The Search for Peace of Mind

 Isn’t this where we all are? Preppers, homesteaders, city dwellers, country folks, men, women, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, children? All of us.

The unfortunate conclusion I have come to is there is no peace. How is that for depressing? The world is in turmoil. The news won’t, or is not allowed, to “report” the reality of our situation. The fight for control has ramped up to levels not seen on a worldwide basis in recorded history. Yes, empires, countries, governments and kingdoms have fallen over and over throughout time, but the whole world? What is really going on? I don’t think we will ever know.

In the meantime we are surrounded, hounded and bombarded with the strife, anger, fear and opinions of the factions that would rend peace unattainable in this time of history. History in the making is taking place around us, before our eyes every single day. I have always found some parts of history rather fascinating to read about, but am not finding the current upheaval of history very enjoyable to live through.

Everyday I pray to enjoy the day we have been given. This morning the fog across the pasture, the dew upon the spider webs, the songs of the morning bird, the cooing of the dove, the crowing of the rooster are all sights and sounds I enjoyed. I am grateful every single day for the simple pleasures of life that surround us here on our homestead.

At the same time, the heavy blanket of uncertainty clouds my vision and weighs down my heart. Frank and I both wish the momentous events unfolding around us happened when we were younger, or that we could magically not be senior citizens in the midst of it. That our physical abilities would not be waning, but developing or maintaining. But this is the reality of our situation. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t trade my knowledge and experience for who I was just ten short years ago, for we continue to learn and hone our abilities to maintain a livable, if tenable, lifestyle if the stinky stuff truly hits the fan anytime soon.

I don’t have a way to share advice or encouragement to increase your peace of mind, or my own. We pray everyday, it guides our lives and thoughts. But we have always felt that we were prepared for times like these, not through our own actions, but that we have been guided all these years, through all of our experiences to be ready for times like these. Does the knowledge of that guidance bring peace? In some ways, yes. It doesn’t make it any easier living through these days, watching the hatred, anger and disintegration of our society take place right before our eyes.

Frank and I were talking not long ago about reality. You know what? There is no reality anymore. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? The everyday reality of our lives, the “normal” reality of day-to-day life no longer exists. Yes, the sun comes up every morning, the seasons still change somewhat on schedule, my heart is still beating and I am still breathing, but the events happening around my country and world every single day no longer represent the foundations of the reality in which I have lived all of my life. It is gone. Never to be seen again. No, we will not return to the old reality of just a few short months ago. It is gone, never to be seen again. Once an event happens, it cannot unhappen, the genie cannot be put back in the bottle.

The lack of reality is what negates that everyday peace of mind we used to have. Granted, it has been eroding for a long time. We have been watching a slow motion train wreck of our society for many years. That’s why we’re here, writing. It’s one of those things we were guided to do, one of those things that has become harder to do. There is not much left to say. Yes, we are still living our homestead life as we’ve written about before, but those everyday chores, and seasonal activities can only be repeated so many times before I find it boring to write about. 

Reality. Peace of mind. Gone. It’s like we are all holding our breath waiting to see which way the world will tilt. Notice all of the explosions, fires, closing down of food production and processing, shortages, control of businesses, schools, medical facilities, riots and mayhem? Of course you do. That’s what brings us to this point.

If you’re looking for a conclusion to this article, there isn’t one. By the time you read this, reality will have shifted again, and who knows which direction it will go. This is probably by design, it creates confusion, disarray and after a period of time, it becomes normal. Imagine this. Chaos and confusion is normal. Let that sink in for a minute. Picture some of our great grandparents activities, their normal was vastly different. 

There was a book a few years back titled, Who Moved My Cheese by Dr. Spencer Johnson. Well, our reality moves everyday. So there is no conclusion to this article.

You have got to prepare yourself for whatever new reality is coming. Quit playing head games with yourself. Reality is going to explode. Reality will fragment even more. Remember Anne Frank? Read her story.

Time to go milk the goats and enjoy the sunshine.

Until next time, Fern

20 thoughts on “The Search for Peace of Mind

  1. These days my peace of mind, my comfort, is in thinking back on my life and being happy that it was filled with abundance. Even our hard times were good, compared to what is probably coming. I am glad that I have so much to look back on and delight in. We have had so much ease, compared to how my grandchildren are going to live. I pray and I believe that we have raised them to be able to meet the challenge. We will see.

  2. Hi, Bluesman. Today is Sunday, it's a quiet day. Picked some okra, peppers and tomatoes. The turnips are germinating and coming up, so are the spinach and lettuce. There are days I just try not to think about what's going on in the world. It doesn't work, but for brief moments here and there I try.Good to hear from you. Take care, Fern

  3. Fern, Finding a little peace of mind in our chaotic world is becoming difficult to do. The normal we once knew is no more,it is gone. It is a memory. We maintain our sanity through our faith and regularly look to scripture for guidance,wisdom and peace of mind.I appreciate your writings and comments. it is very comforting to know there are others who think along the same lines about our future as a nation.The photo of the early morning at the top of the page is a very peaceful setting, one that that brings a peaceful moment. Our peaceful moments appear to be in short supply as we move forward in our lives. Chaos is thriving , for now and probably on into the future a bit, we'll see .Stay well,stay safe and grab all the peaceful moments that you can. Blessings to you both.Bluesman

  4. Grammy, it's refreshing to read your comment even though it touches on some very difficult challenges we all face – kids and schooling, the unprepared, those that have always thought our way of life foolish.I find there is no one to talk to anymore. No one we know lives like we do, we are the anomaly within our very rural society. Everyone we talk to hates what has happened to our lives this year and are now just wanting this year to be over, never to be spoken of again. Like some how the new year will bring us back to normalcy. What they don't realize is that the 'old normal' of last year will not magically return in January 2021, if anything the divisive anger we are experiencing, among the massive removal of freedoms, will be worse. Much worse.So many things seem to happen everyday. A teacher or principal tests positive, some asymptomatic, some ill. The political/media landscape gets farther away from what has always been viewed as reality. My Mom begins hospice services. The weight of it all can be crushing at times. And that's just me. In the face of it all, we continue. The spinach, lettuce, garlic, cress, swiss chard and austrian winter peas are planted in the back porch bed and starting to come up. The 5 1/2\” of rain we got night before last didn't appear to wash away the turnip and squash seeds we planted in the garden the night before, so there is hope they will germinate and come up soon.A relative in Amarillo, Texas told me yesterday they broke records going back to 1898 for record cold. 34* and strong north winds. The crops north of them all froze. What affect will that have on the nation's food crops? CW in Iowa said their crops were affected by drought and the massive wind storm that went through.Food. I am afraid it will be used as a control mechanism/weapon against the populations of the world. There is no way any of us can have enough even if we have the knowledge and means to replace much of what we are eating and have on the shelf.So many things teetering on the edge. It's not encouraging to write of such things. But it's the warning we've been given, and continue to see everyday, to share with others.Blessings to you all. Fern

  5. Hello, CJ. Comfort is important to all of us. Calm is also important. Panic serves no useful function. When it's raining, seek shelter. This storm coming? That is currently pounding on our roofs? Is about to get unbelievably nasty. Do what you need to do. Seek shelter. It is here.Take care, Frank

  6. Hi Mary.Prevail. Interesting word. How do we prevail? Do we fight to the death? Do we run and hide? What do we do?When the 9/11 attacks occurred, a lot of people prayed. A lot of people died. And a lot of people ran for the lives and they survived. There is a time to prepare.Have a good day. Frank

  7. Some days I enjoy the simple things in my life and have such a peace. Other times I feel anxious and almost in a panic. I think about the life that my little grandkids have. They can't go to school without a mask, play on the playground with their friends, hug elderly family members who have health concerns, or just eat an ice cream cone inside the local Dairy Queen. I think of my friends who are still teaching (I retired last year.) and in an impossible situation. They are trying to teach kids who haven't attended school for five months. They're trying to teach kids in the classroom and kids who are at home. They're trying to be fair to all, teaching all of the skills they feel they need to cover, and having to take the grades that they're required to have. I'm getting calls and texts from them wanting advice on how to do this. I'm glad I'm not having to do it. I have family and friends who are suddenly asking about homesteading: raising chickens and goats; growing vegetables, fruits, and berries; canning, freezing, and dehydrating; shopping on a budget and storing foods from the store; and what to stockpile in case stores close. I'm careful, extremely careful, with sharing information on what I have. I don't want to have people who failed to prepare at my door wanting what I have saved and sacrificed for. (I'm going to have my lamp ready, not the one asking for oil from those who prepared.) They've been buying new cars and boats, taking multiple vacations each year, having the latest fashions and expensive jewelry. I was building barns and chicken coops; setting up a greenhouse, raised garden beds, and a large garden; storing supplies that I feel we will need; and learning skills to become more self-sufficient. But, I remind myself who's in charge. No matter what happens, He is in control. God is good. All the time. All the time. God is good. When times are good, He's good. When times are bad, He's good. He never changes, only our circumstances change. He Never Changes. Frank and Fern, Please continue writing about your day-to-day lives, if you have the desire and time to do so. I love reading about what you're doing. I feel as if I have friends who know what I'm going through. Someone who knows what it's like to nurse a sick goat back to health. Someone who knows what it's like to battle weeds in the garden. Someone who knows what it's like to gather eggs. Someone who knows what it's like to bake homemade bread and eat it warm from the oven. Your blog gives me the encouragement I need to keep going. May God continue to bless us all. It's going to get even worse very soon. Be prepared. Stay safe. He's in charge.

  8. MsPony…I just figure there are enough people out there who are trying to drag us down. And they will if we let them. Guess I am just too ornery to let them. :)God bless.

  9. I share all the concerns, fears and sadness. The reality of what is happening doesn't seem real. It's a very scary time. Back in February or March when all this was first starting, I started to 'wind up' in fear and panic. The still small voice in my head said clearly, \”Don't worry. I've got this.\” I responded, \”You've got … what??\” Well, the 'what' has been clearly shown to me, to the world, since then. But every time I start to panic, I hear, see, or read \”Remember.\” I'm still preparing the best I can, in all ways, inwardly and outwardly. I pray that good will prevail. I pray for peace. But no matter what happens, I know not to worry because He's got this. Clinging to my Lord with everything I have is literally the only way I personally am going to get through this, and I grieve for those who do not know that comfort. CJ

  10. Dear Fern & Frank,Your comments really hit home. It seems that a lot of us are searching for peace and civility amidst all this chaos, but that \”others\” are doing their utmost to keep that from happening. It's just plain EVIL. We have to keep our faith and know that God has a plan for us all. How can we lose hope. when Jesus never did. How can we lose faith, when Jesus never did. I fear we will see even more suffering than we are seeing right now. Overwhelming doesn't come close to describing what we are feeling. I try to make some sense of what the \”others\” are thinking, but I just can't. It makes no sense. I pray that enough of us like minded people will prevail, that enough of the \”others\” will be touched by God, and that this unChristian world we live in will be healed soon.

  11. KC1GDQ, Interesting call sign. It is a vanity call sign?You live in an interesting area. I hope you folks up there do fine. I think now is a good time to keep our heads down. Eyes clear. A sober mind.Take care. 73, Frank

  12. MsPony, what's happening in the world for the most part doesn't affect me. But it does affect my neighbors because there are things that they can't buy right now. Hunting season will be starting soon. No ammo. There are lots of things that are in short supply, like canning supplies, seeds.I try to go to Wal-Mart once or twice a year whether I need to or not and now we have to wear a mask. It does absolutely no good whatsoever. If I went everyday and bought what I needed that would be fine, but they won't let me have what I need because I only come twice a year.For right now, I'm at home and it's peaceful. Thank you for your comment.Frank

  13. Vicki, I always enjoy your comments. There are more important things in life than what is happening around us.I have an associate that when we talk, I remind him to tell his wife and kids that he loves them, not just with words, but actions.I need to remind myself of that also. Thank you for sharing.Frank

  14. We enjoy your very thoughtful and honest feelings in your posts…I really look forward to them. The last 2 have been especially useful to give comfort to those of us who are like minded. It is incredible to see how much we have in common and are so like minded.However, even though we do keep things focused for the present and prep for whatever the future holds…out biggest concern is for our children and grand children's future. We find ourselves looking for more active roles in protecting the future for them! Otherwise, in our \”twilight years\”, it would be relatively simple to just sit back and let things happen…even though it is God's plan.Yes, I have read the Diary of Anne Frank\”… sobering real…and now people are being asked to \”turn in\” violators for China Virus, mask, etc violations. Anne Frank's family was turned over to the Nazis….KC1GDQ call sign….Keep Calm 1 God Doesn't Quit

  15. Ah, yes, the inevitable effects of the chaos theory. Well, actually, it's not a theory, if math were precise enough, then it would be a fact. I'll buy into the thought that everything has been mathematically predetermined. One can determine the path of a cue ball if all variables are known, that's on a single plane. And for discussion purposes, the chaos theory makes for a nice cocktail party discussion. But the fact is, we are about to see chaos in a non-theoretical environment and it won't be a cocktail party discussion, except maybe in the Alps of Switzerland in a hidden castle.Thank you for the path down memory lane. It's been a while.Frank

  16. It is up to us to maintain reality wherever we are. First off, God is real. Our farm, our livestock, our friends, our way of life is real. We know that the lies and insurrection out there are real, but they are not part of our daily lives. We focus on our Lord, we do the work that He puts in front of us each day, and we rest in Him. That's the only peace we're going to find.Of course, there are days when I am sure that I will go stark barking mad. But I avoid stories about what's going on that other world, and I follow Wendell Berry's example of seeking the peace of wild things. God bless all who seek peace in this storm.

  17. The world is upside down and backwards. Evil has taken over nearly every aspect of our lives. I check the news to see which town has been trashed, looted and burned the night before. Or to see what nonsense our governor has come up with to make our lives miserable. It should not be this way, but it is.However, I refuse to give in to the insanity. My happiness does not depend on what the lunatics do. Not the lunatics rioting in the streets. Not the elected lunatics. None of them.My happiness and peace of mind is within me. My mind is peaceful in the knowledge that I am doing everything I can to prepare for whatever lies ahead. My happiness dwells in the faces of my Grands. It fills me with joy when I hear the words \”I love you\” at the conclusion of every visit or phone call. The lunatics can not take any of that from me.Peace comes with my faith. I don't know what God's plan for my life is. I just know that I believe in the power of prayer and if the worst happens, I have no doubt that I will be in a place far better than this world is now.So I will continue as I have. Praying. Preparing. And doing my level best to enjoy each and every day as much as possible. I don't have many left and it would be a shame to waste them on lunatics.

  18. Hi Fern & Frank, chaos is the most common in our world even in the universe, the dripping tap at ratio 4.339 the structor of the leaves and branches on the tree etc. We live a world power shift as has happened before in history, just this time the world are smaller – more interconnected – a close society is great if it is founded on good and just values, but as for now they are not. However this will change! because the spirit of goodness will always overcome! As the law of natural chaos – goodness as well is a law of God. will we see this new and better world? Many have lived hard times before us, some made it beyond some did not. But the world did change to the better with time. Take heat and stand firm on the high ground of good and just values!

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