their normal was vastly different. 

There was a book a few years back titled, Who Moved My Cheese by Dr. Spencer Johnson. Well, our reality moves everyday. So there is no conclusion to this article.

You have got to prepare yourself for whatever new reality is coming. Quit playing head games with yourself. Reality is going to explode. Reality will fragment even more. Remember Anne Frank? Read her story.

Time to go milk the goats and enjoy the sunshine.

Until next time, Fern

Homestead News, Volume 24

Life goes on here on the homestead, in the local area, in the country and in the world. Precarious though it may seem at times, the store shelves (here at least) are still filled with an abundance of frankenfood, the lights are still on and water still comes out of the tap when I turn it. 

We continue to adjust our lives for our current and future physical abilities while continuing to prepare our minds for what may be coming down the road one day. We have recently had two and a half acres of our ten acre pasture fenced off for our much smaller herd of goats. This still allows us to have four small pastures for animal rotation, but makes it much easier to manage. We are debating about trying to hire someone to brush hog the remaining acreage once a year, or listing it for sale. Our decision changes from day to day, so for now we are just going to let things settle. We are in no hurry.

Our four does – two adults, two kids

Buck and young wether

The eleven year old matriarch of our goat herd is no longer with us. One Stripe was part of the first herd we acquired when we moved here in 2008. She never met anyone she didn’t like and loved to be petted. She gave us many babies, lots of milk and much affection. All of the does we have now are from her line. 

One Stripe

We also no longer have our wonderful Pearl. She was a one of a kind dog and we miss her. She was great with the goats and devoted to the two of us. We’ll be dog-less for a while. We don’t look forward to training another puppy, but one will come along again when the time is right.


We’re also preparing the acre surrounding the house for eventual use as pasture. When the day comes to really downsize the land, if we haven’t already, we will sell the ten acres with the current barn. Then we will use this area around the chicken house for any pasture we may still want to use. It will maintain a couple of goats, although we would have to feed more hay year round.

In preparation for that we have had some overgrown brushy areas cleared out along with tons of pine needles.

This older storage shed has seen better days. We’ve been fighting a leaking roof for years. Now we’re working on emptying it out so it can be moved out by a neighbor that wants it. In the process we are donating many things to a local church that works with individuals and families that are in recovery from alcohol and drugs. It’s good to be able to pass on some things to people in need, but it’s also difficult to start downsizing instead of building up. It’s probably something most people go through as they age, and now it’s our turn.

I have been making some simple cheeses since we are enjoying fresh goat milk again. I tried an herb cheese with onion and garlic, but it came out really strong. Frank doesn’t even like to smell it. I tried a small wheel with fresh basil from the greenhouse a couple of days ago. We haven’t tried it yet, but it smells much milder so I hope this wheel is edible.


As time goes on we find we eat less, quite a bit less. Our sauerkraut crock is wonderful, but is now too big. We recently got some air lock lids to make kraut by the jar. This is our first experiment. We had them in the pantry for a dark place, but I didn’t remember to check on them, so I moved them into one of the kitchen cabinets. Two of the jars turned out fine, but the one that wasn’t full didn’t. I don’t know if it was the amount of cabbage or if it was because we didn’t include the rubber gasket in the lid when we put it all together. Another learning experience. It’s always good to learn. I am going to try peppers this way this summer. I think that would be good. And maybe okra? I’m not sure if they will ferment/pickle very well. I will have to read more about that before I try it.

I have been working on a door hanging for my mother who is in the nursing home with dementia. She has been there for two and a half years now. I agree with all of the people that told me over a year ago that this is a very cruel disease. We pray for her peace and comfort every day, and I pray for her release from this world. I can usually still get her to smile and laugh. She even sang Happy Birthday to Frank (I got it on video on my phone) recently and she hadn’t sang with me for months. It was very touching.

The greenhouse continues to feed us some nice green things a few times a week, and is now housing some seedlings, or the dirt that holds seeds that will soon be seedlings.

Two ages of cabbage seedlings

Will be carrots, tomatoes and peppers.

Carrots are just beginning to peek out.


I am going to cut the tops of these tomato plants, root them and start them in pots. I hope to get some big seedlings ready this way. We still have that one tomato that has been growing slowly all winter. I don’t know if it’s going to ripen or not. Frank thinks it will be really tough if it ever does.


We are saving eggs to start the incubator tomorrow. These eggs will be hatching the same time the day old chicks we ordered will be arriving. We’ll raise them all together, keep a replacement laying flock and butcher the rest. It’s a good seasonal activity. Eggs to meat to the table. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

For now, the garden lays fallow, but it won’t be long before we will plant it once more. Hope is eternal when there is spring on the way.

Our country? The world? Viruses, plagues, pandemics, politics, food shortages, lies, corruption, greed? It just goes on and on and on. Every so often I get a small, tiny spark of hope that the world will keep on turning, people will come to their senses and we can continue to live in some semblance of peace, but then the next ‘thing’ appears and extinguishes that spark pretty quickly. So, life goes on. Until it doesn’t. We do what we can and try to be realistic about what we can and can’t do. We try not to play head games with ourselves and pretend we are going to go running through the woods chasing bad guys if the collapse occurs. Not going to happen. Reality. Sometimes difficult to deal with. Choosing not to? Not an option on our homestead. How are things going on yours?

Until next time – Fern

Reality or Delusion?

We have to ask ourselves, is all of this prepping, survivalist, collapse mantra just another hoax? Is it just another relatively new economic opportunity for a section of entrepreneurs? Have we drank the “prepper” Koolaid?

There is no doubt the world is in a state of change, and in some instances conflict. Just to name a few.

  • Global warming vs. Grand Solar Minimum
  • Open borders vs. limited to no immigration
  • Socialism/communism vs. Nationalism/patriotism
  • New Green Deal vs. traditional ways
  • Democrats vs. Republicans
  • Congress vs. the President

And the list goes on and on and on, ad nauseam. The question is: What is really going on? What is true? What is hyperbole? What is a con game? What is really behind the curtain?

There is one thing that is obvious. Our government is at war with itself. Or is it? Is it all just a great show to distract us from something far more sinister? Are we truly to the point where we can no longer tolerate each other? There are more and more people saying the unmentionable words – Civil War.

It appears that the curtain has been pulled back to reveal the “business as usual” activities of many factions of our government. Some are shocked, some deny the 

many allegations that continue to pop up like summer thunderstorms on a daily basis, and some obviously don’t care, because what has been revealed is business as usual and has been going on for a very long time. So, what’s the big deal? Just because we, the public, didn’t realize how our government has been, and is being run, does that all of a sudden make it wrong? Why? Because some label it corrupt? Because I label it corrupt and have lost my last vestige of faith in the integrity, honesty and good will of our government? Because I now think I see the day to day machinations of our government for what they really are? What difference does that make?

Our lights are still on. Water still comes out of the tap when I turn it on. The shelves in the store are still filled with items that are available day or night. This internet is still up and running providing me instant resources from any research I care to conduct, all at the tap of a key or the touch of a button. What’s not to like about this life of ease and luxury that we live? This is reality. These things do exist and I take advantage of them everyday. So what difference does it matter how corrupt they are or much money they print to cover our bills?

Many have said for years, this is just another shift, a downturn, a momentary glitch in the system. Things have worked out before, they will this time also. We’ve all heard this many, many times. And you know what? So far, they are right and we are wrong. What does that tell us? 

In my bones, I have no doubt that one day our civilization will change – drastically. How? I cannot tell. I do know that more and more people are voicing their resentment against those that are intolerant. Now both ‘sides’ are indicating that the ‘other side’ is intolerant. There are now comments of irreconcilable differences between various factions in the country. Does that mean civil war? Does that mean secession of some states or portions of states or cities or what? Does that mean all out anarchy, every man for himself, violence and death in the streets all across our country? I do not know the answers to these questions, and I don’t think anyone else does either. We all have our opinions and theories, but that leads me back to reality or delusion.

We can state that our opinions, actions, statements are based on facts, but are they? Look at the current whistleblower fiasco. First the facts indicated this, then they indicated that, then one side said no, it’s this, and the other side said no, it’s that. What are the facts? From my chair, there is no way to tell what the actual facts are. You can word things in such a way that two sides are saying the same thing, the exact same words, but the context gives each statement entirely different meanings. 

If the corruption in our government, in our country has been going on for decades, just business as usual, what is the problem? If you have been cutting the tail off a turkey before you cook it, just like grandma did, is that wrong? Even if you find out later that the only reason she cut it off was to get it to fit into the pan she had? Is change required? Is it necessary? Yes, I know everything changes, seasons, physical abilities, opinions. Just because our government is corrupt, does it have to change? No. Now that I see, hear and read information detailing what appears to be massive corruption, do I want it to change? Yes. But wanting doesn’t make it so and hope is a very poor strategy.

It is difficult to lose all faith in my government. I have come to the point that I realize that I now love my country as my homeland, the place of my birth and life, but I loathe my government for the bloated, behemoth, oozing corruption and sucking the life blood from the fabric of our society. 

Do I think we have massive unrest possibly leading to anarchy, mayhem and a break up of our country? Yes. I actually can’t see anyway around it. Look at Washington, D.C. Look at the war currently taking place in the halls of Congress, in the White House and in many state and local houses of government. What do you see? People coming together as communities to take care of those they have been elected to serve and protect? Look at the homeless crisis that grows everyday. 

There are still good people. People that stop and help each other. You just don’t hear about them because they are not the ones out there in front of the camera, and some of those people are even in Washington D.C. They are the quiet, hard working folks that make the country tick. But the sound of that ticking has been dimmed by the rancorous anger and hatred being spewed across the airwaves and internet. One day, I pray that quiet majority doesn’t reach the end of the line and that ticking counts down to an explosion. An explosion that has built up over many, many years and has a massive amount of energy behind it. I heard someone say recently that a human being can only take so much. I hope this part of my vision is the delusion and not the reality of our future.

Until next time – Fern

Prove Me Wrong

Hello Everybody, Frank here.

I’ve been itching to get something off my chest lately. No, it’s not body lice or fleas, it’s a different kind of itch. It’s the type that just doesn’t sit well with you or anybody else. What I’m about to say some people will find distasteful. Saying it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. This is not a story about making cheese or what’s your favorite grinder. It is grinding in nature, it grinds on your spirit and soul. It grinds down to the very core of mankind.

If you need to, stop reading now. This is not going to be a feel good type talk, because boys and girls, I don’t have a solution for where we are heading. For you regular readers, you might find some of the language out of character. My mother-in-law asked me a time or two, “Why can’t they make war movies without all of that bad language?” Because war and Mary Poppins just don’t fit together in the same movie.

The following is just my opinion, take it for what it’s worth. We are in serious, serious trouble. And I mean all of humanity is in serious trouble.

I’m a coward, you’re a coward. Prove me wrong. You want the truth? Here it is, but you’re not going to like it. Go into a Wal-Mart and look at all the fat asses waddling around. You think we’re going to fight? You’re out of your mind. Maybe over the last jelly filled donut, but that’s about it ladies and gentlemen. We’re not going to fight, we are fat, lazy and stupid. We can’t get anyone to join the military because we are cowards. If we will let TSA grope our little girls and not fight back, when will we draw the line and fight? We’re not. We’re cowards.

IQ levels are decreasing. Too many people are ignorant and stupid, but the fact is they are out breeding us. That’s not going to change. Go to any maternity ward, look around, how many people speak English? We are losing this battle on every front. Public schools, next time you go to pick up a child, look at the population that looks like you. Ask your child how many students have a hard time speaking English.They can pick any bathroom they choose. Is that guy in a suit really a guy?

In polar bear country they always recommend to keep one last round in your gun. I’ve lived in polar bear country, I’ve seen polar bears walk by. When polar bears come to town, kids don’t go out to recess that day. You and I are the invaders, the unwanted guests in our own country. Keep one last round in your gun. You may need it.

Abortion is murdering babies. Can you believe this? Okay, so one day I wake up and I decide that I just don’t want my baby anymore. I’ll just take it down to the local doctor’s office and let him kill it. How long is the warranty on that baby? One day, two days, six months. Oh, I changed my mind. Will you kill this thing for me? It is just too inconvenient right now. 

If we as a society have stooped to a level that it’s okay to murder a child that we don’t want, then there is no hope for us. But that’s where we are. Our politicians that we elected, along with their Hollywood friends, celebrate this as an achievement. Yes, we are cowards. Sick, perverted, deranged cowards watching those cheerleaders bounce up and down stuffing our faces with Cheetos.

Moving on here. We all know the world is changing, it can’t continue the way it is. So what are we going to do then? If something can’t continue, it won’t.

What are you going to eat when everything falls apart? What are you going to feed the kids that you decided to keep? For those of you that actually believe in keeping your kids alive. Do you have replacement handles for that shovel? The guy that used to come around and tin the pots for everyone, he’s not around anymore. Do you have any seeds? What are you going to feed those chickens and goats?

Look at some of the figures. We are now an oil exporting nation. How is that possible? Anything that doesn’t make sense is a lie. We are still importing millions of barrels of oil, so how can we be an exporting nation?

There is talk about shutting down the border. When? What about those African people coming across the border? They’re not coming from Central America. Those people that are coming from the Congo didn’t come on a rubber boat, they flew in on a jet! God only knows what kinds of diseases they are bringing with them. And those are the ones we catch. What about all the ones we don’t catch? Where’s the wall???

Go to a major city, not even a major city, just a big town. Pull up a seat in a mall and get a pop at a food court. Sit and watch the people go by for a little while and listen to their language. I don’t mean their profanity, I mean the language you don’t understand. Then go down to Sam’s and Costco. Look around, open your eyes. And if you believe the government numbers about anything, then – here it comes again – you are a special kind of stupid. Wake up!

The packages in the grocery are getting smaller. The toilet paper rolls are getting smaller. Snickers bars are getting smaller. Not trying to be insensitive here, but I would appreciate it if they would leave the size of a pat of toilet paper alone. Just charge more. But I guess some government study said our toilet paper pats are too big and need to be smaller to accommodate the average American. Due to the invasion, the average Americans are smaller in size, so we need smaller pats of toilet paper.

I am truly sorry there is slavery anywhere in the world, but slavery is color blind. Read your history. Speaking of reading history, you are aware that the Civil War was not fought over slavery. And you are aware that the Vietnam War did not start in the Gulf of Tonkin. And you are aware that the Twin Towers falling did not happen because of being hit by jets. And you are aware that John Kennedy was not killed by a single bullet. That means that you are aware that our government will kill any of us any time they want to. In my life time our good buddies, the Chinese government, killed millions of their own people, millions and millions and millions, it made Hitler look like an amateur. They kill their citizens, our government kills our citizens. Anything the government tells you is probably a lie. They control the way you think, how you are taught, what you eat, and if you disagree with them, they will kill you.

Got seeds, water, shelter, food, protection? Probably not. Because you believe what the government tells you. Here it comes again. THAT MAKES YOU A SPECIAL KIND OF STUPID.

I know, I’ll just take my family and run out in the woods and survive. I saw a guy on Dancing With the Stars do it. Pull your head out of your ass. That’s TV, that’s entertainment. Well, I’m just going to drag my travel trailer out to my relatives and live happily ever after. What are you going to eat, Bubba? I know you’ve got a case of chili, good for you. Got a shovel? Got two shovels? Got canning jars? Got a canner? Got beans to put in those jars? Got the soil ready? Or are you still chasing that rainbow? Seriously. What is your family going to eat while they’re chasing that citified rainbow sprinkled with pixie dust?

What about your neighbors? Your current ones and your future ones? Do you know them? Are they strung out on opiates like a huge part of our population? Not just opiates, that’s just one small category. Look at all the other mind altering drugs that way too many people take everyday.

Got that garden turned yet? I doubt it. Got your mind screwed on right to deal with the things that are coming? Are you prepared to defend yourself while you’re sitting on your ass watching Dancing With the Stars or some other unrealistic ‘reality’ show? I know it’s more fun to watch cheer leaders bouncing up and down while eating frozen burritos, Cheetos and drinking Pepsi cola. Don’t forget your Xanax, of course. If that’s the way you live, you are dead. And so is your family after those neighbors that you don’t know get finished with your wife and kids. How do those cheerleaders look on TV now? How does that burrito taste now? Pulled your head out yet? Got that garden turned over yet? Ready to work your ass off from dawn till dusk and then some just to survive?

Do you know what a sanctuary city is? Well, you’re not welcome there. I live in a sanctuary city, population of two and no one is welcome here. I am not the government, what I say is true. Don’t come to my sanctuary city unless you are invited. You better call before you come. These sanctuary city things are unbelievable. How can this be? There are big cities now that don’t investigate or enforce what are considered to be petty crimes. Like my home town, where I was born and raised, Dallas, Texas. People are moving in there faster than they can move out. Multiple sources tell me crime is escalating rapidly. This is happening in every major city. Look at the homelessness nationwide. Go tell those people that the economy is doing better. All skewed government lies.

The stuff you were taught in school, no matter how old you are, is not true. What the government says is not true. Walk into a new wave style church, God forgive me, but what is being taught is not true. There are not solutions to the plethora of problems mentioned above. We can’t go back to something that didn’t work the first time. We can’t deport millions of people from other countries. We can’t do it. If you think we can, then you are a special kind of stupid.

So what do we do, realistically? Well, let’s see. We need to go back to God. We need to go back to the Constitution. Do you really think that’s going to work? That is what got us to where we are today. In my humble opinion, there is going to be a major reset in this country and the rest of the world, also. Things cannot continue the way they are. How is that reset going to look? That’s like trying to predict what a car crash is going to look like before it happens. You know it’s not going to be pretty. Some will choose to continue to sit and watch the cheerleaders bounce up and down. Some, but very few, will grab a shovel and a package of seeds.

What most of us don’t understand is that everything that we have has been built on a forward progressing model. None of us have ever seen an negative reverse model on a large scale. Everything we have been taught is a lie. It’s not true, it’s not realistic and it is not sustainable. Remember the story about the tower of Babel? Some things just can’t continue upward. It’s impossible. Pixie dust will not solve our problems. 

There are many things not mentioned here. What happens when the population exceeds it’s limit? Read the story about the coyote and the rabbit. One goes up in population, then the other goes down. We have too many people on the planet. There is going to be a reset. I don’t expect our government to tell us that the sky is falling and we’re all going to die. I don’t expect our government to tell us the truth. I would hope that most people were capable of intelligent thought, but hope is a poor strategy. Whatever term you want to use for what is coming, whether SHTF, TEOTWAWKI, brace for impact, it doesn’t make any difference. The coyotes and the rabbits fluctuate, and so will we as humans. Are we going to survive this thing? Most of us, myself included, will not.

I would recommend you get a good shovel and a package of seeds. Make sure it’s a good shovel because you’re going to be digging a lot of six foot deep holes.

We’ll talk more later – Frank

Brace For Impact

Hi Everybody, Frank here.

Been paying attention to the news lately? Well, you know all the problems in Greece are solved. The Chinese markets are all doing great. Our unemployment problem here in the United States just about doesn’t exist. You know those precious metals we talk about all the time? Gold and silver? They’re going through the ceiling. The European economy is going great guns. Our economy here in the 

United States has set record highs this year. And that pesky Middle Eastern war? Everybody has just kissed and made up. Life is grand and we’re all back on the happy train again! I can hear them singing, Happy Days Are Here Again! So let’s all run down and buy us a brand new car, refinance our house, take out more student loans, and go into debt just as far as we can, because we all know that debt is good! We’ve been told this for the last 50+ years, so it must be true.

There’s only one problem here. One very large problem. Everything just stated above, is a lie, or if you’re a politician, someone misspoke. You see folks, everything mentioned above is not true. We sit in front of our TVs and let talking heads fill us with information that is a lie, and we believe it

because we want to believe it. We are a very comfortable nation. Just go into any Wal-Mart and look around. Look at all the grossly over weight, middle aged men and women dragging their fat little kids behind them with a candy bar in one hand and a sugar laced drink in the other. Yes, we are a comfortable country, but we have gotten too comfortable. We’ve become complacent. We expect everything to be done for us and all services provided. So when we watch the news, we want to hear happy time stories. Well, everyone of those stories mentioned above, as repeated before, here it is again, they are all lies.

The news media lies to us. The government is the biggest liar of all. We believe every word of it. We don’t have an immigration problem. Who are we kidding? We don’t have jobs. Go to any public clinic and you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who speaks English. Crime is through the ceiling in most major cities. I am afraid to be in a city after dark. Am I paranoid? No, I’m not.

Here, let’s review. Our government tells us that unemployment is around 5%. I beg your pardon! Private sources, reliable private sources, tell us it’s closer to 20%. Recently we crossed the threshold of 50%. You know 50%, or one half of working age people in this country are on some type of public assistance. So when did it become a right to have a cell phone? 

Have you looked at our politicians lately? I personally don’t care much for Donald Trump. I know he is a TV star of some type, but I’ve never seen whatever show he is on. But he is making our main stream politicians look like sissies. Why is that? Because he tells the truth. Why can’t other politicians tell the truth? Because they want to say what everybody wants to hear. Ladies and Gentlemen, that is impossible, therefore, they don’t say anything of substance. I don’t think we’re going to hear the truth any time soon.

Getting back to the top part of this story where everything is a lie. If someone were to tell the truth, we would have panic in the streets. You see, Ladies and Gentlemen, we are in the middle to final stages of the beginning of a serious collapse in this country. Therefore, since all

markets are intertwined, it would be a world financial collapse. What does this mean to you and I? Banks shut down. Credit for large corporations ceases to exist. Big trucks quit rolling. Shelves go empty. Get the picture here? Financial advisers, investors and prognosticators from all disciplines are saying that a financial collapse is imminent. But the stock markets did great today, you say. These are out of control fluctuations. But gold and silver went up today. Gold has dropped from $1800 to about $1100. But you’re right, it was up today. 

Look at the price of a barrel of oil, it’s around $50 a barrel. If it’s too low, that’s terrible. If it’s too high, that’s terrible. It doesn’t make any difference where the cost of oil goes, it’s going to be terrible. Speaking of oil.

Back during the oil boom days, oil wells were drilled less than 100 feet. Now days off shore rigs are going down about 2 miles. See the problem here? The easy to get stuff is gone. Not to mention the fracking technique. We’re having to pollute our water systems, we’re causing earthquakes where they never were before, but by golly we’re getting that oil out of the ground. The problem is at $50 a barrel, the oil companies can’t make a profit. At $100 a barrel, you and I can’t afford to buy products, because shipping costs too much. That’s just oil.

Do your homework and check out copper. Copper used to be easy to mine. Now there are pits in the ground miles across and a mile deep. The percentage of copper is about 3%, in other words, 97% waste. That 3% that can be harvested is a lower grade and quality than a number of years back. But that’s okay, because the demand for copper has dropped sharply, and so has the price. Until today of course, it was up. Happy times are here again.

I used to tell people that the wolf was at the door. I used to remind people that there were dark thunder clouds rolling across the horizon. But I quit saying those things. The simple fact is that the wolf is not at the door. The wolf is in the door. Those terrible thunder storms coming across the horizon? They’re here. Go back up to the top of this article and read all of those lies again. We are in the midst of a financial collapse that has never

been seen on this planet before. What’s going to be the ultimate catalyst? Who knows, but there will be one. Some people call them black swan events. When that black swan event does happen, your government, and mine, and our news medias are going to tell us the truth. Have you been reading? They are going to orchestrate a lie just like they have been doing for years and years and years. Be careful and watch out for a serious diversion. Some examples that come to mind, these are just examples, of course, the sharp escalation in a war somewhere; close the banks and have a bank holiday for your protection; maybe fly a plane into a building; maybe shoot down an airliner somewhere; release a pandemic; have community organizers start riots in multiple towns; or a self induced EMP maybe. Pick one, pick any one, pick two. Be greedy, pick three.

It’s here, Ladies and Gentlemen. It’s not coming anymore. It’s here. You need to get your house in order. You still have some time. Get things done

now. I pray every day that I am wrong. I like life the way it is right now, but the happy times are over. Reality is here and we are going to have to pay the price. The fat lady is singing, the game is over. You need to brace for impact. Get it done. If you think money in the bank is going to save you, you are sadly mistaken. If you have a bunch of shovels, then you will be a wealthy man. 

I’m not the only one that sees this. I know that there are lots of readers out there that see this, too. I know this is hard to understand, but we are in

the final stages of the beginning of a world collapse. It can’t be stopped. It just can’t be. If you see this coming, please respond. You may have a take on it that I didn’t see. Now is not the time to be shy. If there are fence sitters out there, your comment might cause them to get off of the fence. Today the stores are still open, and that’s today. There are no guarantees about tomorrow. We need to help each other while we still can. Thank you for providing me this opportunity to share. 

I pray to my God and Heavenly Father that I am wrong.

We’ll talk more later, Frank

Keep Your Ear to the Ground

We wanted to share some things we’ve been reading lately that have given us pause. There are many things afoot that make us wonder what will be next. Just when we think things can’t get much worse, something new comes along. That used to happen a few times a year, now it happens almost everyday. In addition to the unbelievability of these events is the willingness of The People to accept them, and in some cases, even embrace and defend them.

Planned Parenthood Sells Dead Baby Parts

Judges: Nuns Must Obey Obama

Schools Offer IUDs to 11 Year Old Girls Without Parent Consent

Oregon Allowing 15 Year-Olds to Get State-Subsidized Sex-Change Operations

Events in the world are compressing into a time bomb. Each event that happens shortens the fuse a little more and a little more. Just yesterday Frank talked to a man that can see what is coming, but he still told Frank that he can only hope he is wrong, as he goes about his life trying to keep things as normal as possible. This is the disease that our world is suffering from, cognitive dissonance. According to Wikipedia, “In psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values at the same time, or is confronted by new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas, or values.” This is the terminal, fatal disease that will cause the deaths of millions of people. It will incapacitate them to the point that when they are faced with the collapse and disappearance of everything ‘normal’, they too will collapse into a state of numb disbelief, or they will turn into animals that will do anything to survive. Anything. Either way, they will not be able to live with what has happened or what they have become.

Freedom or the Slaughterhouse? The Police State from A to Z

Chinese Stock Plunge Resumes with 1200 Stocks Halted Limit Down; Yellen, Greek Elections on Deck

Why Some Texans are Suspicious of a Massive Military Operation called Jade Helm 15

New Executive Order From Obama Authorizes Turning Americans into Government-controlled Slave Labor Force

Sometimes I feel like a helpless little ant scurrying around trying to be prepared for the fall. But how can we possibly be ready for the fall? We try to prepare mentally, to envision or imagine what it might be like, but I know there is no way to really know, to really be prepared. So, why do we try? Why do we keep working and learning, harder and faster than we ever have? That’s an easy one. We want to live. We want to survive.

So, we try to keep our ears to the ground, listening for what may be coming down the pike. I know there is no way we can fully comprehend the complexities of what the world has become, but we can do what we can in our little, tiny corner of the world. When it all boils down to it, this teeny, tiny piece of dirt we call home, is what matters. Our small, two person family is what matters most in our world. Then extended beyond that are our neighbors and two small, surrounding communities. This will be our world after the SHTF. Once again the world will be a very big place, but people will seldom travel beyond a mile or so from home, if that far. Few were the people that traveled very far back when this country was young. They provided for themselves, or traded for what they could. There were a few settlers that traveled far, to find a better piece of land to live on, but they were few and far between.

There are days the coming events of the world weigh heavy on our hearts and minds. Today is one of those days. If only TEOTWAWKI would never come. If only the disease of cognitive dissonance wasn’t so prevalent among the peoples of the world. If only…… But those are pipe dreams and best left for those that choose not to live in reality. That’s what I tell myself. It’s times like these that it’s best to get back to work preparing, because if this collapse does come and it’s anything like we expect, we will be lucky to live through it. We will do all we can to survive and do it well, but if by chance we do die, we want to do it with our boots on.

Until next time – Fern

Don’t Ever Give Up!

What do you do on those days when you get up in the morning and you just don’t want it to be so? You don’t want our once great country to be deteriorating right before our eyes. You don’t want to know, deep down, that you will have to live without many things: running water; hot showers; all the luxuries that reliable electricity brings; the safety of a society that functions under the rule of law; a never ending supply of food, necessities and all that extra stuff that makes life easy right at your finger tips; the ability to get in your car and drive anywhere you want to go; and the list goes on and on and on. I have tried sticking my head in the sand, but it just doesn’t work, it doesn’t do any good. Reality is reality, and it is something we all have to deal with, whether we like it or not. Because the way of life we have enjoyed up to this point is going to come to a screeching halt, one way or another. It is just a matter of time.

What do you do? How do you handle it? What can we do besides keep on going? There are days I try not to think about it too much, but it never works. As soon as we read the next news story or realize there is another thing we need to prepare, there it is again. With almost every activity of the day, I think, okay, what if……How would I do this then? Would it be a necessity or could it be eliminated altogether? If it is a necessity then how could we accomplish it, or could we?

It would be nice if the restriction of our rights were only a plot in a movie. It would be nice if there were jobs for everyone. Not just for those that are looking for them, but everyone. It would be nice if we returned to a day’s bread for a day’s work. It would be nice if people actually liked each other instead of encouraging hatred without even knowing the first thing about each other. It would be nice. But it’s not. The world we live in is not the world I came from. It has gone. To where I do not know. But it is gone. And many days I miss it. But I do not have the time to waste in mourning something I cannot change. I have much to prepare. And so, even on those days I do not want it to be so, I get up and get with it. I reach down into that bag of gumption I have been stockpiling, grab a handful and put it to work.

Gumption. Defined as: 1) boldness of enterprise; initiative or aggressiveness, 2) guts; spunk, and 3) common sense. Do you have plenty? Have you nurtured a good store of it? You should make sure you have gathered enough to fill a few buckets. When those days come that

you need some, it will be there. You need to make sure you replace that which is used so there will always be some in reserve. Because you’re going to need it. Lots of it. Gumption will help you get through the day when you’re not sure what is going on because we have been cut off from all information. It will help you when you’re so tired from not sleeping because of worry or fear, but you know there are chores to be done. It will help you carry on when you don’t know what to do next because your world has been turned upside down.

When those days come that I don’t want it to be so, when I wonder what will become of us all, after I go through the fear and doubt, I always come back to this. We will do all we can, with what we have, as long as we can. We will never give up. Period. Don’t ever get on the truck. The good Lord has put us here for a reason and we will do what we can with His help.

We pray you do the same.