Aagghhh! A Skunk!!

One morning about a month ago, Frank was helping me carry my things to the car so I could be on my way to work. This is something he does everyday, including cleaning or scraping my windshield. Ladies, I am spoiled, that’s for sure. It was still dark out, just barely getting light when I left. Frank had forgotten his flashlight, so I gave him one of the extra ones out of the car. 

As I leave each morning, Frank walks up and down the lane for exercise and to stretch his back. We keep in touch by radio until I am too far to reach him on his handheld.

Well, this particular morning, we said our goodbyes, then I was on my way driving and he was on his way walking. He didn’t get very far, maybe one hundred feet, when he heard a rustling off to the side of the lane. He stopped and shined his light around and out of the grass and brush walks a skunk……right at him…….at it wasn’t slowing down or turning aside. 

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I hadn’t made it very far down the road, when I hear this out-of-breath voice saying, “[Censored]!! There was a skunk coming at me in the lane!!” Right after thinking that was very funny, I asked Frank if it sprayed him. He told me no, he didn’t stick around long enough. He ran back to the house, something he hasn’t done in years. He then announced his walk was over for the morning. His heart had gotten enough of a work out in just those few short feet. 

You know, it’s still funny when I think about it, but that’s probably because it wasn’t me! 

Until next time – Fern

5 thoughts on “Aagghhh! A Skunk!!

  1. Think Febreeze…it works for skunk odor! Just a bit of information…and don't go cheap with the febreeze if you do have to deal with spray. Spray liberally!

  2. February is bad for skunks on the road, dead ones that is, they breed this month around here. I can't make it to work without encountering their perfume about three to six times in 25 miles. I'm always glad when they settle back down.Thanks, Kathi. I knew someone else would think it was funny!Fern

  3. Well, Fiona, we don't normally see them up close and personal. So it wasn't normal for Frank. It's not the first chance encounter we've had, but there have only been two in six years. We haven't heard of a bad rabies problem with skunks around here, though. At least it didn't spray!Fern

  4. Those skunks are a sure sign of spring in Oklahoma, aren't they?? They are the first mammal we see come out of hibernation here. Our yard dog nearly had an encounter with one the other night, and I've nearly hit two with the truck in the past week. I have to admit I'd think it was funny too, as long as it wasn't me!

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