Consider what you would do……

Hello Everybody, Frank here.

I found this quote on Western Rifle Shooters recently, and it started an interesting conversation in our house.

“Consider what you would do if you knew [we inserted if you actually BELIEVED] your country had already moved beyond the point of no return.”

So, let’s take a look at this. Let’s break down the terminology. How do you know something has happened? A while back the news media would tell you, well that’s not going to happen anymore. 

Now what if you believe something has happened? Folks in the scientific world need absolute proof, unless of course, the scientists contradict each other, like global warming. Do we have to have incontrovertible facts that we know something has happened? Isn’t this part of the problem that has gotten us to where we are today? Did a plane actually hit the Pentagon on 9/11? Many folks believe not, few actually know. There is a fine line between believing and knowing. Some used to know that their country was good, but a lot believe different now. 

Did this Epstein pervert actually commit suicide? Many people believe not, only a few probably know. All these investigations

involving the FBI, the DOJ and other related scams, will anything ever come of these investigations? Who knows? It is starting to look like that believe not thing again. This list of ‘know’ and ‘believe’ could go on until the end of time. Or some believe it could anyway. The internet is one of the greatest tools ever invented. I don’t believe Al Gore invented the internet. And I don’t believe that cow farts contribute to global warming. There are a whole lot of things that I used to ‘know’, but now I don’t believe.

So, what does the word Country mean? Is this the place with the amber waves of grain and the purple mountains majesty? Or is this a group of people that came together with different ideas and philosophies? I used to know, but I don’t anymore.

What would we do if we knew our country was beyond the point of no return? Well, we are doing it. We’ve gone grey and turned grey in the process. We have a respectable stockpile, food, shelter, protection, you know the drill. I don’t believe we are past the point of no return, I KNOW we are past the point of no return. How do I know? Look at every discipline in our country. Here is a partial list. Medical industry, educational system – all levels, gender identity, race relations, there are lots of confused people. And geez, I almost forgot, our colossal government that is involved in everyone’s life. 

So, I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing. I would recommend that you do what is best for you and yours, and you might want to do it soon. I unequivocally know that we have moved beyond the point of no return. I know unequivocally that our country has moved beyond the point of no return. 


We have been lied to, cheated and screwed. We have just started to see the tip of this colossal iceberg. 

We’ll talk more later,  Frank

Reader’s Thoughts

Hello Everybody, Frank here.

Recently, Fern published an article that received a number of comments – Government’s Uncivil War. Yes, the article was picked up by Western Rifle Shooters Association and the Woodpile Report. This certainly increased our readership with some extra comments. We didn’t see anything special about the article, but there were some great comments, thoughtful, sincere and genuine. 

We’re going to share a few of those comments with you. These are readers that share often. Fern and I benefit from, and respect these folks ideas and contributions. Hopefully, you will also enjoy their insight. These are in the order that we received them.

Please share any thoughts that you have. We’re all in this arena together and when it rains, it rains on all of us. We are approaching a dicey period in our civilization. Things may stay the same, but there is the opportunity for significant change. Pay attention. It’s changing very quickly.

You know the rules. Food, water, fuel, protection, shelter. Pay attention. Stay away from crowds and don’t get on the bus.

Hope you enjoy these comments. Enjoy may not be the right word, but I still hope you enjoy these comments.

We’ll talk more later,  Frank



Personally, I now believe that we are passengers on a runaway train, the brakes don’t work and the bridge is out a mile ahead.

Greed and corruption and lies have nearly always existed in politics. But never in my lifetime have I seen those things displayed so openly. Candidates for the office of the leader of the free world are openly celebrating the murder of babies, every perversion known to man and the changing of our system of government that takes away the freedoms our forefathers fought and died for. And a fair share of our population are in the front row, standing and applauding.

We have ourselves to blame. When TSA agents at the airports began digging into granny’s Depends looking for bombs and began touching our children in places they had been taught were private, we wrote letters and signed petitions and wrote blog posts condemning those actions, but we did nothing that might make a difference and we soon accepted those behaviors as normal.

When hairy men in dresses and heels and lipstick were allowed in the same restrooms as our daughters and granddaughters, we raised a ruckus and vowed to boycott the businesses that allowed this practice. But we did nothing that would actually put a stop to it. By this time we feared being labeled racist or homophobic or some other ‘phobic.’ We soon accepted this practice as normal.

When we were told that to openly express our opinions about things like Sharia Law or that All Lives Matter or our dismay at the unstoppable tide of ‘refugees’ illegally crossing our southern border, we were told to just shut up or be accused of ‘hate speech.’ College students were told they could speak freely only in designated ‘free spaces.’ School kids were told they could not wear t-shirts that had anything to do with our flag or with guns or with Christianity because others found those things offensive. We fussed about it. We wrote op-ed pieces about it. A few PTA members objected, but nothing happened to change it.

I, like so many, have no answers because I believe we are now so very close to the end of what was once the most wonderful place on the planet to live and there is no turning back. We have become afraid and understandably so. Twenty years ago I had little if any fear of going anywhere alone other than the obvious ‘skid row’ areas of cities. Now I wouldn’t even consider walking around my block in daylight or after dark without protection. Those I know living in small towns or rural areas are equally cautious these days.

I do not know what is coming. I just feel in my bones that it is bad. This seems to be the prevailing thinking of those who pay attention. I know there is nothing I can do to change things. Those we hire to see to our well-being in government are far more interested in power and lining their own pockets than they are in doing their jobs. So I continue to get ready. I fill my deep pantry and stockpile everything I can think of to make life bearable for me and my family when the world comes crashing down around us. And it will – sooner than later.



I’ve been watching this and have come to the same conclusion that you have; there’s no path to victory here. America has become the world’s largest dysfunctional family. Hell; families can’t even sit down at a Thanksgiving dinner without ending up in a raucous, family-dividing political argument! Abortions are not only legal, but encouraged. Life is cheap; ‘don’t like your classmates? MOW ‘EM DOWN! ‘Don’t like the fact that some stranger is wearing a “MAGA” hat? BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF HIM! You’ll be CELEBRATED on THE VIEW! You cannot turn on the TV or go to the movies without the homosexual agenda being rammed down your throat. Even preschool kids’ shows are showcasing homosexual marriage and portraying it as “normal!” The toddlers watching things like this will grow up knowing nothing else. To them homosexuality WILL be normal! Our government “representatives” don’t even TRY to hide the fact that they’re lying to us. Neither does the MSM. The sacrifices of our forefathers are trivialized and even DEMONIZED! Their living memorial, the American flag, is trampled and burned as a matter of free speech, even though doing the same thing to a Mexican flag flying in in the neighborhood is considered a hate crime. It goes on and on.

Kids reaching voting age this year weren’t even alive when 9/11 happened. In fact, they’ve known NO disruptions to their sensitive little lives. Their freedom has never been threatened. Their idea of a crisis is when the internet goes down for a couple of hours. They walk out of class to protest “climate change” after being ferried to the school… in their parents’ cars… from their houses a few blocks away! Unfortunately for America, this batch of weebles is larger than both the Millennials and the Baby Boomers, and is being solicited by “folk heroes” like AOC and, for some reason, Bernie Sanders. In short, they’re too dumbed down to know any better. They’re so stupid that they don’t recognize the Trojan horses being wheeled through the wide-open gates, even though they’re made of clear plastic, plainly revealing the soldiers inside.

I could go on all day…

No, I don’t see a path to victory. If America is to return to its roots, it won’t happen until things get WAY worse; kinda like what happened in Old Testament Israel…

…Stand by for heavy rolls as the ship comes about…



Hi Fern,
The world about us is certainly in very chaotic times. It is sad to see the erosion of this once great country. I believe it will take something very unpleasant to happen before things will get better, if they ever will improve from today’s craziness.
The destruction of our country has taken a long time to occur. I believe bad things got a strong foothold here during Wilson’s presidency. The Communists infiltrated F.D.R.’s administration at high levels in the 1930’s. Senator McCarthy was right, but the press did a job on him.
The takeover of our country’s educational system was a major step for changing the way people think.
If only we could learn from history, but we refuse. Things are going to be different this time, right. I think not. People should get familiar with United Nations, Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 to see the direction of things that are planned for us.
We prepare for bad things as best we can. We don’t know what event will “trip the switch” to liven things up, but something has to give, these situations cannot continue forever. Turbulent times are here. We pray for guidance and direction on a daily basis, may the Lord have mercy on our country.


The people of this country who know the true and indepth history of our nation did not learn it in a public school setting. Most educated people gain their knowledge through study they do on their own. They are also aware of revisionist history, and they attempt to find older more reliable sources. The same holds true for current events. They do not accept the garbage that comes from the media. It takes a little extra effort to look for the truth and very few are willing to do it. It makes me so sad to see what we have become and how the majority of Americans will celebrate this Memorial Day…completely unaware of how fragile our nation is today.

Thank you, Fern. You and Frank know, so much better than most, the real and nasty struggle ahead of us. Too many people are uninformed, brainwashed, or are in denial. We will all suffer the consequences. There will be no hiding from what is coming.

Red Flag Laws

Hello Everybody, Frank here.

Well, today I was planning on publishing a radio article. Instead I decided to have my cataracts removed, which by the way went fine, so you will have to wait a few days for that.

I ran across an post on Western Rifle Shooters Association, WRSA. It was written by a man named Pastor Chuck Baldwin. You’ve heard me mention Reverend Jonas Clarke before. You see, Reverend Jonas Clarke was part of the Lexington/Concord issue with King George.

King George ordered his soldiers to disarm or confiscate the weapons of the citizens of Lexington and Concord. The rest is history.

Pastor Baldwin has penned a scathing open letter to the Representatives and Senators of our Great Nation. If Senate Bill 7, that his letter addresses, becomes history, the results could be unimaginable. 

Here is the link to Pastor Baldwin’s site. His letter is contained within. For the most part, it could be considered a long read. So take the time and read it. Read it to your family. Send it to your friends and neighbors. 

This has got to STOP. 

It was a pretty day in southeastern Oklahoma today. Mild winds, pleasant temperatures, beautiful sunshine. I had a medical procedure in a free country and that’s the way I want it to stay.

This Senate Bill has got to STOP NOW. I seriously encourage you to read this article and act accordingly.

Thank you for your time.

We’ll talk more later,  Frank