Freedom Isn’t Free

I am saddened for the state of our country as we experience what this 4th of July has brought to our country. At the same time, we are glad to see a few more folks wake up and see that there is a serious, concerted effort at overthrowing our current form of government, as sorry as it is, and replacing it with a totalitarian, controlled state of enslavement. Funny that those that are supposedly protesting against the slavery of the past would enslave us in the not so distant future if they had a chance. Are you ready for the fight of your lives? No? Well, you need to get that way because it is coming to your town, your neighborhood and maybe your front door. It sickens me to say that, and I would like to deny it with every fiber of my being, but that doesn’t change the reality of the situation we find ourselves in this very day, the day of our Independence.
Here are a few things we would like to share with you this day. For freedom isn’t free and if we don’t stand up and fight for what little we have left, there will be nothing left to celebrate.
If at all possible, leave densely populated areas. If not, prepare you and yours to the best of your ability. The summer is only going to continue to heat up. The battle is before us, there is no turning back. Choose, and choose wisely.
May Almighty God bless and keep you and strengthen us for what is to come.

5 thoughts on “Freedom Isn’t Free

  1. The realization that we're on the edge is concerning. I don't like what's happening in our country, but it is waking up a lot of people I know. They're either increasing their preps or finally starting. I would like to make a comment about COVID. A man who works for the same company as my husband but in a nearby town recently lost his grandparents in a car accident. Another driver was at fault. I'll give you one guess what the cause of death was listed as. Yep, you guessed it. Coronavirus. Evidence that the numbers on the news are false, as if we didn't already know that. This family is now dealing with the financial aspect of deceased family members killed in an accident, but the other driver isn't responsible for the deaths as a result of his negligence.

  2. There is a movement to destroy our country. It is like a slow spreading cancer and seems to be picking up speed. I do not think there is a cure. It is too late for that.I find it interesting that in my area, even though I have sources who keep me informed, I see no mention of the demonstrations and incidents of violence in our local news outlets. The headlines are, however, screaming about a spike in the virus. There is talk about a partial shutdown and quite possibly, a full lockdown again. Anything to attempt to keep us under control.We have decisions to make. Do we defend our lives and property against the thugs as the couple in St. Louis did? Or do we follow the lead of those mayors and governors who allowed death and destruction by doing nothing to stop it.Do we follow the guidelines of those medical experts with political agendas who would wish us to be hiding in fear or do we refuse to comply and get on with the living of our lives?I for one refuse to sit down and shut up. That decision may very well cause me to lose the good will of some friends and family. But if I do not fight in my own way for what I know to be right and true, then I do not deserve to be a citizen of the best country this planet has ever seen. And if I choose to be silent against what is the most evil I have ever seen within our borders, then I deserve every horror that is planned and is now being thrown at us all.

  3. My family has fought in every war. I have one Great-Grand father that was a slave and he was Irish. He jumped ship after 10 at sea around 1862. Made his way West and got a job on the Railroad laying track. He told my Dad that when he was paid it was in silver and gold. The only pay he had in the 10 years of sailing was the lash.God Bless America for giving him the chance of being Free. Red

  4. \”those that are supposedly protesting against the slavery of the past would enslave us in the not so distant future if they had a chance\” This. I am incredulous that every day there is a new affront to our way of life. May God be with us all.

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